The History of SEQ
First Printing, January, 2009



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Tribute to Dennis Puleston
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Students for Environmental Quality
Student Interviewers
Brown, Erica ’07
Cunningham, Jamie ’08
Kendrick, Kevin ’07 (Club Photographer)
Kulesza, Joanna ’09
Kusa, Rebecca ’08
O’Connor, Katherine ’10
Pokorney, Rachel ’08
Russo, Aubrey ’08
Scordamaglia, Jessie ’06
 Tebaldi, Dave ’06
Woodle, Maddy ’09
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The BHS club, Students for Environmental Quality completed a booklet describing its own history of environmental activism.
Using a $3,000 grant from the South Country Education Foundation , SEQ has published a beautiful color-illustrated twenty-eight page booklet titled The History of SEQ, narrating its own birth and evolution spanning almost forty years...

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The History of SEQ

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