Mike Mancuso Golf Tournaments


Mike Mancuso will be remembered for many things.
Among them are,  Absolut and OJ,
wishing "diarrhea of the mouth" on anyone that upset him,
the 2005 Calcutta bidding war between him and Cliff,
his weekly NFL pool and mostly,
for organizing the annual Cavanaugh's golf outing.
Mike set up for the golf outing for years - and every year, at the end of each outing,
he swore up and down to anyone within listening distance that he was NEVER doing it again.
The following spring, golf season would begin, and the next thing you knew,
Mike was badgering you for money.
Because of this, the Cavanaugh's outing is permanently connected with
Mike Mancuso.

In order to keep the memory of Mike alive, we'd like to welcome you to the

"God forbid you buy a drink!"

Mike Mancuso Memorial Golf Outings

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