South Carolina School Bus Rules

Recently there was confusion with regards to passing a stopped schoolbus picking up or discharging passengers on Blue Heron Blvd.

Many residents thought that the median separating inbound and outbound traffic lanes on Blue Heron Blvd

meant that you did not have to stop if approaching the school bus from the opposite direction, only when following the school bus.

This is not the case.

In South Carolina when approaching or following a school bus in either direction you must stop on any 2 lane road, public or private.

Since questions arose Board member Charlie Johnson contacted Sgt. Robert Beres of the South Carolina Highway Patrol

regarding approaching a school bus from the opposite direction.

Here is Sgt. Beres' response:

 If the road is 4 or more lanes, you don't have to stop.

 If it's a two lane roadway (regardless if there is a grass or raised median, concrete median, etc); you must stop. 

The fine is over $1000 and its 6 points on your license.

Thank you,

Sgt. Bob Beres

Commander, Office of Community Relations

South Carolina Highway Patrol

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