June 15, 2017


Heron Point Redevelopment Builder's Proposal

(This Proposal Was Rejected)




A redevelopment plan was shown to the board at the mediation session on February 22, 2016.

We were told that contents of the mediation session were not public information.

Shortly thereafter CondoWorld terminated mediation.


On March 06, 2017 the board received a settlement plan (dated January 2016) that appears to

be the same or very similar to the proposal offered in the February 22, 2016 mediation session.


By law the board is required to present the plan to the community, which was done at the May 6, 2017 meeting.

The board does not support this plan of redevelopment.


A synopsis taken from the plan map was included in the newsletter to give the community members

who were not at the meeting some information as to the scope of the redevelopment.



Based on this plan the following is a projected lot configuration using the above lot size

on the single holes. (For illustration purposes I have chosen Hole 16)



They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so using  a pre-weeds photo

and Photoshop, here is a projection of what to expect:




The redevelopment plat map is very large and does not reproduce well in a small page format.

Here is a segment showing several holes:



The board REJECTED the plan.




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