May 17, 2017


Recognizing Robert "Bubba" Rowe




There are a handful of workers in this community that work to keep the community to a standard second to none.
We don't often enough take the time that we should, to give proper recognition when one of those workers does
something that stands out. Many of these actions go unrecognized.

One most recent action was when Security Officer Robert Rowe, known to many as "Bubba",
noticed that the name of a person who was to be picked up in the community by a taxi, was one that had been eluding
the HCPD for the burglaries or thefts that occurred here in our community just a few months back.

Robert "Bubba" Rowe quickly called HCPD to inform them of where the perpetrator was residing.
HCPD responded, made the arrest and took this individual off the streets.

The board of directors would like to take the time to recognize Robert "Bubba" Rowe for his action
and hope that you as a resident tell him thanks when you see him around the community.

On behalf of the BOD

Richard Teeters




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