April  2
The Rev. Stanislaus J. Kowalski, pastor
of St. John the Evangelist R.C.
Church of Center Moriches, was
instantly killed yesterday morning
when his car swerved on Montauk
Highway in Moriches, crossed into
the opposite lane, struck a car going
in the opposite direction and skidded
sideways into a pole.
Two prominent Patchogue businessmen
were appointed this week to fill
positions on the Patchogue-Medford
School District Board of Education
made vacant by the resignations of
Dr. Jacob Dranitzke, president, and
Dr. Jacob Bush. They are Sam Rein,
assistant treasurer at the Bee Hive
store, and David Gottfried, a partner in
Patchogue Plate Glass Company.
Three local drug stores were hit by
Suffolk’s cocaine burglar early Friday
morning. He made off with $155 in
cash and an eighth of an ounce of
cocaine from each store, according
to the Brookhaven Town police. The
thefts raised to a total of seven the
number of Suffolk drug stores burglarized
of cocaine within the last nine
days. The drug stores burglarized were
the Swan Drug Store on 529 East Main
Street, the C & W Drug Company at
317 East Main Street and the Gassert
Pharmacy at 374 Medford Avenue, all
in Patchogue.
An isotope tracking machine was
used for the first time Friday at
Brookhaven Memorial Hospital. The
machine was used to determine functioning
of a patient’s thyroid gland.
Mrs. Delores Ritzer of 835 Walker
Avenue in Bellport was trapped in her
auto after it rolled down a hill 75 feet
into the Peconic River from a parking
lot off West Main Street at about 1
p.m. Ray Olag, 16, of Centereach, saw
the car hit the water. He waded out,
climbed onto the roof, and worked the
door open. Then he had to free Mrs.
Ritzer. Her coat had caught on the
door handle, and the water pressure
had kept the door closed. Both were
treated at the scene for exposure and
released. Mrs. Ritzer told police her
car windows were steamed, and she
didn’t realize she was parked so near
the river.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Read of South
Ocean Avenue in Patchogue will celebrate
their 25th wedding anniversary
An increasingly heavy volume of
patient care, which on many days in
1958 far outstripped the number of
available beds, was noted by Administrator
William A. Kozma in the
annual statistical report submitted to
the board of directors of Brookhaven
Memorial Hospital.
Four youths were added Monday
to the growing number of teenagers
accused of delinquency in the Moriches
Bay area.
Jean Murphy of Patchogue has won
first prize in the Seton Hall High School
section of the 24th annual National
High School Essay contest sponsored
by the Ladies’ auxiliary to the Veterans
of Foreign Wars.
The Derby brothers, not to be dismayed
at the fire last week which
destroyed their floor covering and furniture
store on Route 112, Medford,
have already set up temporary quarters
at the corner of Lenox Avenue and
Montauk Highway in Hagerman.
Fire inspectors in Bellport were
tracking several leads this week following
a series of fires that broke
out Thursday and Sunday, with arson
given as the possible cause. An empty
house on Ward’s Lane was destroyed
by a fire. The house was owned by
Suffolk County, which had taken it
over for back taxes. There were three
brush fires in the area last Thursday,
and three more Sunday.
Three patients were transported to
Brookhaven Memorial Hospital in the
Bellport ambulance during the past
week. ■
April 9
Patchogue, presently marking its 200th anniversary,
is the product of a highly successful lottery that
was held in June 1758—the outcome of which probably
helped in great measure to bring its first settlers
to the area in 1759. History tells us that a Preston,
Conn., man purchased seven necks of land in a tract
known as Winthrop’s patent on March 27, 1952, for
2,600 pounds. The man, Humphrey Avery, ran short
of cash and, in 1756, asked and was given permission
from the governor and general assembly to sell his
land by lottery. Mr. Avery issued 8,000 tickets for 30
shillings each and the drawing was made in June,
1758. The lottery was such as success that he was
able to pay off his debts and even buy back a part of
the land. A descendant bearing his name is now living
and operating a nursery in East Patchogue on some
of that land. Patchogue, sometimes referred to as
“The Island Queen,” thus had its strange beginning.
A steep crater which residents at the Pinecrest
development on Yaphank and Hospital roads in East
Patchogue say may become a death trap for a playful
child is actually a large sump measuring about
400 by 120 feet. Brookhaven Town officials say the
town may revoke bonds posted by the developer
to enclose the sump, which has been the subject of
repeated complaints by residents.
Department of Public Works officials announced
here this week that some planning might be started
this year on extending the Long Island expressway
east into Suffolk County.
The Brookhaven Town board Tuesday made a surprise
bid for the controversial New York State School
for Retarded Children, originally slated to be built in
Huntington Township.
A Patchogue Village patrolman will go before the
Village Board at 7 p.m. today on charges of being
insubordinate and insolent to Chief Dominick Chiuchiolo
and failing to carry out his assigned duties.
Chief Chiuchiolo said the patrolman is Harold Tolley,
a veteran of seven years on the force, who had been
suspended for two weeks without pay after he was
asked by the chief to work on one of his days off and
The parents of a 4-year-old girl facing heart surgery
later this month have appealed for blood needed in
the operation. Donna Crawford, of Harris Street in
Patchogue, who has suffered from a heart ailment
since birth, will undergo “open heart surgery” at St.
Francis Hospital in Roslyn the week of April 26.
The Brookhaven Town trustees Tuesday withheld
action on two bids received on the proposal to
bulkhead a town-owned beach on the easterly side
of Tuthill creek near the Suffolk County Republican
clubhouse at the foot of Atlantic Avenue in Blue
Here’s some good news for Bellport taxpayers: No
increase in the 1959-60 tax rate for the Village of Bellport
is expected despite an increase of about 10,000
in the budget, it was revealed by village officials here
this week.
The Bellport ambulance accounted for five trips in
three days of the past week. ■
April 16

The Brookhaven Town board Tuesday
granted the controversial Mike
Stiriz rezoning petition, opening the
way for the establishment of a huge,
multi-million dollar shopping center
on the south side of the Sunrise Highway
in North Patchogue.
Three-minute signals spaced two
hours apart tomorrow will initiate
OPAL 59—the National Civil Defense
Clinton D. Finger, president of the
board of directors of Brookhaven
Memorial Hospital, has announced
the hiring of M. V. Liddell, Riverhead
architect, to prepare preliminary plans
for a 40-bed addition. It will include
the first “minimal car unit” of its type
on Long Island.
William Sawyers, principal of the
Bay Avenue school, has announced
he will retire in June after 37 years in
education, including 27 years in the
Patchogue school system. Mr. Sawyers
plans to live in Fla. and raise citrus
Instantly killed Sunday morning
was Marvyn W. Hudson, 44, of Union
Avenue in Center Moriches, when
he apparently lost control of his car
and smashed head-on into a tree off
Main Street in Center Moriches. Police
were unable to determine the cause
of the smashup. An engineer with the
New York State Department of Public
Works, Mr. Hudson had been a successful
candidate for town clerk in
In an aftermath to the two-week suspension
of a Patchogue Village patrolman
for refusing to report for work on
his day off, the Village board Monday
night passed a resolution of Mayor
George E. Lechtrecker, calling for the
immediate elimination of all accumulated
sick leave in the Patchogue Police
department, and leaving all future paid
sick leave to the “discretion” of Police
Chief Dominck Chiuchiolo. At a public
hearing held last week, Patrolman
Harold J. Tolley told the board and
50 spectators that he had refused to
return to duty because his uniform
was in the cleaners. Chief Chiuchiolo
said that 4 members of the 18-man
force were out sick that day.
Lee Davis, 46, was charged Tuesday
with the “lovers’ lane” shooting of a
youth who was parked with his 16-yearold
sweetheart. The boy frustrated the
planned attack on the girl by speeding
away despite bullet wounds in his jaw
and thigh, Brookhaven Town police
said. Police said Davis had selected
his victims by chance, noticing their
parked car on David Overton Road as
he dropped by.
It was announced Monday that Lionel
Rosenblatt, a student at Bellport
High School, was chosen as one of
several winners in the New York State
Attorney General-For-A-Day essay
contest. The contest, sponsored by
Louis J. Lefkowitz, state attorney general,
received hundreds of entries from
high school students throughout the
Miss Antonia Drivas, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Drivas, Lake Avenue,
Center Moriches, has accepted
a teaching position in the Bellport
school system.
Four calls were received by the Bellport
Ambulance this week. ■

April 23

A 15-year-old Patchogue Junior High
School student was brought before
the Brookhaven Town Juvenile Aid
Bureau after a home-made “zip gun”
was found in his possession. Patchogue
Police Chief Dominick Chiuchiolo said
the boy had made the gun at home and
had brought it to the school shop to
complete. He was reported to F. Alton
Crippen, principal, who notified the
Kay’s Cleaners and Launders, 18 West
Avenue in Patchogue, was wrecked
by a fierce blaze. The fire department
managed to save the front office.
James Fornataro, co-owner with Ralph
Chiuchiolo, re-opened the very next
day with orders being taken to their
Bayport plant.
One of those “nick-of-time” rescues
that seems to occur only in the movies
took place when a 32-year-old man
was plucked from the chilly waters
of the Great South Bay by a Civil
Air Patrol seaplane pilot just as the
victim was going under. Walter Orsinger
of South Country Road in East
Patchogue struggled courageously for
half an hour just off shore after his 16-
foot outboard capsized. The CAP seaplane,
piloted by Lt. Charles Howell of
Union Avenue in Center Moriches, on
a routine weekend coastal check, spotted
an oil slick apparently left by Mr.
Orsinger’s motor when he spotted the
struggling man. The plane landed near
Mr. Orsinger and Lt. Howell helped the
exhausted boatman aboard.
Roland Sandberg, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Sver R. Sandberg of Center Moriches,
has accepted a teaching position for
the coming 1959-60 school year. He
will be teaching fourth grade at Bellport.
The program of the April 15 meeting
of the East Patchogue Parent-Teacher
association held at the Dunton Avenue
School was dedicated to mothers. Mrs.
Sidney Jochnowitz of Colonial Drive,
South Country Shore, was elected
“Mother of the Year.” Her daughters,
Alice, Hilary and Brenda, recited a
poem and then crowned her.
Michael Murphy, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Murphy of 60 Pace Avenue,
celebrated his 16th birthday April 10
at a party at his home. Guests included
Ronald and Douglas Backes, Mary and
Joanne Sabino, Phyllis Semiken, Kathy
Miller, Kathy and Joanne Loftis, Randy
McLaughlin, Sharon and Kenneth
Burke, Patricia Lanbiasi, Edward Vaccelli,
Guy Piccinone, Charles Couture
and Peggy Murphy.
The Rotary Club of the Moriches
elected Harold Chapman president of
the Camp Paquatuck for the coming
A Seton Hall High student, Dominic
DiToro, was among the three top prize
winners at the Suffolk County Science
Congress. He received a $25 savings
bond, a gold pin and the right to represent
the Suffolk County zone at the
State Science Congress in May.
The Medford Avenue school basketball
team made a clean sweep of
Patchogue Elementary School as the
Medford Avenue five defeated all-star
quintets from other three elementary
schools in Patchogue. Members of the
team included Frank Lizewski, David
Bright, Wayne Borella, Ludolf Lehmann,
Alan Katz, Michael Cardamone,
Jim Schreiber, Paul Graniello, Ronald
Lenowitz, Robert Slovak, Wayne King
and Leslie Solberg. Coaches are James
Butler and John MacKay. ■
April 30
In a Supreme Court action filed last week, Mrs. Cecile
B. Wertheim of Mastic, widow of the late Maurice
Wertheim, who died in 1950, charges land she owns
has been illegally sold by Suffolk County to Shirley,
Long Island Inc. The huge estate, which borders Carman’s
River and Great South Bay, has been deeded
to the government for eventual use as the “Wertheim
National Wildlife Refuge.” The papers charged the
Brookhaven Board of Assessors’ erroneously claimed
back taxes were due on the land.
Patchogue Fire Chief Winfield B. Corston was injured
prior to leaving to handle a garage fire on Amity
Street and Cedar Avenue in Patchogue. Chief Corston
fell into the grease pit at the vamp garage and injured
his hip. However, he refused medical aid and was reported
able to resume his duties a few days later.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Perry of Waverly Avenue celebrated
their 46th wedding anniversary at a family
A six-foot-long aerial rocket that had apparently
fallen from a plane was found on Weidner Avenue
in Oceanside by George Lucia of 35 Second Street in
Patchogue. Mr. Lucia was piloting an Esso gasoline
truck along the avenue when he spotted the rocket in
the north lane. He stopped the truck and set up flares
to keep anyone from running over the awesome-looking
Mrs. Inger Bubb, organist of the Bellport Methodist
Church for 25 years, retired at the close of last
Sunday’s church service. Mrs. Janet Ebersole, choir
director, has agreed to take over the additional duty
of organist.
Victor Reusch Jr. received his Eagle Scout badge at
a court of honor held by Troop 28.
Peter Canonico, a Bellport High School junior, will
appear on the New York Times Youth Forum television
program on May 3rd. Peter is well versed on current
events, being president of the Bellport forensic
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Ross of 636 Doane Avenue
were surprised with a party on April 18 in honor of
their golden wedding anniversary.
Joe Taormina rolled a 290 game for the Patanjo
team in the Businessmen’s League at the Patchogue
Bowling Center. After a 5-10 split in the first frame,
which he picked up for a spare, Taormina chalked up
11 straight strikes. With an average of 161, Taormina
said that was his best game, ever. He received a trophy
from the alley.
Miss Margaret Ann Bell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Bell of Main Street in Yaphank, a 1958 Seton
Hall graduate and now a freshman of Mary Immaculate
School of Nursing, received her cap at the exercises
which were held at Chellis Hall in Jamaica on
April 17.
Sergeant and Mrs. Fred Lang of 102 Namkee Road
celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary with a
family dinner party.
Ida Ellen Wade of 197 Jayne Avenue in Patchogue
is a candidate for queen of the College of Agriculture
field day at Rutgers University. Miss Wade is a junior
at Douglass College, the women’s division of Rutgers.
She is studying home economics and education.
Miss Elaine Reed, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clive E.
Reed of Lakewood Street in Patchogue, and Joseph
Rosen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Irving Rosen of Case Avenue
in Patchogue, will take part in the 28th annual
spring festival of the Arts of Potsdam State University
Teachers College as members of the Crane chorus
and orchestra. ■







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