Feb 4
Chalk up another for eagle-eyed William
Munch of Patchogue, a state driving
inspector. Mr. Munch broke his second
case of driving test substitution in a week
on Friday. He noticed Friday that Samuel
Gilliam, 22, of Amityville, had signed differently
while trying to substitute for Melvin
Brookins, 40, of Amityville. The men were
arrested and arraigned before Police Justice
Charles N. Butler Jr. and admitted the
deception. Brookins paid a $50 fine in lieu
of 25 days in jail. Gilliam, unable to raise
a $100 fine, was sent to the County jail for
50 days. It was the fourth such case uncovered
in Suffolk in six weeks.
The “1960 Betty Crocker Homemaker of
Tomorrow” in Bellport High School is senior
Jeanne Cunningham. The daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cunningham of Taylor
Avenue in East Patchogue, Jeanne aspires
to teach mathematics on a secondary
school level.
The Rev. Richard W. Gray, vicar of St.
James Episcopal Church in Brookhaven
hamlet, has announced plans to build a bell
tower on the front of the church this summer.
Ever since the old belfry was removed
a number of years ago, due to lack of funds
when the new roof was put on the church,
members have hoped to see the day that the
bell would once again be able to ring out
on Sunday mornings, as it had for so many
years. The bell, which stands over 30 inches
high, was cast especially for the church in
1879, a gift of the late John. P. Ireland.
When young Rose Witte came to this
country five years ago, she had nothing
but hope. Since then she’s acquired a new
name—Dorothy Praetorius—a new home
in Patchogue and a new family. Tomorrow
she’s scheduled to acquire a new country
when she becomes an American citizen at
the age of nine.
Gordon S. Wasserman, a senior at Patchogue
High School, is among 40 high
school seniors who were picked from a
field of over 29,000 as the “nation’s most
promising future scientists.” They were
named winners Monday in the nineteenth
annual science talent search. They have
been awarded all-expense trips to Washington.
There they will compete for $34,250
in Westinghouse awards and scholarships
during a five-day Science Talent Institute
beginning March 3.
Starting his 25th year on a Suffolk police
beat Sunday, Ptl. Theodore Sedate, 52, of
Patchogue, praised the new county police
beat as a “wonderful thing.” He added that
“It should have happened a long time ago.”
The Bellport Methodist church held a special
service Sunday to consecrate “Aldersgate”
as a Sunday school building. Aldersgate
is the latest building to be completed
by the church in its current expansion program,
and it will be used by the nursery and
kindergarten cases of the Sunday school. It
has been named Aldersgate because it was
at Aldersgate in London that John Wesley,
founder of the Methodist church, had his
great religious experience.
The approaching school expansion vote
February 24 in Central District 4 in Bellport
may well decide whether the district will
be run on split sessions in the next year,
according to a spokesman for the school
board. Mrs. John R. Sears, vice president,
pointed out that both the administration
and the board would go to any lengths to
avoid double session, but might be forced
to it if voters fail to approve an expansion
program to provide for the ever increasing
numbers of school youngsters. ■

Feb 11

William H. Fields Jr., 51, associate director for administration
at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, was
arrested Friday night on a charge that he altered a $175,000
check to make it payable to him, according to the New York
city office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
February, which is being celebrated as American History
Month, will receive its salute from Patchogue on Washington’s
birthday, February 22, when historic events in the life
and times of George Washington will be enacted on the
main streets of Patchogue.
Harold Chapman, Center Moriches contractor,
Brookhaven Town councilman, and spare time Santa Claus,
has been selected as the Good Samaritan of Suffolk County.
He received the Richard T. Gilmartin award for outstanding
service to the handicapped from officials of Skills Unlimited,
the non-profit workshop for the disabled.
Emphatic stop signs were placed on two Patchogue
streets recently to remind motorists to halt their cars some
distance back from the crosswalk to aid trucks making the
turn into the street from the corner at the intersections of
Waverly Avenue and West Main Street and East Main Street
and Medford Avenue.
Howard Kallmann of Bayport has been appointed to the
Bayport-Blue Point Board of Education following the resignation
of Dr. Edward S. Smith, also of Bayport.
Approximately 160 Patchogue Bay Power Squadron
members, distinguished guests, and their ladies attended
the ninth annual founders’ day dinner and dance held at the
Wyandotte Hotel Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Eagan of 36 Woodland Street, Blue
Point, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary Sunday.
All civic associations, Chamber of Commerce and other
public service organizations in the town of Brookhaven
were called upon this week to register their names and
mailing addresses with Town Supervisor August Stout Jr.
A brisk set-up in promotion of credit sales at the Bee Hive
Department Store in Patchogue is the objective behind the
recent appointment of Sam Rein, the firm’s assistant treasurer,
to the newly-created senior executive post of vice
president for finance and credit sales.
Both the Chamber of Commerce of the Moriches and the
Center Moriches Methodist church asked last week that
the town board install sidewalks along parts of Main Street
in the village.
A 356-name petition protesting the new schedule of mail
delivery and postoffice hours in Center Moriches was sent
last week to Postmaster Arthur Summerfield. The petitions
claim the new schedule, which went into effect January 23,
is giving them less “usable mail service.”
Peter Canonico, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Canonico
of 504 MacDonald Avenue here, is the 1960 winner of the
Bausch & Lomb Honorary Service award medal for achieving
the highest scholastic record in science subjects during
his high school course, according to Thomas Feeney, principal
of Bellport High School.
Brookhaven Town’s recreation park in North Patchogue
is expected to be four-fifths completed by the end of the
summer if plans progress as expected, according to the
Brookhaven Town Recreation Commission. ■

Feb 18
The Brookhaven Town Board accepted the resignation
of John J.J. Jones, deputy tax receiver. No successor has
been named. Mr. Jones said he intended to return to his
law practice.
The ninth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred
Curcio of Taylor Avenue, East Patchogue, was celebrated
at Bronco Charlie’s in Oakdale.
One of the most respected business and civic leaders
of the Moriches Bay area, Charles B. Chapman of East
Moriches, died Feb. 6 at Central Suffolk Hospital after a
short illness. He was 66 years of age.
Two-year-old Phyllis Fredericks of 916 Taylor Avenue,
East Patchogue, went for a walk with her mother to visit a
neighbor and it proved the most eventful walk in her young
life. When her mother looked around for her, Phyllis was
nowhere to be seen. Her 3-year-old sister, Nancy, pointed to
a nearby fenced in drainage sump and there was Phyllis, at
the bottom of the sump. She had apparently fallen into the
sump through a hole in the fence. As a crowd of distressed
mothers gathered, a neighbor called Paul Arns, who climbed
the fence and picked Phyllis out of the ice and mud.
A 21-year-old Coast Guardsman from Patchogue aided
in the rescue of the wine tanker Angelo Petri, caught in
violent storms off the California coast. Quartermaster 2/c
Anthony Palumbo, whose family lives at 47 Newins Street,
was aboard the cutter Taney, which spent the greater part
of one night and a day assisting the stricken tanker.
There will be no tax sale in the village of Bellport this
year as all taxes on property have been paid except on parcels
on which the village now holds tax sale certificates.
The following members of Girl Scout Troop 7-49 enjoyed
a weekend skiing trip at Alpine Meadows: Betsy Schmitt,
Lynn MacDougal, Betsy Baker and Barbara Remmett. They
were accompanied by their leader, Mrs. Paul Skidmore of
East Moriches, Mrs. Richard Carleton and Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Auer of Bellport and other scouts and adults from
South Suffolk Council.
Carol Barsi, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Barsi of
Yaphank Avenue, celebrated her 10th birthday.
John and Clinton Finger of the Island Coal and Lumber
Company of Medford received certificates of completion
in the Adelphi College Executive Development program.
John, a resident of Myrtle Lane in East Patchogue, is vice
president of the company and Clinton, who resides on
Thornhedge Road in Bellport, is the firm’s estimator.
Pamela Crawford of 65 Namkee Road, Blue Point, is confined
to her home with the mumps.
Joe Gomez, advertising manager of The Moriches Tribune,
sister newspaper of The Patchogue Advance, has a
large collection of salt and pepper shakers. He has over 100
of them and much of them are displayed in two shadows
boxes in his living room.
Henry A. Neger of Shannon Boulevard in Yaphank celebrated
his 75th birthday on Feb. 10 with a family party. ■


Sadness struck twice in a week for the
Hawkins family when Bellport Village Trustee
Willis H. Hawkins died in Brookhaven
Memorial Hospital Tuesday morning. Just
the previous Tuesday afternoon, his daughter,
Mrs. Frances Austin, had passed away
at the same hospital.
Governor Rockefeller accepted on behalf
of the Military Museum in the State Capitol
a group of Civil War flags and other memorabilia
of the Fifty-Fifth New York Militia,
a famous old New York Militia Regiment
known as the “Lafayette Guards.” They
were presented to the Military Museum by
Commander Charles K. Post, USNR (Retired)
of Blue Point, great-grandson of Major
General Regis de Trobriand, who commanded
the Fifty-Fifty New York during its
Civil War service.
Mr. and Mrs. George Shelton of Livingston
Road entertained Mr. and Mrs. Earl
Thompson of Country Club Road and Mr.
and Mrs. Frederick Marshall of Livingston
Road for dinner at the Patchogue Royal
Restaurant in celebration of their wedding
anniversary and Mr. Shelton’s birthday.
The board of directors of the Bellport
Beach Estates Property Owners Association
Inc. has unanimously approved the
letting of a contract for the construction of
a pool and dock to Ivar G. Olsen Inc. This
contractor is the same one that installed
the pool at Lands End, Sayville.
Jeanne A. Cunningham, a senior at Bellport
High School, was one of 199 Suffolk
County winners of New York State Regents
scholarships and the only winner from
Bellport this year. Jeanne is matriculating
at Cortland in the fall and aspires to teach
secondary school math.
Mr. and Mrs. Antoni Yablonski of 3 South
Prospect Avenue, Patchogue, celebrated
their 55th wedding anniversary.
Did you know that an East Patchogue
man is captain of the world’s largest tanker?
He is Captain Michael Suuberg of 10 Southern
Boulevard, South Country Shores, East
Patchogue, skipper of the 949-foot SS Universe
Apollo, which has just completed her
first year of operation.
Liv and Marie Ann General left the morning
of Feb. 12 for a camping trip to Camp
Is Sho Da Lodge about eight miles from
Albany. The girls represented the Yaphank
Senior Girl Scout Troop.
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Davis Sr. of Atlantic
Avenue, Blue Point, returned home after a
19-day Caribbean cruise.
Bob Gerbe was awarded the Hagerman
Speedway trophy in the children’s go-kart
races held last weekend. Other winners include
Alvin Defriest, Ralph Armstrong, Vin
Costanzo, Ken Defriest, Jim Felice, Gary
Moreland, Harry Armstrong, Don Defriest,
N. Quartuccio and A. Quartuccio.
Thirty-five members of the Mastic Beach
Fire Department auxiliary observed the
12th anniversary of the organization at a
combined meeting and party on Feb. 13 at
the firehouse on Neighborhood Road.
Russell Clowes of 59 Mulford Street,
Patchogue, and his brother-in-law Lowell
Thomas of Medford, enlisted in the U.S.
Navy and left for the Great Lakes Naval
Training Station in Illinois on Feb. 3.
The Sit and Sew Club met at the home
of Mrs. Leon Swezey of 21 Purick Street.
Those who attended were Mesdames
Alfred Swezey, William Ritchie, William
Weyhrauch, Frieda Boyd, Howard Shene
and George Pope. ■



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