August 5
Three-year-old Kathy Jean Arnzen of
Center Moriches got a helping hand from
Brookhaven Town Highway Superintendent
Charles W. Barraud as she did her
part in the current Anti-Litterbug drive.
The highway department placed a large
number of attractive white and red disposal
units throughout the town to aid in
cleaning up litter.
Authorization was given by Brookhaven
Town Board for Newtown Productions
Inc. to shoot scenes for a motion picture
in Brookhaven hamlet on an area zoned A
residence. The owner of the property, Sullivan
Gallo of East Patchogue, had inquired
whether he could permit the moving picture
company to use his land for production
of a film.
Commissioner John S. Graham, acting
chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission,
announced that the alternating gradient
synchrotron at Brookhaven National
Laboratory, one of the world’s two largest
operating particle accelerators, ran
for the first time on Friday, producing a
beam of protons at an energy of more than
30,000,000,000 electron volts. This is the
highest energy yet attained by a particle
Mr. and Mrs. Wilmont Still of 6 Howard
Street celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary
July 23 with a party at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Rohe in Bayport.
The Lottie E. Topping, a 24-foot gaff
rigged sloop, a family project, slid into the
water at Tooker’s boatyard. Christened
by Mrs. Robert Ince and built by her husband,
the trim craft took her name from a
cargo schooner run by Mr. Ince’s grandfather
to the West Indies. About two years
ago the Inces, who live on Burnett Lane in
Brookhaven, with their two sons Michael
and Peter, started to assemble materials
for their dream boat. After 18 months
working together as a family, the sloop was
Patricia Holland celebrated her first
birthday with a party. She is the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Holland of South
Howell’s Point Road.
A public hearing will be held by the Bellport
Village Board to decide whether or not
a resolution should be adopted to amend
the Unified Code of Ordinances on speed
laws. The change would provide that no
motor vehicle or motorcycle shall be operated
on the part of Bellport Lane lying
south of the south line of Shore Drive and
on the Village Dock at a speed in excess of
15 miles an hour. This provision does not
apply to ambulances, fire vehicles or police
vehicles when on emergency trips.
Patchogue Bowling Center is the Suffolk
County softball champion. The Patchogue
entry in the Amateur Softball Association
won the right to the coveted title by beating
Entenmann’s of Bay Shore, 7-2.
Mrs. Freda Dutcher of Patchogue was
surprised with a party given in honor of her
75th birthday. ■

August 12

Lovely Natalie Wood, star of Splendor
in the Grass, currently on location in the
hamlet of Brookhaven, was delighted by a
visit from her husband, Robert Wagner, internationally-
famed star in his own right.
Something new is being added in the
instructional program in Patchogue next
year. Called the achievement level team
technique, some teachers in River and Bay
Avenue elementary schools will organize
their teaching according to this new plan to
determine its potential as a more efficient
system of elementary instruction.
Miss Laura Ebell, Brookhaven Town historian,
asked the Patchogue Village Board
to put some skeletons in its closet. More
specifically, Miss Ebell asked the village
to bury the remains of early settlers that
have been unearthed during recent excavations
for a gasoline station at Medford
Avenue and East Main Street. Mayor Robert
Waldbauer explained that, as much as
it appeared a community responsibility,
the burials occurred prior to the village’s
incorporation and with the village not
holding any public burial spot, he felt the
town would be in a better position to appropriately
handle the matter. The bones,
presently at the Ruland Funeral Home, will
remain there until some arrangement is arrived
at for reinterment.
H. Chester Swezey, the late Eastport
trucking tycoon, was honored by the
Brookhaven Town Board when a Center
Moriches street was renamed in his honor.
The town fathers passed a resolution
changing the name of Cemetery Road to
Chet Swezey Street.
Continuing improvement of the Patchogue
Electric Light Company’s transmission
system was highlighted last week
by the addition of a new sub-station in
North Patchogue.
A new sign was recently erected on Sunrise
Highway by the Patchogue Chamber
of Commerce. This is the first of two signs
to be placed on Sunrise Highway showing
how to reach the Patchogue business district.
The sign says Patchogue: Suffolk’s
Largest Shopping Area—Turn Right.
Mayor and Mrs. Harry F. Bedell of Country
Club Road returned home from a fourweek
tour of Europe. Mr. and Mrs. Felix
Grucci and family of Station Road enjoyed
a tour of Freedomland in the Bronx. Mr.
Grucci is in charge of the fireworks display
that is shown nightly at Freedomland.
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Demarest of Bieselin
Road entertained at a family dinner party
in celebration of the 80th birthday of Dr.
Harry Demarest of Bayport, father of Mr.
Visions of wearing the crown of Miss
Republican of Suffolk County are dancing
through the pretty heads of Linda Last of
Islip and Joan Gotimer of Patchogue.
The Church of the Nazarene broke
ground in preparation fo rits new church in
North Patchogue on the corner of Franklin
Street and Annanias Avenue.
Recently celebrating her 12th birthday
with a party at her home was Eleanor,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Melkunas
of Ashton Road, Yaphank. Those present
included Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Melkunas
and sons, Thomas and Anthony; Mr. and
Mrs. John Melkunas and daughter, Patricia;
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Druchunas and
children, Betty, Frances and Douglas and
Charles Melkunas Jr.
Dennis Puleston, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis
Puleston of Meadow Lane, left for Montreal
on the first leg of an Arctic expedition
on which he will accompany Dalton Muir,
a cameraman. They will go into the Northwest
territories, on behalf of the National
Film Board of Canada, to study migratory
caribou. Their base of operations will be
Yellow Knife. Dennis, now in his second
year at Antioch College, spent a year in the
Society Islands before entering college. ■

August 19

Because of increasing enrollment and in order to facilitate
bus scheduling the Tremont Avenue School has found
it necessary to change the school hours.
One of the most touching ceremonies participated in by
Boy Scouts of Suffolk County who attended the Fifth National
Jamboree at Colorado Springs occurred in Washington,
D.C. on the return trip when they went to Arlington
National Cemetery to honor the unknown soldier. Upon arrival
at the cemetery, they marched up to the tomb and Victor
M. Reusch Jr. of Jamboree Troop 53 placed a wreath for
Suffolk County Council. Locally Scout Reusch is a member
of Bellport Troop 28. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor M.
Reusch Sr. of 9 South Howell’s Point Road.
Patchogue Bay Squadron took the honors in the Predicted
Log Contest at the annual rendezvous held at the Suffolk
County Republican Club in Blue Point.
Ribbon winners at the Westhampton Beach Outdoor Art
Show were Chris Roberts of Center Moriches for his painting
Walk, Don’t Run and Deward Eades of Bellport for his
work entitled Matriarchy. Both were recipients of White
Ribbons in the Professional category.
This summer’s regent scholarships have been awarded to
this year’s Patchogue Senior High School graduates, Gary
Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Huron Smith of 90 Medford Avenue,
Patchogue and Ray Weeks, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray
Weeks of 131 Franklin Street, Patchogue. Also receiving
a dean’s scholarship in the field of engineering from Pratt
Institute is Michael Kerrigan, son of Mrs. Estelle Seidensticker
of 284 Washington Avenue.
Mrs. Geraldine Bruccola, 23, of Flintlock Drive, Shirley,
was injured in a three-car accident involving autos driven
by herself, Ernest Wiegmann, 23, of Brookfield Avenue,
Center Moriches and George Abrams, 54, of Truberg Avenue,
North Patchogue.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. McRae Sr. of 92 West Lakewood
Street, Patchogue, have returned from a month-long trip to
Europe. During a stay in London Mr. McRae, who is president
of McRae Brothers Roofing Contractors of Patchogue,
attended a convention of the National Roofing Contractors
Association of Great Britain.
Dr. Lee Farr and his son, Edward, of South Country Road,
have returned from a month’s trip through Europe. Dr. Farr
was decorated with the Order of the Phoenix in Athens,
Greece, by the foreign minister of Greece. This award was
presented to Dr. Farr for his services as an advisor to the
Greek Atomic Energy Commission.
The ninth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Robert E.
Miskosky of Spruce Drive, East Patchogue, was celebrated
at the Pine Grove Inn.
Security National Bank opened its newest branch office
building at the Shirley shopping center. Security, which has
27 offices throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties, has been
serving the rapidly-growing Shirley area for the last four years
from temporary offices adjacent to the shopping center.
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Thomas of Patchogue-Yaphank Road
motored to the Catskill Mountains to take their son, Frank,
to Camp De Wolf for the week. Frank’s stay at camp was
sponsored by the Yaphank Gun Club.
The Suffolk County Heart Association has officially set
up its new offices on Main Street in Center Moriches. The
office will be headed by Lars W. Larson.
The highest June and July homesite sales volume in the
history of the Shirley development, amounting to $375,000
for the two-month period, was reported by Walter T. Shirley,
president of Shirley L.I. Inc., developer of the 15 square
mile community.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Guerrasio of Oregon Avenue in
Medford celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.
The Advance asked “What is your pet peeve?” of some
local folks. Mrs. Ray Brody of Austin Street stated “They
should have better parking facilities for shoppers in Patchogue.”■

August 26

Harvey Richardson of 45 North Howell’s
Point Road, Bellport, showed a couple of 3
and one-half pound tomatoes he’s growing
in his yard using seaweed from the Great
South Bay and duck manure as fertilizer.
The retired Coast Guardsman, who works
for the Bellport Village Highway Department,
said it’s the second year he’s grown
such huge tomatoes, commercially known
as “Big Boys.”
The Brookhaven Town Board passed a
resolution subject to permissive referendum
to purchase an additional 292-by 40-
foot parcel of land in Blue Point to round
out the land acquired on Corey Avenue for
a new beach. The resolution offered by
Councilman John Foley of Blue Point calls
for the purchase price of $5,000 to be paid
to the owner of the land, Curtis J. Davis.
The total purchase price for this beach
land now stands at $50,000.
The extension of Patchogue Avenue from
its current terminus at Long Street to Old
North Ocean Avenue, a distance of less
than one quarter of a mile, is being sought
by the Canaan Lake Beach Community
Club Inc.
Miss Jean Campbell, a graduate of
Patchogue-Medford High’s class of 1960,
won a sterling six-piece place setting in the
nationwide “Sterling is for Graduates” contest
sponsored by the Sterling Silversmiths
of America.
Mr. and Mrs. William Door gave a goingaway
party for Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bellone
of East Patchogue at the Pine Grove Inn.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Weissberger were also
present. Mr. and Mrs. Bellone are leaving
to spend a year touring in Eurpe. Mrs.
Bellone was an active member of the
Patchogue Unit of the Home Extension
Cheryl Ann Regalmuto, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Anthony Regalmuto, celebrated
her ninth birthday with a party. Guests
included JoAnn Meo and Kathy DeMatteo
of Patchogue; Sue Leurgans, Susan Irving,
Paula Feeney, Patty Fuchs, Deborah Reib
and Cheryl’s sisters, Caryn and Nancy.
A tea party was given for Miss Nancy
Bedell and the following girl friends and
their dollies: Susan Gibson, Alison Hallock,
Betsy Shreeve and Robin Pokorny.
Nancy is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William
Bedell of Pearl Street, Bellport.
A pontoon boat made by John Vetter
and William Schreiber of Patchogue was
shown in a photograph. The boat is relatively
new to this area and the two local
boating enthusiasts plan to test it in the
Great South Bay. Mr. Vetter and Mr. Schreiber
plan to market the boat.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Potter Sr. of 370 Oak
Street returned from a two-week cruise
on their boat Doodle. Joining them on the
cruise on their boats were Commander
and Mrs. Fred Winter and family of Flushing;
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Million and family
of East Patchogue and Mr. and Mrs.
Edwin Rappe and family of Brookhaven.
The cruise took in many points of interest
including Mystic and Gillette Castle in
Hadlyme, Conn.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Staugaitis of Atlantic
Avenue in Blue Point celebrated their 12th
wedding anniversary.
Mrs. A. Meyn of Yaphank celebrated her
79th birthday with a party at her summer
home in German Gardens.
Jon Dido and his son-in-law and daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Terlizzi of Mill
Road, are in the process of building a new
home on Valerie Court in the Yaphank
The 10th birthday of Duke Colichio,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Colichio
Jr. of Americus Avenue, East Patchogue,
was celebrated with his cousins, Douglas,
Francis Jr., Karen and Kenneth Kreamer,
bowling in Patchogue.
The Hebrew Center of Mastic Beach will
celebrate its 25th anniversary this week
with a dance at the Mastic Beach Property
Owners’ Association Clubhouse.
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Satornino and
sons Guy, Gary and Donny of Donegan
Avenue and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Stephani
and sons, Edward, Charles and Ralph of
Lenox Avenue have returned from a twoweek
vacation at Goose Neck Creek in
Miss Penny Land of Bayport was the
guest of honor at a surprise sweet 16 birthday
Larry Strickland, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Gerald Strickland of Paumanake Road in
Blue Point, is recovering after an appendectomy
performed at Brookhaven Memorial
Hospital. ■


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