September 2

Doctors at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital are pleased
with the progress of 12-year-old John Velk of Norton
Street, Patchogue, who is recovering from a severe spinal
injury sustained when he dove into three feet of water in
West Lake last Wednesday. John and three friends, Albert
Palermo, 11; Fred Palermo, 13; and William Keating, 13;
all of Bay Avenue, were swimming from a 10-foot platform
constructed in a tree at lakeside. John dove, struck
his head in the sand and was rescued by his friends. The
platform has since been demolished by Patchogue public
works personnel.
Carol Ann Dinkins, 14, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis
Dinkins of 96 West Avenue, Patchogue, won the national
music competition sponsored by the Improved Benevolent
Protective Order of Elks of the World, held in Chicago last
Anthony Sanzone of 27 Cedar Grove Court, Patchogue,
grew two record-breaking squashes this year, one of which
was 52 inches long! Last year he grew one that was 42 and
one-half inches long. The popular employee of Nick’s Barber
Shop on East Main Street said he used three different
kinds of fertilizer this year.
Mrs. Buff Fuoco of California Avenue in Medford grew a
cucumber that was 11 and one-half inches long and 10 and
one-half inches in circumference and weighed nearly three
pounds. Mrs. Fuoco said it was grown from a new hybrid
seed that has less seeds and more meat.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carrozzo of Gerard Street have
returned after spending a month in Long Beach, California
where they visited relatives. Mr. Carrozzo and his brother,
Remiggio, had not seen each other in 40 years.
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon O’Rourke and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Donald Streit and family, Mr. and Mrs. George Roeser and
family, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Love and family and Mr. and
Mrs. Maxwell Small and family rendezvoused at a cove
near Moriches Bay over the weekend. Dr. Love and Mr.
O’Rourke had a lucky day surf-casting and caught many
All dog shows are sporting events, but none so fully presents
the sporting scene in the world of dogs as does an outdoor
show on a fine summer day, which exactly described
the Brookhaven Kennel club’s match held at the Bellport
Recreation Center. In all, the show drew 203 entries, 160
for breed matches, 43 for obedience classes.
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Stoner and their children, Tina and
Scott, moved from Bellport to their new home on Hawkins
Lane in Brookhaven.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Hard of the Suffolk Game
Preserve Lodge participated in the Grand American Trap
Shoot. While Mr. Hard held his won among the many
fine shots, it was Mrs. Hard who walked away with the
trophies. She first took the Class B championship 16-yard
event with 195 out of 200, then won the women’s preliminary
handicap trophy, breaking 97 out of 100, followed by
the ladies doubles championship. She won the All ‘Round
trophy and finally has in her keeping for the year the high
overall trophy with 947 out of 1,000.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Weston of Library Lane and their
three daughters, Judy, Joan and Barbara, sailed yesterday
aboard the Flandres for France where they will spend
a year near Paris, where Mr. Weston, a chemist from
Brookhaven National Laboratory, will spend a year at the
French installation in Saclay.
Music in the Miller mood will echo through Mount Carmel
Hall in Patchogue on Sept. 23 when the Kiwanis Club
of Patchogue will again present its annual charity ball featuring
the world-famous Glenn Miller Orchestra.
The North Bellport Midgets, managed by Skip Henry of
the Rockets AC and John Ready of the NBAA, turned in a
real championship performance last week as they came
from behind to tie and then defeat the Middle Island Midget
All-Stars, 3-2. Team members include Gerard Fogarty,
George Blaum, Robert Kampwart, Albert Bressler, Roger
Pickering, Tom O’Niel, John Ready, Mark Cerone, Joe Centrone,
Harold Merriam, G. Garrison, Thomas McLaughlin,
Dennis Viola, Larry Marchiano and Ronald Semiken.
Next week, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Roesch of Main Street
and children Darlene, Bryan, Faith, Hope and Roal will be
moving into their new home in Manorville. ■
September 9

Four new teachers in Patchogue-Medford School District
took time out during orientation for a cup of coffee.
Pictured were Mrs. Brenda Bergman, senior high, French-
English; Walter Englehardt, Medford Avenue, grade 4; Miss
Leslie Radliffe, junior high, French; and Miss Dora Clarke,
elementary schools, music.
Mrs. Welcome Eva Chapman of Watchogue Avenue, now
residing at the Wood Nursing Home in Center Moriches,
enjoyed the afternoon of Aug. 28 with her children in celebration
of her 91st birthday.
The Seventh Day Adventist Church School at 184 North
Ocean Avenue opened. This is the first year that the church
has conducted a school in Patchogue. The teacher is Paul
W.D. Warner of Medford returned to this duties as manager
of the households department of the Bee hive after a
week’s vacation.
Mrs. John Davis of Main Street, Yaphank, was accepted
as a new member by the Yaphank Fire Department Ladies
The 65th birthday of Mrs. Anne Cullum of 184 Southern
Boulevard was celebrated with an outdoor barbecue party.
The only member of the Joseph Taylor family of Station
Road, Bellport Manor, whose birthday does not occur n August
is Mrs. Taylor. Paula’s 13th birthday was on the fourth,
Barry was six years old on the 11th, Jeffrey James was one
on the 26th and Mr. Taylor was 39 on the 28th.
Miss Elisa Ruland of 191 North Ocean Avenue will be
among this year’s freshmen at Wellesley College.
Wilbur S. Stakes Jr. of Bellport has been awarded the regional
scholarship to Tulane School of Law from Randolph-
Macon College. He is the son of the late Wilbur S. Stakes
M.D., well known and much loved practicing physician of
Patchogue from 1933 to 1957.
The Bellport Fire Department was called to put out a
fire in a cottage on the property of the Bellport Wyandotte
Hotel. Fire Chief John Later said he found two beer cans
stuffed with rags which were soaked with gasoline under
the front porch of the house. The Arson Squad of the Suffolk
County Police is investigating.
Councilman John Young represented Supervisor August
Stout Jr. at the dedication of a new play area on Woodland
Avenue here in Brookhaven. The “Town Tot Field” includes
swings for both juveniles and toddlers, two slides, a see
saw, a giant size dome climber, a sand box and the always
popular merry-go-round.
Mrs. Jennie Visco, who played a leading role in the development
of Bellport during her 25 years in Suffolk County,
died at her home. She was 61. A resident at 511 Station
Road, she had been very active in real estate.
Mr. and Mrs. Leland Cleaves of 89 Cedar Avenue, Patchogue,
celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at
the Better ‘Ole in Brookhaven.
Displaced by the proposed Moriches By-Pass is the summer
home owned by Anthony De Gati of Brooklyn. The
house, which had been located on Frowein Avenue, is being
moved to Bellview Avenue in Center Moriches. ■

September 16
Hurricane Donna roared across Long Island late Monday
afternoon, flooded numerous main highways and side
roads, swamped low lands along the waterfront, knocked
down hundreds of trees, lighting and telephone poles and
left thousands of people without electric power in eastern
Suffolk. Hardest hit was the south fork from Montauk west
to Moriches. But due to advance warning via radio and
television and repeated urging from police departments,
all people living in lowlands along the ocean and bayfronts
were able to leave to higher ground and safety well before
the hurricane hit. Winds reached a peak of 120 mph at Montauk
about 4 p.m.
One of Bellport’s oldest oak trees fell prey to Hurricane
Donna as it crashed with earth-shaking force across Station
Road, just off South Country Road. Village road crews
rushed to the scene to saw up the tree and cart debris
away. Francene Beauty Shoppe at 155 South Country Road
in Bellport nearly received unexpected facelifting when
the tree fell against the shop front during the hurricane.
The damage was minor.
The Moriches Bay area received comparatively slight
damage during Hurricane Donna. The major portion of
the damage reported was caused by falling trees and was
marked by inconvenience caused by disrupted telephone
and electric service.
A surprise shower was given in honor of Miss Rita Gordon
at her home, 88 Harris Street, North Patchogue, Aug.
26. Hostesses were Mesdames William Schroder and Alfred
Worrad and Miss Peggy Minden of Patchogue.
Jack Ohlsen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ohlsen, who are
temporarily residing in Mastic, left yesterday for Cornell
University to start his junior year.
Miss Carole Montalbano was a bridesmaid for Miss June
Beebe of Sayville, who was married Saturday. Miss Montalbano
left that night for the University of Virginia after
spending a few weeks with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Leonard
V. Montalbano.
The South Bay Art Association’s Summer workshop program
at the Carriage House barn in Bellport was such a
success with students and teachers alike it was decided to
start a fall term without delay, a spokesperson announced
this week.
The Bellport ambulance had three calls for assistance
during the past week.
Over 400 attended the Bermuda ball held Aug. 27 at Mary
Immaculate R.C. Church on Brown’s Lane in Bellport. Edmund
Rowland, chairman, announced the winners of the
following awards: a trip for two to Bermuda, Mrs. Dale
Steffensen of Brookhaven; portable barbecue, Mrs. Felix
Grucci of Bellport; and a basket of cheer, Mrs. William Patanjo
of Bellport. ■

September 23

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