Dec 2

Effective yesterday, Arthur M.
Mapes, 55, of 77 West Lakewood Street,
superintendent of mails at the Patchogue
Post Office, retired after more than 41
years of postal service. In his career, he
has served under seven postmasters, one
of whom was his father, Edgar. M. Mapes,
who served as postmaster from August 1,
1939 until his retirement December 1, 1947,
at the age of 70. In 1919, the Patchogue Post
Office had 18 employees and today there
are 77, recalls Mr. Mapes.
Seaman apprentice Franklyn C.
Densing, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Densing of Oak Street, is home on a 14-day
leave following his graduation from boot
training at the Great Lakes Naval Training
Center. After his leave, he will report to
Bayonne, N.J.
Miss Phyllis Fine, who attends New
York State University College of Education
at Pottsdam, and Miss Anita Fine, who is
studying at Mt. Sinai Hospital School of
Nursing, spent the Thanksgiving holidays
with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fine
of Rider Avenue.
Among the students of the Bellport
class of 1960 home for the Thanksgiving
holiday were Kirk Roeser from Brown
University, Bob Hoffmann from the
University of Bridgeport, Donald Coon from
Princeton University, Robert Love from
Rutgers, Bill Marshall from Mitchell Junior
College, Malcolm Fleming from Alfred
University, Peter Small from Bowdoin
College, Jean Cunningham from Cortland
State College, and Peter Canonico from
Bucknell College.
Tuesday afternoon, a party was given
for Clifford Miller Jr., in celebration of his
fifth birthday, by his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Miller Sr. of South Country Road. Those
present were Billy and Linda Hermus,
Darlene and Peter Satterley, Laurie and
Beverley Corwin, Joann Maggio, Robbie
and Perry Wayte, Karen Hermus and Terry
The wrestling team of Bellport High
School had one of the largest turnouts since
it started, says coach David Winslow. There
are over 40 boys in grades nine through 12
going out for the team. The following boys
have at least one year of wrestling under
their belts: Eric Carlson, Peter Carr, Richard
May and John Everitt. George Houston is
the manager.
The Van Guard firehouse is being
renovated. Workmen are now in the
process of installing larger doors so that the
trucks will be able to roll to an alarm with
less effort on the part of their drivers. The
front of the building will have a complete
face lifting. The Van Guard trucks are being
housed in the Lake Street firehouse while
their house is not in a usable condition.
The Village of Patchogue is indeed a
safe place to live. This comforting fact was
reported by Village Trustee Roy F. Krieger,
who recently accepted an Accident Control
award from the New York State Insurance
For better meals at Santa time! Peconic
Bay scallops, Fresh oysters, seafood. Hot
fish dinner cooked to order, phone in,
no waiting. With cole slaw, French fries,
tartar sauce 75c and up. complete. South
Bay Fish Market, 50 South Ocean Avenue,
Patchogue. ■

Dec 9

An F-105 Thunderchief fighter-bomber
on a routine acceptance flight over the
Atlantic was abandoned by its pilot after
it caught fire and crashed in Bellport Bay
Friday afternoon. The pilot’s bailout was
successful, and he was picked from the
icy water within 10 minutes by a Grumman
Aircraft Engineering Corporation
The Patchogue Fire Department had
one of its busiest days Saturday when
three alarms came in during the afternoon.
During this time, the stalwart volunteers
were helping to hoist the artificial snow
to the roofs of Patchogue’s stores for the
guaranteed snowfall that accompanied
Santa’s parade through town aboard the U.S.
Air Force Bomarc missile. The final return
of the firemen to the rooftops was made
just in time for the scheduled snowfall.
During the parade, Vicki Meltzer, 2, of
Bellport, wandered away from her mother,
which meant that the auxiliary police had
to look for her. Later, after she was found,
Santa was particularly concerned over this,
since the bewhiskered gentleman making
his first flight aboard a missile was one of
Patchogue’s merchants, David Meltzer.
The Board of Education of the
Patchogue-Medford District will sell
student desks at $1 each as long as they
last. Sale will be at the Medford Village
school, Medford, between 9 a.m. and 4
p.m. Saturday. These desks are outmoded
for classroom use and are being sold to
the residents of the district for use in the
children’s room or basement, a school
district spokesman said.
Police are still investigating a weekend
burglary at the Floyd Bennett store jewelry
counter. The burglary was committed
by a thief, or thieves, small enough to fit
through metal slats of a giant exhaust
outlet. Police assumed the entry was made
by bending one of the exhaust’s outer slats
back enough to allow a person to squeeze
through. The store was closed from 10 p.m.
Saturday until Monday morning.
From the Patchogue Fire Department
Chief’s corner: We wish to extend our
sympathy to Chief Thomas Newham on
the recent loss of his mother. About 65
firemen, in respect to their chief, attended
the funeral services.
Ronald Salamone, who attends the
University of Rochester, and Miss Deanna
Salamone, who attends Rider College
in Trenton, NJ, spent the Thanksgiving
holidays with their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Michael Salamone of Mulford Street.
Mr. and Mrs, Peter Bielski of Everett
Street are the parents of a daughter, Gayle
Elizabeth, born Nov. 20 at Brookhaven
Memorial Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Bielski
have another daughter, Patricia, and a son,
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Coleman
celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary
by attending the Cinerama showing of
“Can-Can” at Syosset Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Luff of
Patchogue announce the engagement of
their daughter, Miss Lynn Suzanne Luff, to
Donald Howard Warnken, son of Mr. and
Mrs. George Warnken of Bayport. Miss
Luff is employed at the Social Security
Administration office in Patchogue. Her
fiancé is employed at Grumman Aircraft
Engineering Corporation in Calverton. He
had served in the Marine Corps.
ALFRED — A Bellport student at the
State University Agricultural and Technical
Institute here is a member of the 150-voice
Concert Choir. Malcolm S. Fleming, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm J. Fleming of Bellport,
has been on two tours with the choir since
the beginning of the Fall semester. A 1960
graduate of Bellport High School, young
Fleming is a freshman major in mechanical
technology at Alfred Tech. The Concert
Choir records annually for RCA Victor. ■
Dec 16
An arson probe has followed the
disastrous blaze that destroyed the second
story offices of the Furman building on
Patchogue’s Four Corners early Saturday
morning. Bonnie-Mart Restaurant, Pina
Shop, Roberts Stationery and the office
of Dr. Joseph Levy, optometrist, were
damaged by smoke and water. Police said
a report of a suspected arson attempt had
been made the day before the fire.
The wrath of Old Man Winter was
unleashed on the Eastern Seacoast 10 days
early this year as the worst pre-Winter
storm on record hit this area Sunday
afternoon. A storm that was originally
predicted to pose only a minor threat for
this area tied up transportation, schools
and business. The storm, which dumped
16 inches of snow in Patchogue, was
accompanied by freezing temperatures
and 40 to 50 mile gusts, which caused
drifts five to seven feet high. The Village

Dec 16 cont.

of Patchogue Highway Department had
its 12 regular department employees
working to clear the accumulating snow
from village streets throughout the storm
and most of the snow was removed from
the center of the village by Tuesday
morning, using four snow plows, one
pickup, one grader and one sno-go, plus
three rented trucks, according to Village
Highway Commissioner John Belzak.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pausewang and
daughters Mary Lou, Jo-Ann and Kathy
recently called on Mr. and Mrs. William
A. Sawyers of Kissimmee, Fla., former
Patchogue residents. The Pausewangs
were on vacation and stopped on their
return to Long Island.
Marcia Zegel, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Harold L. Zegel of Case Avenue,
celebrated her eighth birthday Dec. 9.
Over the weekend, the following were
guests for a party: Nancy Petrallia,
Susan and Gale Lauben, Kevin Crisler,
Steven Lehmann, Theresa and Robert
Immacalato and her sister, Vikki.
Airman 3/c John Gearity, son of Mr. and
Mrs. John Gearity of Avery Avenue, after
completing basic training at Lackland Air
Force Base, Texas, has been assigned
to Chanute Field, Ill., where he will
receive instruction in electronics for
the next 42 weeks. Prior to enlisting in
the Air Force, Airman Gearity graduated
from Patchogue Senior High School and
was employed at Hill’s. He will be home
Christmas on a three-day leave.
On Saturday afternoon, a birthday
luncheon was given for Penny Brown
to celebrate her sixth birthday by her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Brown of
Bell Street, Bellport. Those present were
Ellen Fowler, Sally Bohn, Andy Borg,
Wendy Demarest, Laurel Sue Smith,
Cynthia and Rhonda Cox, Beth Miller and
Linda Decidue.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gavin moved
Friday from General McLean Drive to 101
North Howells Point Road where they
have purchased the Dooley house.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Litcher and
family moved on the weekend from
Queens Village to General McLean Drive.
They Purchased the Gavin home.
Last night, the Triple Trey Canasta
Club had its Christmas party at the
home of Mrs. Charles Humbert of East
Last Thursday night, Johnny Cool
celebrated his ninth birthday with a group
of his friends. They had a splash party
at the Brookhaven National Laboratory
pool, then returned to Johnny’s home,
where they were served ice cream and
cake by his parents, Dr. and Mrs. Rodnew
Cool of South Country Road.
Victims of the storm Sunday night were
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Scanlan of Fireplace
Neck Road and their three children, who
prolonged their stay in New York City
just long enough that evening, that it was
necessary to stay over until driving was
less hazardous.
Since this is the time for sending
greeting cards of the season, local people
are again asked to save the cancelled
stamps and give them to Mrs. E.A.
Theis, who will in turn send them to the
Suffolk County TB and Public Health
Association. All kinds of stamps are
welcome. A quarter inch margin of paper
should be left around the stamp. Do not
peel them off the paper. The stamps are
used to distribute to stamp collectors all
over the world. In Norway, one pound of
stamps will support one tubercular child
for one year. It takes thousands of stamps
to make a pound. Mrs. Theis has already
turned over four pounds of stamps and
will be happy to continue the work. ■


Dec 23

Joseph Oliveri of South Ocean Avenue,
Patchogue, a ham radio operator, this week
received a “well done” from the African
nation of Liberia for his part in relaying a
call for vaccine needed by Liberia during a
recent epidemic. Mr. Oliveri was making a
random check of stations one morning and
heard the appeal for the needed vaccine
to combat chicken pox. He received the
message via radio and relayed the call by
phone to a pharmaceutical firm in New
York City who shipped the needed vaccine
via plane to Liberia.
A burglar broke a window in Cook
Jewelers, 85 East Main Street, Patchogue,
Tuesday morning, Suffolk County Police
said, and made off with an estimated $1,231
worth of rings and watches. Police said
that sometime between 2:30 and 4:30 a.m.
Tuesday, a filled beer can was apparently
hurled through the window of the jewelry
store and seven wristwatches and a tray
of friendship rings were taken from the
window display case. According to police,
the owner, Ben Barron, Maple Avenue,
Patchogue, estimated the loss at $1,231.
The police added that no fingerprints were
left by the burglar.
From Patchogue Fire Department Chief’s
Corner: December 13, a still alarm for
Mowbray Street for a house fire. There was
a general alarm at 3:36 a.m. for the Furman
building. This proved to be a serious fire as
we all know. Captain Pontieri cut his finger
and Lieut. George Wilson ran a nail in his
foot. How fortunate we all were not to have
any more of our men injured. The fire was
declared officially out at 11:45 a.m.
The Island Coal and Lumber Corporation
of Medford, founded in 1930, reported this
week that it has enjoyed from its inception
an ever increasing prosperity which it
has shared with its employees and the
community at large. This year, Christmas
1960, marks the 50th consecutive year that
the employees have received a Christmas
bonus, the management reported, adding: It
is conservatively estimated that during the
period over $100,000 has been passed on
to the employees, and of course in natural
sequence, to the local merchants.
The Patchogue Rotary Club held a gala
Christmas party yesterday. The party was
under the direction of Harvey Shand and the
master-of-ceremonies was William Rogers,
who was assisted by Frank Marran.
Home from Bryant College in Providence,
R.I. is Robert Aviano, Jr. who is spending
the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Aviano of Carman Street.
Miss Carole Montalbano is home from the
University of Virginia to spend the holidays
with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Leonard V.
Montalbano of South Country Road.
The Hearth Club had its annual Christmas
party Sunday night at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. John Lancaster of Gerard Street. Other
members of the committee for the party
were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bedell, Mr. and
Mrs. Walter Ebersole, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace
Budny, Mr. and Mrs. Rowland Smith and
Mr. and Mrs. Emery Van Horn.
The Old South Haven Church will be
moved cross country from the village of
South Haven, where it now stands, to the
village of Brookhaven Wednesday. The
Brookhaven-South Haven Presbyterian
Church welcomes its friends and neighbors
to witness the engineering feat, and to
share its rejoicing in the preservation
and revitalization of this historic church
building, erected in 1828. The route of
travel will be east on the Montauk Highway
to Arthur Avenue in Brookhaven, then
south on Arthur Avenue to Beaver Dam
Road and the new site at the intersection
of Beaver Dam and South Country roads
here. The church will be moved with the
steeple and interior plaster intact. The
fact that the steeple is not being removed
has necessitated the cooperation of the
Patchogue Electric Light Company, the
New York Telephone Company, Western
Union, the Long Island Rail Road and
the state, county and township highway
departments. The utilities mentioned plan
to drop their wires, perhaps as many as
150, to permit the church to roll over them.
It is estimated that some 50 men will be
involved in the move of four miles. ■

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