Feb 3
One of the community’s most beloved
residents, James G. Shand, died Monday
in Deland, Fla. Born in Williamstown,
Mass., 85 years ago, Mr. Shand came to
Patchogue with his parents when he was
15 years of age. He secured a position
with the firm of Hammond and Mills and
was with them for several years, after
which he went in business as a partner in
the firm of Mathieu, Reid and Shand. Fifty
years ago he withdrew as a partner and
established Shand’s store on the corner
of West Main Street and Havens Avenue,
Patchogue. His warm friendliness and
ready smile will always be remembered
by his host of customers and friends.
Hard work and good service were
rewarded last week when Steven Dorrien
won a trip to Washington, D.C. to attend
the inauguration of John F. Kennedy.
Steven was one of the winners of a
contest given by the long Island Press for
their carrier boys. He left last Thursday,
along with other winners of the contest,
spent the night at a Baltimore, Md. hotel,
and arrived in Washington early Friday
morning. Besides the excitement of
seeing the inauguration, the boys did
some sightseeing before returning to
their homes. Steven is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. John Dorrien of Country Club
Fifty firemen answered the alarm at
11:10 Sunday night to put out a fire at
the home of John Wood of Post Avenue,
North Bellport. No one was home at the
time of the fire, and the owner’s dog was
saved by a neighbor. Fire chief John
Later reports that there was considerable
damage, and that the fire was caused
by the oil heater. The only other fires
reported in the past week or two have
been slight brush fires.
The many acquaintances of “Pepper”
will be happy to hear that he has recovered
from a fractured skull, which occurred
two weeks ago when he was struck by a
hit-and-run driver. “Pepper” was adopted
by Mrs. Sigrid Rice when the dog’s former
owner. Mrs. H.L. Fassett, moved to New
Jersey. Beefsteaks, eggnogs and plenty
of TLC (tender loving care) from Mrs.
Rice brought the pooch back to health
again despite his advanced age.
Mr. and Mrs. DeVerne Swezey of
Namkee Road entertained at dinner
Saturday night Mr. and Mrs. Alan Payne
of Bayview Avenue and Mr. and Mrs.
S.A. McDaniel of Patchogue in honor
of the birthdays of Mr. Payne and Mrs.

Feb 10

Patchogue High School mathematics
team won the second meet of the year
in its section. The team has yet to be
beaten since the league’s inaugural last
year. High scorer for the last meet was
Harold Hastings with Leslie Boden,
second. Other members of the team are
Carl Palatnik, Jane Spavins, John Janis,
Walter Katz and Werner Gruber.
The Quarterback Club of Patchogue
is not really a complex organization.
It has been in existence for five years
now. William Zebrowski is doing the
Van Brocklin chores for the men’s group
while Mrs. Mary Borella calls the signals
for the very energetic Ladies’ Auxiliary.
Nancy’s Restaurant, our meeting place,
opened its doors to us when we needed
a home. The club’s first Christmas benefit
games with former Patchogue and Seton
Hall basketball players going up against
each other, which were spurred on by the
fine work of Don Campbell, in a worthy
cause, is now history. This may become
an annual affair if the fans and players so
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Meyerson, Mr. and
Mrs. Larry Heyman, Mr. and Mrs. Leo
Sussman, Mr. and Mrs. Irving Katz, Mr.
and Mrs. Arnold Boden and Mr. and Mrs.
Daniel Berke enjoyed the Winter sports
at Grossinger’s in the Catskills. They left
Friday and returned Monday.
Miss Elaine Valenta, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. William Valenta of Wrana Street,
will be married at 2 p.m. Feb. 11 to John
Lobichusky, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. John
Lobichusky of Oxbow Road, Patchogue
in St. Francis de Sales R.C. Church,
Saturday afternoon, Myles Wiener
celebrated his fourth birthday with a
party for a group of his friends. His
guests were Debbie Springhorn, Chris
and Joanne Reynolds, Nancy and Kathy
Scordamaglia and David Ebersole. Myles
is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Wiener
of George Court.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Ross of Academy
Lane and Mrs. George Elder of South
Country Road attended the recent fiftieth
anniversary dinner of the International
Star Class Yacht Racing Association held
at the Seventh Regiment Armory on Park
Avenue, New York City. The Star class
is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary all
over the world this year.
Miss Beatrice Sterns of South Country
Road was brought home last weekend
from the Mt. Vernon School of Nursing
by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Howard
Sterns. Miss Sterns had come down with
the measles, and for the third time in her
life, too.
Mayor Harry F. Bedell gave permission
last week to the Bellport firemen to flush
fresh water over the snow and ice to form
an ice skating rink at Rowboat beach. On
Sunday, many children and their parents
took advantage of the fine skating.
As usual, when there is a snowstorm,
Browns Lane was closed to traffic from
Pearl Street to the bay to allow children
to use the hill for sleigh riding.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Underhill
of New York City and Bellport Lane
have recently returned from a 10-day
vacation in Nassau, where they had great
success in deep-sea fishing. Mr. and Mrs.
Underhill caught four dolphins, each
weighing between 30 and 35 pounds,
and had an exciting time landing an 80-
pound wahoo. They are having one of the
dolphins mounted.
Your neighbors and friends urge you
to please feed the birds. During this time
when the ground has been covered with
snow for so long, many birds have been
found dead of starvation

Feb 17
Monroe Avenue and Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Rosenblatt of Roe Boulevard left Saturday
to motor to Florida and are vacationing
at the Hotel Sherry-Frontenac.
Mr. and Mrs. Monte Munford have
returned to State University College of
Education at Oneonta after spending
their mid-semester vacation with Mrs.
Munford’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley
Hedberg of Walnut Avenue. Mr. Munford
is majoring in history and Mrs. Munford
in general elementary education. Mrs.
Munford is the former Miss Beverly
Mr. and Mrs. Pat T. Felice of Park Street
celebrated their twenty-fourth wedding
anniversary Feb. 7 in Largo, Florida with
a dinner in their honor. The following
attended the dinner: Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Schordine, Mr. and Mrs. James Patanella,
Mrs. Clara Palermo and son, Ronnie, Mr.
and Mrs. Ted Coccia and Mrs. Victoria
Petrallia, all of Patchogue.
A new ambulance which the Hagerman
Fire Department Rescue Squad recently
received was put to use on its first call
at 9 a.m. Monday by Andrew Sorise,
driver, and assistants Anthony Messina
and Joseph Stephani. The first patient
was Mrs. Francis Kotasek, who was
taken to a hospital for X-rays. Service on
the ambulance will be officially started
in 10 days to two weeks and will be
available on a 24-hour basis to anyone
in the Hagerman Fire District, it was
Many Bellporters attended the
Valentine dance held Friday night at the
Brookhaven National Laboratory.
Thomas H. Sheppard, accompanied by
his daughter, Cindy, flew to Jacksonville,
Fla., Sunday, where he will be associated
with the Borden Company. Mrs. Sheppard
and the four boys will leave next
Monday by air. Until they find a home in
Jacksonville, the Sheppards plan to stay
with relatives in Largo.
Iceboating, as practiced in Bellport,
was the subject of the lead article in the
Feb. 12 issue of “Today’s Living,” the
Sunday Herald-Tribune magazine. The
article was written by Charles E. Meyer
and illustrated with photographs, taken
by Mr. Meyer, of iceboating on the Great
South Bay off Bellport. The sport of
iceboating, its history, its dangers and its
excitement is described in detail.
Mr. and Mrs. Foster B. Aviano
of Patchogue have announced the
engagement of their daughter, Gloria,
to Harold J. Lyons of Brookhaven. The
bride-to-be, a graduate of Patchogue High
School, is associated with the Bellport
National Bank as assistant vice president
and auditor. Her fiancé, a graduate of
Bellport High School, is employed in the
Brookhaven Post Office.
The 1961 Betty Crocker Homemaker
of Tomorrow for Patchogue High School
is Muriel Swenor, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. E. J. Swenor of Peconic Avenue,
Medford. Having received the highest
score in a written examination on
homemaking knowledge and attitudes
taken by graduating seniors in her school,
she becomes a candidate for the State
Homemaker of Tomorrow award which
will be announced in March.
A forty-minute color film of the 1960
World Series between the Pittsburgh
Pirates and the New York Yankees will
be shown at the Blue Point Elementary
School Feb. 20 by the Blue Point Little
League. The film will be shown during
the day to the Blue point school children
and at 8 p.m. the show will be open to
the public. Any boys from the elementary
school who wish to attend the evening
showing must be accompanied by an
adult. After the movie the officers of the
Blue Point Little League will hold a short
meeting to plan this year’s schedule.
Mrs. Mary Happach, a resident of
Richmond Avenue since 1903, was taken
to the Pine Rest Nursing Home last week.
She had recently become quite feeble and
unable to be left alone.
Mesdames Tess Azzato, Viola Haughn
and Florence Nelson of the children’s
band committee were hostesses at a
card party last Thursday at the Mastic
Beach Firehouse on Neighborhood Road.
Awards were given to Mrs. Julia Sutters
and Mrs. Clara Papa.


Edward (Effy) Yost, Republican
candidate for trustee in the upcoming
village election to be held March 21, sharply
criticized the present village board for “not
dealing with the very serious problem
of inadequate water pressure on Main
Street and the inaudibility of certain fire
sirens.” He cited the 1959 fire which totally
destroyed the Pergament Paint Store,
Patchogue Stationery Store and several
offices on East Main Street as an instance
where “inadequate water pressure on Main
Street caused a situation where we had to
draft water from the Mill Pond and extend
our lines approximately 1,000 feet in order
to combat the blaze on the roofs of these
structures.” Mr. Yost explained that a major
fire on Main Street requires adequate water
pressure, otherwise, “the hoses draw air,
thereby creating a vacuum, which greatly
handicaps fire-fighting efforts.”
From January 9 to February 8, over 75
baby pictures adorned a peg board display
at W. T. Grant Co., Patchogue, as part of
their Beautiful Baby Contest. The store
recently announced that store shoppers,
who had cast over 700 votes, have chosen
as winners, Robin Lee Friedell, 19 months,
721 Taylor Avenue, East Patchogue, for the
first award and Jean Themann, 15 months,
139 Oak Street, Patchogue, for second.
First place Flower Lady, Miss Friedell,
whose mother has her slated for a possible
modeling career, was awarded a stroller.
Second place sparkle-eyed Miss Themann
was awarded a chrome swing stand with a
convertible car seat.
It was learned this week that a wellknown
Patchogue resident will appear
briefly on the NBC telecast of “This Is Your
Life” at 10:30 p.m. Sunday. Commander
Walter Freeman, USNR, 7 Roe Blvd.,
Patchogue will appear to help honor Mrs.
Leonore Conn of California for her part
in training radio operators during World
War II. Cmdr. Freeman said this week that
during World War II Mrs. Conn was very
active in training radio operators in the New
York area to assist in the war effort. During
this time he was communications officer
at 90 Church Street, New York and was in
charge of the local district. She appealed to
him for his support of her cause, which he
gave and which it is claimed aided her in
her work. Cmdr. Freeman will not appear
in person but his picture will be flashed
on the screen and a recording made in his
home will be played.
Word was received last week of a serious
accident, which happened to a former wellknown
resident of this area, Fred Satterly.
A former member of the Patchogue Golden
Age Club, and well known in local Bridge
tournament and card circles, he recently
purchased a large farm in Missouri. He fell
from a loaded hay wagon, and sustained
numerous fractures of one side of his body,
and is in a serious condition. His many
friends here can communicate with him
at the Boswell City Hospital, Sedalia, Mo.,
Room 227.
The Republican Club of the 28th District
held an installation dinner February 14
at the Brookhaven Firehouse. The menu
consisted of venison pot roast — the
venison supplied by James S. Still and
Ernest Wruck and prepared by Ed Waldron
— served with mashed potatoes, vegetables
and salads supplied by other members. The
tables were decorated in observation of
Valentine’s Day by Mrs. Harry Phillips, who
was chairman of the dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Warner of Mt. Vernon
Avenue, Medford were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Wilbur Biggs of Mulford Street,
Patchogue on Saturday night at a meeting
of the Saturday night card club. Others
present were Mr. and Mrs. William Ritchie
of Blue Point and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford
Terry of North Patchogue.

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