November 03

Miss Angela Joan Piccininni, 21,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas
Piccininni of 504 Medford Avenue, will be
queen of the Military Ball at Notre Dame
University, South Bend, Ind., November 17.
Her official title is “Queen of the Sea.” Miss
Piccininni is a graduate of Seton Hall high
Swezey & Newins is one of 38 stores
throughout the country that has been
awarded a certificate of commendation in
the “Retailing serves America” competition.
Outstanding acts of community service
practiced by retail stores were singled out
for the national recognition. The Patchogue
department store program was its “Salute
to Service” presentation in which the store’s
entire window space was devoted to telling
the story of 32 local service organizations
to the community.
Manfred W. Buttner, formerly of
Medford and East Patchogue, visited
friends in the Patchogue area last week.
Mr. Buttner, who is a registered real estate
broker in Florida and recently opened a
new office in West Palm Beach, returned to
Florida Friday.
Members of the freshman class at
State University, College of Education
at Fredonia, from Patchogue, include
the following: Miss Judith Zaharatos, of
West Woodside Avenue; Roger Quinn, of
Cleveland Street; and Miss Grace Pino, of
Shaber Road.
More than 80 relatives joined to
celebrate the 80th birthday of Antonio
Romeo at his home on Norton Street,
recently. Mr. Romeo, who operated a
tailoring business in Patchogue for more
than 25 years, is still conducting his
tailoring business, now located in Bellport.
He has been a resident of Patchogue for
54 years. He has two brothers and a sister
living in Patchogue: Louis Romeo, Joseph
Romeo and Mrs. Ralph Garritano. Another
brother, Frank, died several years ago. Mr.
Romeo is a widower with four children,
two sons, Salvatore and Ernest, and two
daughters, Mrs. Leonard Dacanto and Mrs.
Roy Krieger.
The Misses Janet and Jean Gardner
of George Court, Bellport entertained at a
Halloween party Saturday afternoon. The
girls all met in the backyard at the “Hangman’s
tree,” where their costumes were judged
and prizes awarded. They had to search for
their supper by reading directions on notes
placed at various intervals throughout the
“Haunted Woods.” Those participating
in the fun were: Kathleen Rudden, Carol
and Ellen French, Pam Love, Pam Kelly,
Nancy Roberge, Susan Weinstein, Beverly
Wiener, Sally Baier, Susan Hough, Maro
derMateosian, Marilyn Rant, Vicky Dominy
and Kathy Gould.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pearse, formerly of
Beaver Dam Road, moved to Longwood,
Fla. early this month. Before they were
settled in their new home, Mr. Pearse fell
and broke his hip and is hospitalized in
Florida. Mr. and Mrs. Pearse are the parents
of Mrs. Ralph Taylor of Newey Lane.
A 48th wedding anniversary was
celebrated Oct. 22 by Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Marissal of Chichester Avenue, Center
Moriches. Many members of the family
and friends called to wish the happy couple
best wishes and congratulations and many
gifts were received.
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Tasso of Mable
Avenue visited their son and daughter-inlaw,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tasso and son,
William, of Bellport Sunday.
Frank, John and Carl Tumminello of
Revilo Avenue returned home from upstate
New York Monday after spending a week
hunting at Indian Lake.

November 10

High School typed the greatest number of
envelopes for the Easter Seal campaign
and received top honors in the secretarial
practice class. Ada Keyes received
honorable mention. Sharon Siffert acted as
office supervisor for this project and was
rewarded with a prize by Mrs. Muller.
The Future Nurses Club of the Patchogue
Senior High School is holding a cake sale
on Saturday at Grant’s on East Main Street.
Proceeds of this sale will go toward the
club’s scholarship fund.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grant and their
two daughters, Susan and Wendy, moved
Saturday from Brookhaven to 55 Station
Road, the house formerly occupied by the
Bergskaugs. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bergskaug
and family are now living at 30 General
McLean Drive in a home they purchased
from Maurice Beebe.
The wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs.
Vincent Stephani and the birthday of Mr.
Dominick Porto were celebrated with Mrs.
Porto recently at dinner in a restaurant,
followed by dancing. Both couples live on
Americus Avenue. Mr. Stephani and Mrs.
Porto are brother and sister.
Louis F. Huttenlocher of South Ocean
Avenue, Patchogue, has been elected
to a retirement membership in the
Circumnavigators Club. He joined the club
in 1938, served as its vice president and was
a board member for a number of years. To
qualify for membership in the all-male club
a person must have made a trip around the
world. Mr. and Mrs. Huttenlocher made a
round-the-world trip in 1933.
The rain on Saturday failed to dampen the
spirits of some 100 hunters who took part in
the second annual Turkey Shoot held at the
Town Rifle Range in Medford. The shoot,
sponsored by the Town of Brookhaven
Recreation Department, made it possible
for many people to get their Thanksgiving
turkeys early. John Caputo, of Patchogue,
took first place in the shoot.
Members of the Blue Point Unit of the
Home Extension Service who attended the
annual county-wide meeting and luncheon
Oct. 31 at the Town House in Huntington
were Mesdames Rose Vad, Mildred Miller,
John Kovarick, Ernest Sunderland, Dorothy
Bossmier, Harry Schmidt, Frank Collins,
Arno Biedermann and Eric Schrader.
Mrs. Henry Wolde of the State Road is
slowly recuperating from the effects of an
accident when she fell down her back steps
and sustained a severely sprained ankle.
The Rev. Constantine Theodore recently
awarded a certificate of merit to Alex
G. Proios of Lake Ronkonkoma, for
outstanding service to St. John’s Greek
Orthodox Church, Blue Point, while serving
as president of the board of trustees.
An $8,000 fire swept through the home of
James Schwalbach on Montauk Highway,
Mastic early Friday morning. Mr. and Mrs.
Schwalbach, asleep in the bedroom when
the fire started, escaped without injury and
called the Mastic Fire Department. About
25 men from the department, under the
direction of Chief Peter Rosato, responded
to the alarm shortly after 4 a.m. and
extinguished the blaze.
Tunalinks, meatless frankfurters that
look, cook and taste like regular hot dogs,
are now being featured in stores in this area.
Made from choice tenderloin tuna fillets,
they are approximately 25 percent higher
in protein, 40 percent lower in fat and
higher in vitamins and minerals than meatbased
frankfurters. They are also lower in
calories and cholesterol. Tunalinks may be
purchased in Grand Union, A & P and Hill’s
Playing this week at the Patchogue
Theatre: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” starring
Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard; at
the Rialto Theatre: “The Mask,” starring
Paul Stevens and Claudette Nevins; at the
Coram Drive-in Theatre: “Picnic,” starring
William Holden and Kim Novak.

November 17
Barrie Brothers Cadillac and
Oldsmobile for 1962. Every inch an
automobile. The F-85 brings you the
best of both – nimbleness and economy
of smaller cars… high performance
and solid ride to match the bigger ones.
The exclusive new aluminum Rockette
V-8 Engine delivers all the action you
could want, with real economy. As for
the roominess of this 1962 F-85 station
wagon, just come in and see it for yourself
at Barrie Bros. today at 318 East Main
Street Patchogue. GRover 5-0979.
Mr. and Mrs. John Sweeney, formerly
of Montauk Highway, Moriches, announce
the birth of a son, John III, born October
28 at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital. The
baby weighed 7 pounds. The couple has
a daughter, Rori Ann, who is 18 months
old. Mrs. Sweeney is the former Miss
Edna McMillan of Moriches.
Den mothers, Mrs. Andrew Caskie
and Mrs. Kenneth Schmitt of Mastic Cub
Pack 262 were hostesses at a costume
Halloween party from 1-3 p.m. at the
home of Mrs. Schmitt in Shirley. The boys
made their own costumes and prizes were
awarded to Ernest Frolich, Elliot Caskie,
Kenneth Schmitt, Richard DiMaggio,
Kenneth Glynn, Joseph Weingarten and
Kenneth Satornino.
Center Moriches soccermen have
undefeated season. The Center Moriches
junior varsity soccer team managed to
score 49 points in eight games and had
four points scored against them. This
undefeated team is composed entirely of
freshmen and sophomores. The forward
line, composed of Al Herrmann, Hayward
Bullock, Bruce Rumph and Stan Hartman
only averaged about 5 feet 4 inches in
height, but made up the difference against
their taller opponents with playing ability,
speed and endurance. Oddly enough nine
of Herrmann’s 12 points were scored in one
game. Hartman is leader in points scored
with 14. Left wing, Don Loper was also an
excellent scorer, his points totaling eight.
The top assist man was Hayward Bullock
with seven. Center halfback Richie
Edwards and left halfback and captain
Lonnie Fulford were able to use either
foot to their full advantage. Fullbacks
were also of excellent quality, Bob Loper
and Roscoe Francis between them played
such outstanding defense that the goalie,
who is your correspondent (Jim Reiss),
had to make only an average of six saves a
game. Coach for this triumphant team was
Roland Sandberg, an ex-Center Moriches
soccer star. This is Coach Sandberg’s first
season as a Moriches soccer coach and it
looks as if he is off to a good start.

November 25

Smith’s Patchogue Meat market.
Porterhouse or T-Bone steak – 69 cents
a pound. Fresh ham – 49 cents a pound.
Grover 5-2581.
Meet will spur Patchogue Village as
business hub. Patchogue’s retailers will
have a special meting at the Chamber of
Commerce office at 8 West Main Street.
In the invitation, George C. Furman,
president of the chamber, stated that
“during the past three years, the activities
of the chamber and the program of the
Merchants Division have consistently
promoted the advantages of Patchogue
as a business hub…and the programs of
both groups would be even more closely
integrated. Abe Siegel, newly elected
chairman of the Merchants Division,
will preside. Besides Mr. Furman, other
speakers will include Milton Lenowitz
and Murray Rose, past chairmen, and a
special report will be given by Andrew
Carter and Jack Luchsinger on the
program which was developed by the
Medford Civic Unit card party.
The Medford Taxpayers and Civic
Association is sponsoring a card party
for the benefit of its scholarship at the
Medford Democratic Club on Long Island
Avenue, Medford. Awards will be made
and refreshments served.
Bellport. To celebrate her seventh
birthday, Chrissy Cox entertained a
group of her friends at a party Friday. Her
guests were Robert and Pamela Sinkoff,
Diane Madey and Anne Fertel, Betty
Lanzetta, Kathy Hulse, Lee Christoffersen
and Mark and Danny Atten. Family and
relatives were also present at the party
given by Chrissy’s parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Ward Cox of Circuit Road.
Newlyweds. In a double-ring ceremony,
in St. John the Evangelical R.C. Church,
Center Moriches, were Mr. and Mrs. John
Sapanaro. The bride is the former Miss
Geraldine Mineo of Shirley. Mr. and Mrs.
George Abrams Jr., who were married Oct.
29 in the Lutheran Church of our savior,
Patchogue. The Rev. Lammert Redelfs
performed the ceremony. The bride is
the former Miss Lucille Rose Dobson of
Patchogue. Mr. and Mrs. Blair Charles
Marelli, who were married in Caroline
Episcopal Church of Brookhaven,
Setauket, by the Rev. John Mitton in a
double-ring ceremony. The bride is the
former Miss Gladys L. Champness of
Engagement. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin
Sirani of Bayview Drive, Mastic Beach
announce the engagement of their
daughter, Miss Adrienne Siriani to Philip
Dionisio, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Dionisio of Flushing and Bayview Drive,
Mastic Beach. Miss Siriani graduated
from Seton Hall High School and
attended New Paltz College. Mr. Dionisio
graduated from the School of Visual Arts
in New York City and is now employed
as art director at Jules Mirel Advertising
Agency in Hicksville. A spring wedding is
Shuffleboard team. Members of the
Ladies Shuffleboard team of Mastic Beach,
Mastic and Shirley gathered at the Acres
Restaurant, Mastic Acres for their annual
Halloween costume party. Attending
were Mesdames Rita McLaughlin, team
captain; Ethel Pappa, Lillian Humphrey,
Ann Simmons, Mary Hartmann, Connie
Kapanski, Louise Pirisch, Frances Boye,
Anita Worth, Irene Yoeman, Blanche
Berg, Rose Horvath, Rose Sandora, Joan
Adams, Marie Rolon, Ann Kubala, Julia
Pike, Emma Bedford, Jay Phillips, Julia
Sharkey, Rose Harrison, Sue Carnesi and
Shirley Hazelton.
Births: Mr. and Mrs. Christian Govertsen
of Medford Station, a girl. Mr. and Mrs.
George Gomes of East Patchogue, a girl.
Mr. and Mrs. John Sweeney Jr. of Mastic,
a boy. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rosante of
Patchogue, a girl. Mr. and Mrs. Donald
Rondolet of East Patchogue, a girl.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Brems of East
Patchogue, a boy. Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Lindauer of Patchogue, a boy. Mr. and
Mrs. George Counadis of Mastic Beach,
a girl. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell of
Mastic Beach, a girl. Mr. and Mrs. Peter
Luca of Patchogue, a girl. Mr. and Mrs.
Raymond Castillo of Mastic Beach, a
girl. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Themann Jr. of
Patchogue, a boy. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Mistretta of East Patchogue, a boy. Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Abrahall of Medford, a
boy. Mr. and Mrs. James Sidey of East
Patchogue, a boy. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Tavano of Patchogue, a boy. Mr. and Mrs.
Peter Mirabelli of East Patchogue, a boy.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schnabel of Medford,
a girl. Mr. and Mrs. John Mistler, Jr. of
Patchogue a boy.

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