Jan 03
Miss Cheri Lin Chamberlain, infant
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Chamberlain
of Patchogue, was christened at the
Christmas service at the Patchogue Congregational
Church, Dec. 23. Cheri’s godmother
is Miss Nancy Huether and her
godfather Elbert Gage, both of Patchogue.
A buffet luncheon was held at the home
of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred
Huether on Oak Street.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shaber of Medford
Avenue celebrated their 48th wedding
anniversary De. 22. On Christmas Day, Mrs.
Shaber celebrated her birthday.
Mr. and Mrs. William (Pete) Newham
have moved from 109 Jennings Avenue to
their new home on Wilstan Avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Borruso of Bellport
announce the engagement of their
daughter, Virginia, to Peter Carr, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Lawrence Carr Sr., of Patchogue.
Miss Borruso and Mr. Carr are both graduates
of Bellport High School class of 1961.
Mr. and Mrs. George Densing and family
of Namkee Road entertained Christmas
Day for 42 members of the family
and neighbors. Dinner was served for Mrs.
George Pope and Miss Genevieve Monsell
and their family at noon and a buffet supper
was served to the others later in the day.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bergmann of Estate
Road, Center Moriches, celebrated
their 14th wedding anniversary Dec. 24.
Several close friends were present for the
occasion. On Dec. 26, their daughter Susan
celebrated her 10th birthday with a supper
at home for the following guests: Jane
Trautschold, Jill Kruger, Barbara Boyden,
Cindy Kapchan, Linda Horbert, Roberta
Nooger, all of Center Moriches.55 Years Ago
On Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin
Rutkowski, of Fairview Avenue, entertained
the Couples Club of the Blue Point
Baptist Church at a Yuletide party. Their
guests enjoyed a devotional time followed
by games and a social evening with holiday
refreshments. Members present here, Mr.
and Mrs. Samuel A. McDaniel, Mr. and Mrs.
DeVerne Swezey, Mr. and Mrs. Alan Payne
and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Morris, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Schrage, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis
Worrad, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mahler and
Mr. and Mrs. Reinhard Nickelsen.
Mr. and Mrs. Burton Downer have moved
from Academy Street to north Bayport Avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Willis H. Cole, of Idle Hour,
were hosts to a group of their friends on
Tuesday evening at the Fifth Avenue Hotel,
New York. Among the guests were Mr. and
Mrs. William Holter, of Bronxville, Dr. and
Mrs. John Turner, of New York, and Thomas
Costigan Sr., father of Thomas Costigan,
CBS newscaster, who, until recently, lived
in Idle Hour’s Artist Colony.
Many Oakdale school children wound
up their Christmas holidays over the weekend
by trying out new skates, or the well
broken in old ones, on the ice that covered
ponds, swamps and canals in the area.
The misses Marion and Catherine Hoag
entertained about 70 of their friends on
Saturday afternoon at their home on Maple Street.
We thought you might like to know that
starting tomorrow and every Friday and
Saturday night Wally Andersen will be
playing the piano at Hunt’s Foster House
during the dinner hour and later in the
cocktail lounge where snacks will also be served.
Airman second class Marian Sweezey
returned Monday to Maxwell Air Force
Base in Montgomery, Ala. after spending
a holiday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
William Sweezey of Frederick Street. Miss
Sweezey will leave soon for Palm Beach
Air Force Base in West Palm Beach, Fla.,
where she will undergo five weeks of training
as a flight hostess.
Miss Margaret Harrison, of the Sayville
High School faculty, gave an illustrated
talk on Historic New England Houses for
the Sagitkos Chapter of the D.A.R. on
Saturday, at the home of Mrs. Edward Ketcham,
at Brightwaters. The colored slides
used were from photographs taken by Miss Harrison.
Marie Simms entertained at luncheon on
Saturday in celebration of her sixth birthday.
Her guests were Patti Worzel, Susan
Wageli and Mari Christensen, of Bayport,
Karen Linder, of Holbrook, Susan Hoek,
Janie Kaler, Penny Schaper, Roseanne Van
Wyaen and Wendy Van Hulsentop.
Miss Sally Voekel, who has recently
returned from Korea, will show pictures
of that country in the Christian Reformed
Church on Friday evening at eight o’clock.
The public is invited to attend.
Jan 10
Mrs. Emily C. Wicks of Grenville
Avenue, Patchogue, announces the
engagement of her daughter, Kathleen
Suzanne, to Charles Tomesch, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Tomesch of Medford.
Miss Wicks is a graduate of Patchogue
High School, class of 1961 and is presently
employed by the Town of Brookhaven
Highway Department. Mr. Tomesch is a
1960 graduate of Patchogue High School
and is a junior at Norwich University in Vermont.
Mrs. James Barker of Rose Avenue
observed her 90th birthday Dec. 13 and
a number of her friends and neighbors
called during the afternoon and enjoyed
punch and cake with her. Mrs. Barker is
the former Miss Irene Augusta Peterson
and has spent all her life in Patchogue.
Miss Nadine Katz of Jayne Avenue
is currently a member of the University
of Bridgeport cheerleading squad. Miss
Katz, a freshman majoring in medical
technology, is one of three fi rst-year
students selected for the team.
Mr. and Mrs. Foster B. Aviano of
Lake Street, Patchogue, announce the
engagement of their daughter, Rose Marie,
to Walter F. Ladick Jr. Miss Aviano is a
graduate of Patchogue High School. At
present, she is employed in the Patchogue Bank.
A luncheon party was given for
Jonathan Pokorny last Thursday afternoon
in celebration of his 4th birthday by his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Pokorny of
South Brewster Lane. Those present
were Ann Petretti, Patricia Holland, Peter
Hallock, Peter Ljungqvist, Michael Bianchi,
Brian Mozer and Jonathan’s sister Robin.
Ruben Giovagnoli of Argentina is
in Bellport High School as an exchange
student. He is the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
George Coon of New Jersey Avenue.
Last Wednesday night the following
members of the Knit ‘N’ Chat Club enjoyed
a holiday dinner at the Bellport: Mesdames
Robert Wayte, William Valentine, August
Waldron, Richard Adams, John Lockwood,
William Pantanjo, Edward Warner,
William Hermus, Francis Hermus and Guy Relethford.
Two Blue Point men came to the aid
Saturday of a Bellport man whose duck
hunting boat was locked in Great South
Bay ice about 1/2 mile off Howells Point.
Taking turns in rowing and chopping the
ice with an ax, Richard W. Hambley of
Brook Avenue and Marvin Roecklein of
Maple Street cut a channel to Anthony
Ayer, 24, of Point Road. He had gone out
to pick up some duck decoys about 10:30
a.m. and the ice had closed in behind him.
Twelve-year-old Marjorie Binnington,
youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
Binnington of Browns Lane, Bellport,
suffered a broken left leg when the horse
she was riding Dec. 27 slipped and fell on
her. Her riding companion, Karen Bohn,
15, of South Country Road, Bellport,
ran 400 feet for help to the home of Mr.
and Mrs. George R. Petheram of Edgar
Avenue, Brookhaven, when the accident
occurred on Second Street, just off Bay
Road. While Mrs. Petheram sought to
catch the horses, she asked Mrs. Lloyd
A. Schairer of Second Street to stand by
the girl, whose leg was broken above the
knee. She was transported by ambulance
to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital, where
she is in good condition.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur V. Lambert of
Brookhaven announce the engagement
of their daughter, Lauralee, to J.
Kenneth Hodge, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Birmingham of East Patchogue. Miss
Lambert will graduate from Bellport
High School in June. Mr. Hodge is a 1960
graduate of Patchogue High School and
is employed by Robert Emma Drywall
Finishing of Bellport.
Bellport Bay was the scene last
weekend of two ice scooter trophy races.
Participating were Matthew Dominy and
his father Charles with their scooter, “Dolly.”
College students from Blue Point
home for the holidays include: Richard
Weyhrauch from New York University;
Clyde Culp from William and Mary; Jay
Mince and James McGowan from St.
Bonaventure; Anthony Mondanaro and
Donald Darbee from State University at
New Paltz; Neal Nickelsen and Misses
Nancy Butler and Sharon Tuttle from
Houghton College; Joseph Tmay from
St. Michaels in Vermont; and Miss Ruth
Friedlander from Middlebury College in Vermont.
George Densing was elected president
of the Association of Exempt Firemen at
its annual meeting Jan. 2. Other offi cers
chosen were James A. Leon Sr., fi rst vice
president; Jules Wyllins, second vice
president; Geary H. Whitlock, re-elected
treasurer; and Henry G. Ehmann, reelected
recording secretary.
Frank John Tumminello, infant son
of Mr. and Mrs. John Tumminello of
Revilo Avenue, Shirley, who, when only
five weeks old, developed what looked
like a tooth which was discovered by
Mr. Tumminello. They took the tot to Dr.
Adolph Stampfl of Center Moriches, who
said that it definitely was a tooth. He said
he considered it very unusual in a child
so young, but added that there have been
several instances where a child is born
with a tooth, although this is a very rare happening.
Playing at the Patchogue Theatre this
week: “Barabbas,” starring Anthony Quinn;
at the Rialto Theatre: “The Password
is Courage,” starring Dirk Bogarde and
Margaret Whiting.

Jan 17
Mrs. June Beach of Case Avenue,
Patchogue, mother of four, was the
winner of the Win-A-Car contest
sponsored by the member stores of
the Patchogue Merchants Division
during the Christmas shopping season.
On Christmas Eve, Marilyn Rimland,
daughter of Aaron Rimland, chairman
of the Merchants Division, picked Mrs.
Beach’s free entry from the thousands
that were submitted during the contest.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Cohrs and
daughter Deborah, of Schoenfeld
Boulevard, recently made a tour of the
Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico.
Mrs. Emmett D. Newton is entering a
city hospital for a serious ailment for an
indefinite time.
Patchogue High’s Walt Costello was
strong on defense in the Raiders’ 57-45
win over Sachem Friday. Costello led
his squad with 17 points and held Russ
Olaes, Sachem’s high scorer, to five points.
Airman Basic William Romeo, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Romeo of Carman
Street, Patchogue, is being reassigned
to Sheppard AFB, Texas, for technical
training as a U.S. Air Force air passenger
specialist. Airman Romeo was selected
for the specialized course on the basis
of his interests and aptitudes.
Fireman apprentice Thaddeus M.
Malkiewicz, U.S.N., son of Mr. and
Mrs. Thaddeus S. Malkiewicz of Spruce
Street, East Patchogue, is being shipped
to the Naval School Command in San
Diego, Calif., for further schooling. He
will be trained as a shipfitter. Fireman
Malkiewicz is a graduate of Patchogue
High School class of 1962.
A third child, Stephen Joseph Lengyel,
weighing 7 pounds, 14 ounces, was born
Dec. 23 in Brookhaven Memorial Hospital
to Mr. and Mrs. William S. Lengyel of
Hedges Road, East Patchogue. He has a
5 1/2-year-old sister, Susan Maria, and a
brother, William Charles, who is 4 years old.
The following members of the
Islanders Club enjoyed a New Year’s Eve
party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Irving
Coleman of Circuit Road: Mr. and Mrs.
Peter Quinn, Mr. and Mrs. John Derby,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Noehren and Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Fuchs. Mr. and Mrs. John
Ramirez stopped in during the evening.
Mrs. Dorothy Dallin of Bellport
announces the engagement of her
daughter, Diane Lorraine, to L. Michael
Steinhauer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Morris
Steinhauer of Patchogue.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Collins of
Bellhaven Road enjoyed a weekend at
the Waldorf-Astoria, which was the grand
prize awarded to them by the Patchogue
Woman’s Club at the fall dance.
Mrs. William Bell Jr. of Clover Lane,
Brookhaven, went to New York City
Tuesday to meet some friends for a
luncheon. After lunch, they attended the
play, “Lord Pengo.”
Mrs. Louis Link of Atlantic Avenue,
Blue Point, returned home Friday from
Brookhaven Memorial Hospital after
having given birth Jan. 7 to a son, Louis
Timothy. Mr. and Mrs. Link also have
two other boys, Bradley and Gregory.
Five Senior Girl Scouts from the South
Suffolk Girl Scout Council have been
selected to attend the first Senior Scout
Conference to be held in New York City,
April 25-28, at the Henry Hudson Hotel.
The girls are Helen Frohlich and Judy
Ziegler of Troop 109, Shirley; Marjories
Kiefer of Troop 49, East Patchogue; and
Josette Mondanaro and Cheryl Smith of
Troop 15, Blue Point.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Valenti of Mastic
Beach joined Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bigora
of Center Moriches on a trip to New York
City Jan. 9, where they enjoyed seeing
the “Ice Follies” at Madison Square Garden.
The Rev. John Traynor, for the past 12
years a curate at St. Lawrence R.C. Church
in Sayville, has been transferred to a similar
position at the Church of the Sacred
Heart in North Merrick, it was announced
Sunday at all Masses. Father Traynor, who
has been in Sayville since his ordination,
will be replaced here Saturday by the Rev.
Vincent Powers, now stationed at Our
Lady of Loretto in Hempstead. The two
priests were seminarians together.
Make your next party a memorable
occasion at Land’s End, where you will
find an unsurpassed atmosphere, cozy
with fireplace warmth. They are open for
lunches and dinners with a special winter
rate for parties. Lunches are from $1 up
and dinners $2.75 up.
Tomorrow morning, Jan. 17, the fourth
grade of the Bayport Elementary School,
under the supervision of their teacher,
Mrs. Erica Brunken, will entertain in
the assembly with a play entitled “Trip
through January.”
Guests for dinner and the day on Sunday
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Otto
C. Prellwitz’s were Mrs. Prellwitz’s aunt,
Mrs. B. Oliver, her cousin and her family,
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lovas, and children,
Stephen Jr., Richard and Diane.
Preparations are under way for the
annual roast beef dinner held each midwinter
by the Oakdale Sportsman’s Club.
This year’s affair is slated to take place
on Saturday evening, Jan. 25, at Snapper Inn.
Mr. and Mrs. James Jensen, new residents
of Gramercy Gardens, are the owners
and operators of the newly constructed
gas station, which opened at its Montauk
Highway Location on Saturday.

Jan 17 cont:
Mrs. William Kranz, of Olean, arrived
yesterday to visit at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hlavac, who will
celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary
over the weekend. Her son, William Jr.,
of Lawrenceville, N.J. and daughter, Miss
Beverley, of Rosemary Hall, Greenwich,
Conn., will arrive on Saturday. Mr. Kranz
is also expected for the weekend.
Pfc. Roger L. Sprague, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Harold C. Sprague, is a member of
the 1st Cavalry Division in Korea. Pfc.
Sprague, a rifleman in Company A of the
Division’s 4th Cavalry, entered the Army
in September 1955. He was last stationed
at Fort Devens, Mass., and arrived in the
Far East in December 1956. The 20-yearold
soldier attended Sayville High School
and was employed by Reich Brothers in Patchogue.
The Betrothal of Miss Shirley H. Eisses
and Richard L. Seerveld, both of West
Sayville, has been announced by Mr. and
Mrs. John Eisses, Mr. Seerveld, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Lester Seerveld, is a freshman at
Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Mich. Miss
Eisses is a student nurse at St. Luke’s
Hospital in New York. No date has been
set for the wedding
Richard Stout, son of Mr. and Mrs.
August Stout of Center Moriches,
celebrated his 12th birthday Jan. 12.
Spine-tingling chills! Playing at the
Rialto Theatre this week: Edgar Allan
Poe’s “The Raven,” starring Vincent
Price, Peter Lorre and Boris Karloff.

Jan 24
David Bialer was elected president of
the Sayville Chamber of Commerce at a
meeting held at Neuling’s Restaurant last
Wednesday evening. He succeeds George
Argondizza. Other officers elected unanimously
were Richard Rulon, vice president;
Charles Dickerson, treasurer, and
Ernest N. Munkelwitz, secretary.
A 47-year-old Sayville man and his companion
were rescued late Saturday night
after their boat’s battery went dead and
they drifted onto shoals in Great South
Bay off Gilgo Beach. Henry Pfeffer, of 43
Brook Street, and Warren Rye, 34, of 335
Walnut Street, Lindenhurst, were brought
back across the bay by Babylon Constable
S. Lester Brown in a police boat at 12:15
a.m. Their craft could not be freed. Both
were drenched by wind-shipped water
and snow flurries.
Victor Schwaegler, of McConnell Avenue,
is taking a short course at Cornell
University in connection with his position
with the Burgevine Horticultural Society.
Stow Wengenroth, of Greenport, formerly
for many years a resident of Bayport,
and a well-known artist, won the
Edna P. Stauffer Memorial Award at the
annual exhibition of the Audobon Artists
being held from Jan. 16 through Feb.
2 at the National Academy Galleries in
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Price and their
family are leaving on Feb. 4 to spend a
year in England, where Mr. Price will be
employed at Harwell Laboratory engaged
in research in reactor physics.
A Hawaiian luau was held at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. John Connor, of Fairview
Avenue, last Saturday evening.
Miss Eileen Herlihy, who has just
returned to this country after working
two years in Tokyo, Japan, for the government,
is spending three weeks vacation
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence
Herlihy, of Seville Boulevard.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Svoboda, of Locust
Avenue, and Mr. and Mrs. Anton Svoboda,
of Walnut Avenue, attended the 50th wedding
anniversary dinner party of Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Hlavac, of Sayville, on Sunday.
Mrs. Bernard Pagels entertained the
“Stitchettes” on Friday evening. Her guests
were Mrs. Edward Fialka, Mrs. Richard
Albrecht, Mrs. Rudolph Svoboda, Mrs. James
Smisek and Mrs. George Whitaker.
Teunis Buys celebrated his 86th birthday
on Monday at the home of his daughter and
son-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Herman Goldsworth,
on Atlantic Avenue, with whom he has made
his home for the past ten years. Mr. Buys
was born in Lodi, N.J. and came to West
Sayville at the age of two. He has lived on
Atlantic Avenue all of that time. He enjoys
good health.
On Monday evening, Adrian Van Essendelft,
son of Mr. and Mrs. William Van Essendelft,
was surprised b a group of boys at a
party at his home on Rollstone Avenue in
celebration of his tenth birthday
A “This is Your Life” program, honoring
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Belzak of Patchogue,
was presented Saturday night in Felice’s
of Patchogue. Over 300 persons attended
the gala affair, which was sponsored by the
Jeffersonian Democratic Club. Patchogue
Village Mayor Robert T. Waldbauer presented
a proclamation to Mr. and Mrs. Belzak
declaring Jan. 19, 1963 as John S. Belzak Day
in Patchogue.
Eleanor Ransome and Bert Gordon,
Patchogue, were winners of the Howell game
at the South Shore Bridge Club’s regular
game Friday at the VFW Hall, Patchogue.
Other results were, second place: Eugene
Blau, Manorville, and Mildred Fuhrmann,
Patchogue; third place: Mark Silberbusch and
Pete Laraia, Patchogue; fourth place: Mr. and
Mrs. Dennis, Bellport.
Seton Hall’s Sam Hunt, a junior from
Sayville, glanced back at his opposition as
he won the mile in fi ve minutes fl at. Seton
Hall’s runners collected 20 medals to win the
fi rst Suffolk County Catholic High School
indoor track meet, run on La Salle’s boards
Mrs. Dwain White and daughter Carla of
Bellport attended a matinee performance of
the Broadway comedy, “A Thousand Clowns,”
Saturday. Miles White and Michael Mullaney
accompanied them to New York to see the
National Motor Boat Show.
Robin and Jamie Pokorny, daughters of Mr.
and Mrs. John Pokorny of South Brewster
Lane, appeared on the TV program “Bozo, the
Clown” last Thursday afternoon.
A Gay Nineties party was given by Mrs.
Frank L. Corwin at her home on Brown’s
Lane last Wednesday night. All the guests
were dressed in clothes from their attics or
costumes they had created to depict that era.
Funny old hats from Mrs. Corwin’s attic were
worn by some of the guests.
Nancy Wood of Bellport has been selected
for membership in the 1962-63 Dragonettes
of State University College at Oneonta. The
precision, all-girl marching band, composed
of 21 students, traveled to New Paltz Jan. 12 to
perform during game time as the Oneonta Red
Dragons defeated the New Paltz basketball
A 50th wedding anniversary party was given
for Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brown of Brookhaven,
by their granddaughter and her husband, Mr.
and Mrs. Walter Zielenski Jr. of Brookhaven,
Sunday. The decorations were all in yellow
and were made up of gladiolas, mums and
snapdragons. A three-tiered cake was made
by a friend, Mrs. Jack Lockwood of Bellport.
Mr. and Mrs. David Alburger of Beaver
Dam Road had as their guest for Sunday
dinner, Professor Denys Wilkinson of Oxford
University, England. Prof. Wilkinson will
spend two weeks in this locality while staying
at the Brookhaven National Laboratory.
Penney Coles, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. James A. Coles of Center Moriches,
celebrated her 7th birthday with a party Jan.
19. Guests were Bonnie and Susan Hyland and
Mrs. Richard Hyland, Karen Cozadd, Kathy
Arnzen, and Penney’s brother David. Also her
grandmother, Mrs. C. Penney.
Private Frank Hall, son of Mr. and Mrs.
William Hall of Mastic Boulevard, was home
for the weekend. Frank is stationed with the
U.S. Army at Fort Dix.

Jan 31
50 Years Ago
Bobby Hodge, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Birmingham of Don Street, celebrated
his 16th birthday Tuesday with a small
family gathering. Guests during the day
and evening were Miss Lauralee Lambert
of Brookhaven; Mrs. Robert Shaber and
son Robbie, of Patchogue; and Bobby’s
brothers, Ken, Scott and Paul.
Silver wings were awarded to James
Yaeger, 8, and Larry Milian, 11, of Cub
Scout Pack 65, Patchogue, winners of
a model airplane contest last week.
James, of Den 3, won his wings for the
“best crackup.” Larry won two sets of
wings, one for the best-looking plane
and the other for the furthest fl ight. He
is a Webelos in the pack. The wings were
awarded by assistant Cubmaster Rudy Hahn.55 Years Ago
James March, son of Mr. and Mrs. James
March of Kensington Avenue, celebrated
his sixth birthday with a party. Decorations
and the cake were in the circus theme and
his guests included Karen Beberian, Joseph
Royal, Lorraine LaManna, Lorraine Maiwald,
Linda Fink, Gale Hillenbrand, Diana Rohm,
James Knoeffler, all of Bayport, and his
sister Chirstine and cousins Kenneth and
Virginia Tucker from Sayville.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Shand, of Gerrittsen
Avenue, entertained their club on Thursday
night. Their guests were Mr. and Mrs. George
Brush from Patchogue, Mr. and Mrs. William
Fechter from Blue Point, and Mr. and Mrs.
Hiram Darrow of Bayport.
The Sew and So’s met Tuesday evening at
the home of Mrs. William Durland on Academy
Street. At this meeting the members
drew names to pick their respective Secret
Pals for the coming year, a practice they
have enjoyed from the past three years.
Bronco Charlie’s Restaurant will be the
scene of a giant Swap Party for the Polio
Fund Drive in Oakdale, on Tuesday evening
at 8:15. The Swap Party is an amusing a
relatively new affair on local calendars. In
addition to the price of a ticket, each guests
is asked to donate an item of any kind which
he wishes to swap. As his turn comes up
each person selects an article to replace his
donated white elephant; then whoever was
the donor of the item selected is next to
make his choise. Mrs. Anthony Kazakowitz
is Polio Chairman for Oakdale, and her assistant
is Mrs. Russell Grantner.
Friday classes in ballet, toe and tap are
now being conducted at Sayville Odd Fellows
Hall, Foster Avenue Extension, by Tessie
Chandon Longfield’s School of Stage Dancing.
Kenneth Tuttle was installed as president
of the Bohemia Civic Association at a meeting
in the Bohemia Grade School Monday
evening. Francis Alles, vice president, William
Adamec, treasurer, Mrs. Godfrey Gale,
secretary, William Guido and Joseph Czysaniuk,
sergeants-at-arms, were also installed by
Islip Tow Attorney George F.X. McInerney.
Mr. McInerney later addressed the group
about the Air National Guard installation at
MacArthur airport.
Coach Bob Hazen’s Golden Flashes moved
into a tie for first place in the A-2 league Friday
night by defeating Babylon High, 54-52,
in a spine-tingling game on the local court. A
capacity crowd saw Harvey Henry score 23
points in playing an outstanding floor game
for the Purple and Gold. Sayville High now
has a 3 and 1 record in league play and is tied
with Bay Shore and West Babylon. The latter
defeated Bay Shore Friday night.
Patchogue HS court star: Scoring 14 points,
10 in the second half, and playing fine
defensive basketball, was Ed Eder. Ed
was an important cog in the Raider
overtime victory, 70-66, against Copiague
Friday on the losers’ court.
The 12th birthday of Patricia Stephani,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Stephani
of East Patchogue, was celebrated Jan. 17
with guests Ellen Porto, Kathy Colichio,
Douglas Kreamer, Bernadette Giordano,
her sister June and brother Vincent Stephani.
The Men’s Fellowship of Bellport held
its annual Father and Son spaghetti
dinner Monday night at the Kreamer
Street School. Fifty-fi ve fathers and sons
attended. After dinner, movies were
shown and basketball was played in the
gym. Larry Schiro was the cook, assisted
by Bill Patanjo and Ray Crane. Bill
Greenhill, Joe Stella, H. Aitken and Tom
Honnett also assisted with the dinner.
Joseph Adams of Brookhaven tells how
to build a lightweight 12-foot outboard
runabout called Pudgy, in the February
issue of Mechanix Illustrated magazine.
Mr. Adams is a freelance photographer
who specializes in boating.
Oskar Frowein of Blue Point was one
of fi ve Long Islanders selected recently to
the Hall of Fame, recently established by
the Nassau-Suffolk Bowling Council. It
was established to recognize residents of
the counties who have made outstanding
contributions to bowling since the
introduction of the sport to Long Island.
Stephen Doncourt, son of Mrs. Margaret
Doncourt of Blue Point, celebrated his
16th birthday Jan. 18 with a party at his
home. The guests were Misses Cheryl
Scileppi, Susan Schwerdel, Michele
Mazzei and Denise Doncourt, and Richard
and David Swenson, Howard Gregory and
Terry Springhorn.
The annual dinner of the Blue Point
Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary
was held Saturday night in the Polish
Hall, Patchogue. Mrs. Charles Wernig,
president, welcomed the members
and their guests and presented a life
membership certifi cate to Mrs. Alfred
Furchert. Mrs. Richard Barthelme was
chairman of the affair.
Airmen 3/c Erick and Werner Gruber
spent some time over the holidays
with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Josef
Gruber of Medford. Erick, who had been
stationed at Sheppard Airfi eld, Texas, is
leaving for duty in North Africa. Werner,
who had also been in Texas, went to
Camp Lowrey, Colo.
John J. Malutka of Center Moriches
celebrated his birthday Jan. 23 with a
family gathering. On the same evening,
he was also inducted as a member of the
Moriches Lions Club.
Robert A. Michna, Fireman Apprentice,
U.S.N., son of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony
Michna of Center Moriches, was home
last weekend on leave from Norfolk,
Va. He has returned for duty aboard the
aircraft carrier Enterprise.
WAF Airman Basic Frances A. Zarcone,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J.
Zarcone of Center Moriches, is being
reassigned to Amarillo AFB, Texas, for
training and duty as a supply specialist.
Airman Zarcone recently completed
United States Air Force basic military
training at Lackland AFB, Texas. She is
a 1958 graduate of Center Moriches High School.
Airman Basic Arthur I. Daw, son of
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Daw of Mastic
Beach, is being reassigned to Sheppard
Air Force Base in Texas for technical
training as a United States Air Force
missile electronics specialist. The airman
attended William Floyd High School.
Raymond Farmer, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Raymond E. Farmer of Mastic Beach, is
attending a winter carnival at Grossinger’s
in the Catskills, as a Suffolk Community
College contestant.
Playing at the Patchogue Theatre this
week: “Term of Trial,” starring Laurence
Olivier and Simone Signoret; at the Rialto
Theatre: “Constantine and the Cross,”
with Cornel Wilde and Belinda Lee; at
the Sayville Theatre: Doris Day, Stephen
Boyd and Jimmy Durante in “Billy Rose’s

The Patchogue Advance History

The founder of the newspaper was Timothy J. Dyson.
The first issue came off the press on September 1, 1871.
There were several short-term owners of the paper until
James A. Canfield purchased it in 1892.
He operated it until his death on July 21, 1924 at which time
Capt. John T. Tuthill Jr. became editor and publisher.
The Patchogue Advance merged with the
Moriches Tribune in May of 1961 and became the
Long Island Advance

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