Dec 4

Mrs. Lester Allen of Buffalo is visiting her
son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John
Merrill of Oak Street. Mrs. Allen is a former
teacher in the Patchogue school system.
Named on the Dean’s List at State Uni-
versity of New York at Albany were Carl
G. DiTosti of Waverly Avenue and John F.
Kienzle of Chestnut Avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Thom of Harris Street
celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary
recently. On Thanksgiving Day, Mr. and Mrs.
Thom held a family dinner at their home.
Twenty-four people were present.
Honeymooning in the Poconos are Mr. and
Mrs. Bryan H. St. Louis Jr., who were married
Saturday afternoon in St. John’s Lutheran
Church, Holbrook. The bride is the former
Miss Patricia Pfundstein of Patchogue.
The Patchogue Lions Club charter, issued
in 1947, turned up missing when the organi-
zation prepared for its charter night program.
No one knew where it was. Then, while the
basement of George’s TV was being altered,
the missing document was found on shelves
that had been boarded up. George Knoedl,
a partner in the store, presented it to club
president Arthur Fuccillo.
Santa Claus will arrive at Brookhaven
Memorial Hospital next Thursday to distrib-
ute turkeys to the hospital’s 300 full-time
employees. The turkeys are Christmas gifts
from the doctors associated with the hospi-
tal, who are also awarding a television set, a
trip for two to Pennsylvania Dutch country
and five $25 U.S. Savings Bonds. This replac-
es the Christmas party the doctors have host-
ed in previous years, since not all employees
can be present at the same time. Dr. Abra-
ham Zelony is president of the hospital’s
Medical Staff Society and Dr. Robert Seinfeld
is chairman of arrangements for what is now
referred to as the “hospital turkey trot.”
According to Fifth Precinct Patrolman
James O’Brien, Conrad Behrle of Yacht
Street, East Patchogue, reported that three
pheasants, worth $60, were stolen Dec. 2
from his backyard pen.
The second birthday of Ronald Liguori
was celebrated at a party given in his honor
Nov. 28 by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Liguori Jr., of East Patchogue. Twelve of his
friends were his guests beside his grandpar-
ents, Mrs. Helen Van Brunt of East Setauket
and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Liguori Sr., of East Patchogue.
A Christmas classroom project to raise
funds for the underprivileged was begun last
week by the children in Mrs. Gertrude Balbir-
er’s third-grade class at the Kreamer Street
School. Unwanted toys and bric-a-brac were
contributed and then sold to members in the
classroom. The total amount of sales was
$9, which will be sent to CARE in New York City.
Recent newcomers to Bellport are Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Ramaglia and their four chil-
dren, Joseph, Joanne, Marge and Michael,
who moved to Circuit Road from East Patchogue.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh MacLeod of Bieselin
Road attended the convention of the New
York State Association of Secondary School
Principals at the Concord Hotel in Lake Kiamesha  last week.
On Saturday, Mrs. James Reilly of Circuit
Road took her daughter Aileen to New York
to attend a matinee performance of the Leningrad Kirov Ballet.
Christopher J. Barry, 19-year-old son of Dr.
and Mrs. Francis A. Barry of Bellport, was
chosen to reign as king of the Mitchell Col-
lege Winter Weekend during the traditional
semiformal dance in New London, Conn.,
Friday night. Young Barry, whose father is
doctor of veterinary medicine, is a liberal arts
freshman and a 1963 graduate of Seton Hall
High School, Patchogue.
A cake sale, sponsored by James A. Weik’s
sixth-grade class at Blue Point Elementary
School last Thursday, was a great success.
They sold out of everything and made a total
of $16.20, which will go the John F. Kennedy
Memorial Library in Massachusetts.
Honored at the Fall Sports Award supper
given by the Bayport-Blue Point Boosters
last Wednesday night were Gene Montenare,
for outstanding soccer play, and Gene McKenna,
for his brilliant cross country season
this year. They were named Athletes of the Fall Season.
Anniversary greetings to Mr. and Mrs. Rob-
ert Klimczak of Shirley, who celebrated their
wedding anniversary Dec. 7.
Airman Ronald R. Picinich, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Matthew N. Picinich of Shirley, has
completed the first phase of his Air Force
basic military training at Lackland AFB, Tex.
He is a 1963 graduate of William Floyd High School.
Playing this week at the Patchogue The-
atre: “Fate is the Hunter,” with Glenn Ford
and Suzanne Pleshette; at the Rialto Theatre:
a special Saturday and Sunday matinee of
the fantastic and fabulous adventure movie,
wrapped up in a rainbow of color, “Santa
Claus.” All seats 50 cents.

55 Years Ago-1959


The comeback of Blue Point’s oyster
crop in the Great South Bay is palate-tick-
ling news to oyster lovers.
This area’s thrill arsonist struck again
over the weekend, destroying an abandoned
laundry in Sayville and causing
heavy damage to a storage building in Bayport.
The winner of the bathtub of cheer
drawn for at the Sayville Musical Work-
shop Dance last Friday evening was Ray
Hamill of West Sayville.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Ruckel celebrated
Mrs. Ruckel’s birthday on Sunday with
dinner at Bronco Charlie’s.
“The Freudian Ethic” by Richard La
Piere is a profound and troubling study
of American society today, according to
Sayville librarian, Elinor H. Haff.
On Friday night at the Bayport-Blue
Point High School in the cafeteria, a
disc jockey dance was given by the high
school newspaper,Daemon, with disc jockey
Alan Waldren conducting the festivities.
Numerous prizes were given, and
two students were picked for an inter-
view on WPAC: Miss Leslie Brien and
Charles Shillito.
The Girl Scouts and Fly-up Brownies
held a Scouts’ Own and Veterans
Day program last Wednesday at Bayport
Memorial Park. There was a flag ceremony and
salute, followed by the singing of “America.”
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Boyce of Connetquot
Road, Bayport, celebrated their son Richard’s first 
birthday with a dinner party on Sunday at their home.
Bernard Mayer of Blue Point Road,
Oakdale, reported “nimrod” hunters in
his neighborhood Sunday morning. To
add to the ruckus, young boys got into
the act when police reported to Middle
Road, Bayport, because the boys were
annoying motorists with BB guns.
Marina, Anthony, Paul and Kathy Tas-
soni sipped cider at a party held in St.
John Nepomucene R.C. Church in Bohemia.
Mrs. George Cervenka of Locust Avenue,
Bohemia, was the guest of honor
at a baby shower given for her by Mrs.
Vincent Kovarik last Thursday.
Gary Healy returned to St. Michael’s
College in Winooski, Vt., after having
spent the weekend with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph Healy, of Church St., Bohemia.
The Bestway Auto School in Sayville
provides lessons with patient, courteous
service and pickup without charge.
Eileen Cortney’s diet and treatment for
troubled or adolescent skin are available
at Thornhill’s and Ehrenberg’s Pharmacies in Sayville.
Place your order now for Thanksgiving
pies at Wahn’s Bakery in Sayville, offering
a selection of pumpkin, mince, apple and custard, along
with fancy butter cookies, honey drops, Dresden fruit
and nut stollens, and fruit cake.
Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner at the Lakeland
Lounge in Bohemia, with Zeb Fitzgerald
in the kitchen and Ray Collins at
the organ. Make your reservations now.
The Sayville jayvees ended their foot-
ball season Saturday afternoon on a successful
note, defeating the strong Lindenhurst 12-6.
Harry De Ronde and Gerry Mazo have
been elected co-captains of the Sayville
High School soccer team.
Playing this week at the new Sayville
Theatre: “Pillow Talk,” starring Rock Hud-
son and Doris Day; “The Jayhawkers,”
starring Jeff Chandler and Fess Parker;
and “Odds Against Tomorrow,” starring
Harry Belafonte and Robert Ryan.


Dec 11


Medford Avenue School boys and girls
have received a United Nations certificate
of recognition for the $200 donation col-
lected by them at Halloween.
Mrs. Irene Barker of Rose Avenue cel-
ebrated her 92nd birthday Sunday at her
home. Mrs. Barker received many congrat-
ulatory messages, cards, flowers and gifts.
Mrs. Alden T. Stuart of Rose Avenue
entertained at a luncheon at her home Sat-
urday in honor of the 14th birthday of her
daughter, Jacqueline. Jackie’s guests were
Carol Goodwin, Diane Uttley, Diane Schor-
dine, Mary Ann Spavins, Patricia Corley,
Priscilla Britnell, Lynn Benincasa, Joan
Polk and Ann Levy.
Wayne Scutari, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Scutari of Clark Street, celebrated
his 8th birthday with a party Saturday and
entertained his guests by taking them to
the movie, “Santa Claus,” at the Rialto
Theatre. His guests were Jimmy Greco,
John Sullivan, Michael and Donna Morel-
lino, Gerald German, George Gamaldi and
Sheryl Rinaldi. On Sunday, in honor of his
birthday, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Deedy and
children, Susan and Bobby, were dinner guests.
Richard Giannotti will arrive next week
to spend his holidays with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Ralph Giannotti of Terry Road.
Richard is a student at Northeastern Uni-
versity in Boston, Mass.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Krakaur of Conklin
Avenue announce the engagement of their
daughter, Karen, to Franklin S. Leavan-
dosky, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Leav-
andosky of Howard Street. Miss Krakaur
is teaching history in the Connetquot
Junior-Senior High School. Mr. Leavandosky
 is employed by the New York Telephone Company.
The 8th birthday of Steven Schoenig
Dec. 10 and the 7th birthday of his sister,
Bernice, Dec. 15 were celebrated jointly
Sunday at a spaghetti dinner given by
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Schoe-
nig of East Patchogue. Their guests were
Annamarie, Robert, Michael and John Stri-
ni, and also their brothers, William, Paul
and Michael Schoenig.
Wayne Larkin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Har-
old Larkin of Las Cruses, N.M., formerly of
Bellport, would like to let his many good
friends in Bellport know that he is now off
the crutches that he has used for nearly
two years and is back walking on his own
two feet. He said he would be happier if
he could share this wonderful news with them.
Robert G. Dugre, Bellport High School
foreign language teacher, is the recipient
of the “Grand Prix d’honneur,” for his out-
standing scholastic achievements during
the 1964 Overseas Institute in Arcachon,
France. Mr. Dugre, one of 60 candidates
accepted to this program from over 1,200
applicants, is the only winner of this award.

Glenn Travis, a sophomore at Nyack
Boys School, will arrive home tomorrow
to spend the holidays with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Travis Rauch of South Howells Point Road.
George LePre, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank R. LePre of Blue Point, has been
elected secretary of the sophomore class
at Leicester Junior College in Leicester,
Mass., where he is majoring in business
administration. He was graduated in 1963
from James Wilson Young High School.
Trudy Platzer of Medford, a student at
Oregon Avenue Junior High School, suf-
fered a sprained left shoulder and possible
cerebral concussion shortly after noon Fri-
day at the school when she fell from par-
allel bars on her head and shoulders. The
12-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ches-
ter G. Platzer was transported to Brookha-
ven Memorial Hospital by the Medford VW
Ambulance. She was discharged Saturday
to her home from the hospital.
Airman 3/c Daniel Hickey, son of Mr.
and Mrs. John Hickey of Center Morich-
es, is home on leave for two weeks from
Amarillo Air Force Base, Texas. Upon his
return, he will be stationed in Maine.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Giambolizo, Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Giambolizo and Mr. and
Mrs. David Hellmer, all of Shirley, were
among those who attended the Cosmo-
politan Club’s dance Saturday night at the
Oakdale Lanes in Oakdale.
A sweet sixteen party was given in hon-
or of Miss Linda Schweers, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. George Schweers of Mastic
Beach. Fifty guests enjoyed the buffet
supper at the Mastic Beach Yacht Club,
Nov. 29, including a cake inscribed, “Sweet
Sixteen Linda.” The room was decorated
in pastels. Music was furnished by the “Rockers.”
Playing this week a the Patchogue The-
atre: “Lili,” starring Leslie Caron and Mel
Ferrer; at the Rialto Theatre: Barbara
Steele and Robert Flemyng in “The Horri-
ble Dr. Hichcock.”


55 Years Ago-1959

Unless a Good Samaritan with a
25-foot spruce to spare steps forward,
Sayville may be forced to do without a
community Christmas tree this season.
So far this year, Miss Louise Ockers,
chairman of the Sayville Garden Club,
has been unable to locate a satisfactory tree.
Despite the difficulty in finding a
Christmas tree, 14-foot honey locust
trees were planted by the Sayville nurs-
ery and Garden Club on the north side
of the shopping district from Garfield
Avenue to the parking lot in front of the Bohack store.
The annual community Christmas carol
sing, sponsored by the Suffolk County News,
will take place at 7:30 p.m. on
Monday, Dec. 21. Charles Van Schaick
will conduct the singing and the newly
organized community band.
Troy Donohue, known to Sayvillites
as Merle Johnson Jr. of the Sayville
Musical Workshop, will appear on the
Sayville movie screen starting Saturday
evening, Dec. 12 as the star of “A Sum-
mer Place.” Troy will portray a lovesick
youngster alongside young starlet, Sandra Dee.
Thieves hit the Oakdale Elementa-
ry School on Tuesday, Nov. 24 and
came away with approximately $215,
plus a small safe in which the money
was stored. Police are investigating the theft.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Layden of Prin-
cess Gate, Oakdale, spent the week-
end with their daughters, Tracy and
Toni, sightseeing and visiting with the J.
Dines, formerly of Oakdale.

Kenneth Nocar of Ocean Avenue,
Bohemia, escorted Miss Barbara Van
Bomel, of Sayville, to the annual dance
of his club, the Businessmen’s Associa-
tion of Manhattan College, held at the
Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Statler in
New York Friday evening.
Last Monday, Mr. and Mrs. James
Smisek of Walnut Avenue, Bohemia,
went to New York with friends where
they attended a performance of “My Fair Lady.”
Mr. and Mrs. Ivor Conklin of Middle
Road, Bayport, celebrated their 30th
wedding anniversary on Thanksgiving
Day at their home with a family dinner party.
John T. Lyons of Bayport left last Fri-
day with a party of Blue Point men for
a gunning trip in New Hampshire. They
are to be away about 10 days.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Weingartner of
Renee Drive, Bayport, have announced
the engagement of their daughter, Miss
Marjorie Jean, and Theodore Scotch Jr.,
of Mastic Beach. A spring wedding is planned.
Playing this week at the new Say-
ville Theatre: “Beloved Infidel,” star-
ring Gregory Peck and Deborah Kerr;
“House of the Seven Hawks,” starring
Robert Taylor and Nicole Maurey; and
“Tarzan the Ape Man,” starring Denny
Miller and Cesare Danova.

Dec 18
Mrs. R. Ford Hughes, who has been
spending some time in Fort Lauderdale,
Fla., has returned to the home of her son-
in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore
Rickman and family, on Phyllis Drive, to spend the holidays.
Joseph C. Valentine Jr., who is a sopho-
more at Union College in Schenectady, is
spending his Christmas holidays with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Valentine of Jayne Avenue.
Remember Vin DeCerbo, Larry Rafferty,
Paul Costello, Joe Costello, Art Rate and
Terry Dugan? These are some of the names
who will play in the fourth annual Pat-
chogue-Seton Hall alumni double-header
Tuesday at the Patchogue Senior High gym,
sponsored by the Patchogue Quarterback
Club to benefit the scholarship fund of both
schools. In one game, Patchogue stars from
1959 to 1964 will clash with their Seton
Hall counterparts from the same era, while
stars from 1958 and earlier will feature the
other contest. Cliff Ross, presently head
basketball coach at Patchogue High, will
coach the younger group. In addition to
DeCerbo and Costello, the Red Raiders
will have on hand Ernie Dahlman, Gene
Hauman, Gary Smith, Richie Rubin, Don
Mulholland, John Haag and Harry Weiss.
Also playing for the Eagles, coached by
Bill Zebrowski, are Mike Burdian, John
Foley, Ray Batvinss, Whitey Leavandosky,
Bill Neuss, Bob Sauer, Pete Read, Charlie
Hunt and Bob Taunton. Patchogue will be
out to even the series at 2-2 if they win the
older group’s game. Expected to play for
the Raiders are Walt Reams, Art Rate, Tony
DeLeva, Randy Conquest, Joe Mannino,
Phil Mannino and Don Rooney. Coached by
Don Campbell, Seton Hall hopes to have on
hand such stalwarts as Jack Rafferty, Jerry
Corrado, Jim Ostermann, Tom Murphy and Bernie Finnerty.
The St. Joseph the Worker Parochial
School choir of East Patchogue gave a con-
cert at the Bee Hive on the night of Dec. 18.
Miss Elizabeth Hoffrage of East Pat-
chogue recently returned on the North
German Lloyd Line’s flagship, T.S. Bremen,
from a seven-week holiday tour of Europe,
which included a visit with her relatives in Germany.
Sunday night, the following Bellport fam-
ilies sang Christmas carols at homes in
their neighborhood: Mr. and Mrs. Harvey
McChesney Jr., Mr. and Mrs. W. Dorsey
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Lispenard Suydam, Mr.
and Mrs. William Bedell, Mr. and Mrs. David
H. Lanman Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. Peter Paige.
Later, the group met at the Paige home on
Bellport Lane for refreshments.
The Bellport High School faculty and
their wives and husbands enjoyed a Christ-
mas buffet and dance at the VFW hall on
Dunton Avenue, East Patchogue, Saturday
night. Edward Campbell, a language teacher
at the high school, was in charge of the party.

Last Wednesday night, the following
members of the Knit ‘N’ Chat club, Bellport,
enjoyed a Christmas dinner party at the
Bellport: Mesdames William Hermus, Rob-
ert Wayte, August Waldron, Guy Releth-
ford, William Valentine, Robert Terwilliger,
Edward Warner and William Patanjo.
Playing this week at the Patchogue The-
atre: “Send Me No Flowers,” starring Rock
Hudson, Doris Day and Tony Randall; at the
Rialto Theatre: Jerry Lewis as “The Disorderly
Orderly” and at the Plaza Theatre: “It’s
a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.”

55 Years Ago-1959

The senior class of Bayport High
School is sponsoring a “Winter Wonder-
land”-themed dance next Saturday night
from 8:30 p.m. to 12 a.m. in the high
school cafeteria. The committee includes
Miss Kathy Spellman and John Du Bois,
decorations; and Miss Charlotte Green
and Dennis McDowell, publicity and entertainment.
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Shubiak of
South Fairview Avenue, Bayport, entertained
at their home on Sunday afternoon
for the eighth birthday of their daughter,
Nancy. Games were played and birthday
refreshments were served from a pink
and white decorated table centered with
a matching birthday cake.
Shand’s, Bayport’s hometown market since 1912,
is offering Yuletide treats, including pretzels,
dates, stuffed olivesand cranberry sauce.
Liggett Drug Stores in Oakdale wishes
all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy
New Year with a 25% discount on all toys
from now until Christmas. Make this
store your Christmas gift headquarters!
Mrs. John Slimak of Ivy Hill Road, Oakdale,
acted as hostess to the book discussion group
during their last meeting. The work discussed was
“Sister Carrie” by Theodore Dreiser.
Sayville librarian Elinor H. Haff recommends
“Further than Home” by D. Lynn
Waldron, which chronicles the author’s
adventures beginning at the age of 20
when she sailed from California to the
Orient in 1957. Her unusual travelogue
has a surprise romantic ending, says Haff.
Sayville High’s Golden Flashes won
their second straight A-2 victory Friday
night, defeating a highly regarded Patchogue team,
62-41. In addition to the spectacular offensive
play of Tom Brennan, George Robinson
and Jerry Parks played outstanding ball.
Mr. and Mrs. David De Graff of Greeley
Avenue, Sayville, will attend a dance this
evening at the Waldorf-Astoria given by
the officers and directors of the First
Investment Corporation for the outstanding
salesmen of the company.
The General Organization of Sayville
High School is holding a homecoming tea
on Monday for last year’s graduates who
are now attending college, and plans are
being made for sock hops to be held in
January, February and March. Plans are being
carried out by Richard Dickes and Michael Quinto.
Fritzsche’s French Bakery in Sayville
offers the largest variety of cookies on
Long Island, along with delicious pies,
cakes, and fruit or almond stollens. Place
your Christmas orders now!
A huge picnic table now graces the
grounds of the Sayville Musical Workshop’s
new home on Candee Avenue. The table, the longest
in Suffolk County, was donated by longtime
supporter of the Workshop, the
Rhodes Lumber Company in Sayville.
Cheryl Ann Gross, infant daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Richard Gross of
John Street, Bohemia, was christened on
Sunday afternoon at St. John’s Lutheran
Church in Sayville by Rev. Eric H. Rieker.
The Luncheon Club held its annual
Christmas party on Saturday at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. George Whitaker of Karshick Street, Bohemia.
Playing this week at the new Sayville
Theatre: “Libel,” starring Olivia de Havilland and Dick Bogarde.
Dec 25

Charles Torre of North Prospect Avenue
was announced as the winner of the 1965 auto-
mobile awarded by the member stores and
businesses of the Merchants Division of the
Patchogue Chamber of Commerce on Christ-
mas Eve. Mr. Torre’s entry was drawn from
among thousands that were filled out during
the holiday shopping period in Patchogue. Mr.
Torre, an employee of the Patchogue office of
the Long island Lighting Company, is a lieu-
tenant in the National Guard, has been active
in Scouting and is a graduate of the 1960 class
of Patchogue High School. His wife, the former
Miss Barbara Ehmann, is a 1961 graduate of
Patchogue High. The couple was married in April of this year.
First-prize winner in the East section of the
Patchogue Chamber of Commerce Home Dec-
oration contest was the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Richardson, 171 Swan Lake Drive.
Picked for first place in the North section was
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Glover, 8
Clay Street. First-prize winners will receive $50
and second-prize winners, $35, in each section.
Spending the holidays with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Spencer R. Lowell of Rose Avenue is
Miss Karin Lowell. Miss Lowell is a member
of the freshman class at Syracuse University.
Paul Harper spent a week in Patchogue
visiting his daughters, Mrs. Paul Birmingham
and Mrs. Robert Shaber, over the Christmas
holiday and returned to his home in Philadelphia, Tuesday.
A Christmas party with a grab bag was held
after the business meeting in December of the
American Legion Auxiliary, Patchogue Unit, in
the Legion House. Hostesses were Mesdames
Annette Behme, Charlotte Whaley and Elea-
nor Ransome. At the next meeting on Jan. 5,
the hostesses will be Mrs. Margaret Dasch and Mrs. Adelaide Casitto.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira W. Still Jr. of Hill Street
announce the engagement of their daughter,
Patricia Ann, to John Richard Ruehl, son of Mr.
and Mrs. John G. Ruehl of Blue Point. Miss Still
was graduated from Patchogue High School in
1962 and is now attending Bucknell University
in Lewisburg, Pa. Mr. Ruehl, a graduate of
Patchogue High School, spent four years in
the United States Air Force, graduated from
Suffolk County Community College and is
now employed by the New York Telephone Company.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fine of Patchogue
announce the engagement of their daughter,
Anita Sue, to Arthur R. Spencer, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Milton Spencer of Mt. Vernon. Miss Fine
is a graduate of Patchogue High School and
Mt. Sinai Hospital School of Nursing. Mr. Spen-
cer is a graduate of the University of Pennsyl-
vania and New York University School of Law.
Leslie Barrie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
Barrie of East Patchogue, celebrated her 7th
birthday Dec. 20 with a party held at her home.
Guests were Mary Ann Stryer, Joanne Spears,
Lynda Hart, Lynn Jacobson and Eileen Galen.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wallen of East Pat-
chogue announce the engagement of their
daughter, Sandra Louise, to John William Ligu-
ori, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Liguori of
East Patchogue. Miss Wallen is a graduate of
Bellport High School and State University of
New York at Cobleskill, and is now teaching.
Mr. Liguori is a graduate of Bellport High
School and is now in his senior year at New York University.
A Christmas party and recital was given
by Mrs. Arthur Brand Sr. of East Patchogue
Dec. 20 for her music pupils. Taking part were
William Lengyel, Susan Lengyel, Audrey Hines,
Pamela Rasso, Patricia Rasso, Bobby Rasso
and Linda Miskosky. Phyllis Critz and Robin
Takaes were both ill and could not participate in the recital.
Bob Hoffman, who is studying law at New
York University, is spending the holidays with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hoffman of Bellport Lane.
Mr. and Mrs. Ignatius Diesidue and chil-
dren, Ann, Linda, Robert and Deborah, of
George Court drove to Norristown, Pa. to
spend Christmas with Mrs. Diecidue’s parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Soldano. Born Oct. 25, this
was Debbie’s first trip to see her grandparents.
The Gourmet Luncheon and Bridge Club,
Bellport, entertained their husbands at a pro-
gressive dinner Monday night starting with
cocktails at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl
Light of General McLean Drive. Dinner was
served at the I. William Bianchi home on Bell-
port Lane, and dessert at the John Pokorny
home on South Brewster Lane.
Christine McKeown, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Michael McKeown of Brookhaven, cele-
brated her 9th birthday Dec. 18. A few children
from her fourth-grade class joined her in mak-
ing Christmas cookies as part of the birthday celebration.

55 Years Ago-1959

The first snowstorm of the season
struck this area Monday night and by
mid-morning Tuesday had left a sparkling
promise of the first white Christmas in some years.
Want to do a Christmas favor for your
volunteer fireman? One of the hazards
to efficient fire fighting is a hydrant
covered by ice or snow, so dig out the hydrant
nearest your home immediately after a snowstorm.
Louis Stang Jr. of Greene Avenue, Sayville,
returned on Friday after spending a week in
Vienna, Austria where he represented
Brookhaven Laboratory at an international conference.
Mr. and Mrs. George Henrich of Sayville
Boulevard entertained about 200 friends at
an eggnog party at their home on Sunday.
Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year from Jo-Mar
Hair Stylists, 111 Railroad Avenue, Sayville.
If Santa brought your family a new
hi-fi or stereo record player, you can
rent a wide selection of albums for 10
to 25 cents per week at the Sayville
Library, says librarian Elinor H. Haff.
Among 38 students initiated last week
into Kappa Delta Pi, national honorary
society in education at SUNY Fredonia,
is Miss Sandra Nash of Sayville.
The kindergarten and primary departments
of the Bayport Methodist Church
Sunday School presented their Christmas
program on Monday evening. Mrs.
Richard Barrett, superintendent of the
kindergarten classes, presented recitations
by her pupils with the aid of Mrs. Kenneth Burton.
Mrs. George A. Howland of Middle
Road, Bayport, flew to California by jet
plane from Idlewild Airport on Monday
morning to spend the Christmas holidays
with her son and daughter-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Howland Jr., at
their home in San Diego.
On Monday, Mrs. Joseph Jankowski,
Den Mother of Den 10, Cub Pack
129, and her assistant, Mrs. Collins,
held a Christmas party for the boys
in their den on Railroad Avenue, Bayport.
The boys enjoyed games and sang Christmas
carols around the decorated Christmas tree.
Milton Henry of Woody Lane, Oakdale, will be
the manager of a shoe store scheduled to
open in March in the Oakdale Shopping Plaza.
Six spellbound little girls from Oakdale
sat entranced throughout the Saturday
matinee performance of “The
Nutcracker” ballet presented by the
New York City Ballet Company at New
York City Center. The young misses
were Donna Haussler, Diane Yunque, Leeza
Gittleman, Linda Buckner and Lynn and Nan Sherard.
Judy Levy, Adrian Henry and Alexis
Mailman represented Oakdale at the
annual Young Judean breakfast at the
Patchogue Temple Sunday morning.
Come one come all to the New Year’s
Eve Party at Oakdale Lanes’ Plaza
Room. There will be party hats, noise
makers and entertainment from All the King’s Men.
William Knakal Jr. of Bohemia celebrated
his eighth birthday on Saturday, while his
mother is celebrating hers today.
Playing this week at the new Sayville
Theatre: “Hound Dog Man,” starring
Fabian and Carol Lynley; “The Miracle
of the Hills,” starring Rex Reason and
Nan Leslie; and “The Wreck of the
Mary Deare,” starring Gary Cooper and Charlton Heston.
Dec 31

Robert Edward Phillips, 7 pounds, 8 ounces,
made his appearance at 1:18 a.m. Jan. 1
to have the distinction of being Brookhaven
Memorial Hospital’s first baby of 1965. The Phillips live
in Mastic Beach. Robert joins big brother Johnny.
A.B.E. 3 Guy B. Wicks, who is stationed
aboard the USS Lake Champlain, arrived
home Christmas Eve to spend a 10-day
leave with his mother, Mrs. Emily Wicks
of Grenville Avenue. He recently returned
from a cruise to Gibraltar and Barcelona, Spain.
He will soon be leaving on a cruise to the Caribbean.
Mr. and Mrs. Pat DeLeva Sr. entertained
37 members of their family and guests at
dinner on New Year’s Day at their new home
on South Haven Avenue, North Patchogue.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shaber of Medford
Avenue were guests of honor at a reception
held at the 112 Restaurant, Medford, Dec.
20 in celebration of their 50th wedding anni-
versary, given by their children, Mr. and Mrs.
Elwood Shaber of Blue Point, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Shaber and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Deedy of Patchogue.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold McDowell of Blue
Point announce the engagement of their
daughter, Shyrle Catherine, to Paul F.
Herbst, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Herbst of
Patchogue. Miss McDowell is a graduate of
Bayport High School and is now store man-
ager for Pet Salon in Patchogue. Mr. Herbst
was graduated from Patchogue Senior High
School and completed three years in the
U.S. Navy. He is now employed at Moody’s
Investor Service Inc. in New York City. A
September wedding is planned.
New Year’s Day dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Gaetano Stephani of East Patchogue
were her mother and brother, Mrs. Laura
Berry and son Willard, and Mr. and Mrs.
George Gilmore of East Patchogue.
Daniel Patanjo, 13, of Bellport, suffered
lacerations of the lower lip and chin when
he fell from his bicycle about 1 p.m. on Dec.
30 on Barton Avenue, North Patchogue. The
youth was taken for treatment to Brookha-
ven Memorial Hospital by Fifth Precinct
Patrolman Raymond Willis, who notified the
youth’s mother of the accident.
Miss Loretta Mingino of Browns Lane,
Bellport left Kennedy Airport Saturday for
San Francisco, Calif., to spend a week visiting
friends in Burlingame.
Approximately 50 young people attended
the Mistletoe Dance at the Bellport Country
Club Dec. 29. The King’s Men provided the music.
Miss Judy Fuoco has returned to Com-
munity Hospital School of Nursing at Glen
Cove after spending the Christmas and New
Year’s holidays with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Fuoco of Champlin Avenue.
Members of the Islanders Club and their
husbands had dinner at The Bellport last
Thursday night, after which they went to
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Noehren of
Bieselin Road for a New Year’s Eve party.
PFC David K. Waldron flew into Kennedy
Airport Dec. 18 to spend Christmas and New
Year’s with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. August
Waldron of North Brewster Lane. He will
return to Fort Richardson, Anchorage, Alaska on Jan. 15.
Nearly 30 guests attended a New Year’s
Eve party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford
Miller of South Country Road following
dinner at the Iron Horse Inn.
Mr. and Mrs. William Murphy of Shirley
announce the engagement of their daughter,
Geraldine Marie, to Robert G. Nepell, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Nepell of Mastic
Beach. Miss Murphy is a 1962 graduate of
William Floyd High School and attended
Brown’s Business School in Bay Shore. She
is employed by Jurgielewicz Farms, Morich-
es, as office manager. Mr. Nepell, a 1959
graduate of Center Moriches High School,
is presently employed by Thomas M. Nepell
and Sons Insurance, Mastic Beach.
Playing this week at the Patchogue Theatre:
“The Americanization of Emily,” with
James Garner and Julie Andrews; at the
Rialto Theatre: “A Shot in the Dark,” starring
Peter Sellers and Elke Sommer


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