August 3


Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wingard of Washington
Avenue celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary
Sunday with a barbecue for 35 friends
and relatives. They had just returned from a
trip through Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia,
Quebec and Montreal, Canada.
Local Patchogue people attending the
chicken roast of the Henry James Jones Post
of the Medford VFW, Saturday night were:
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gassaway, Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Robelen,
Mrs. Belle Kelly, Frank Schortemeyer and
Mrs. Alvina Nagle.
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Salamone of Carman
Street have announced the engagement of
their daughter, Patricia Ann, to Private Thomas
David Lindsey, son of Mr. and Mrs. James
Lindsey of Mastic. Miss Salamone is a beautician
in the Andre Beauty Salon, Patchogue.
Pvt. Lindsey is stationed at Fort Eustis, Va.
Both families motored to Virginia, where the
engagement took place. A dinner party was
held at the Lafayette Restaurant, Williamsburg,
Va. No wedding date has been set.
The Patchogue Fishing Club scored a victory
in the Ballantine Casting Tournament
held July 29 at Staten Island with the highest
score, 214 points, ever achieved in any similar
contest. The scores included: James Belmonte,
92; Thomas Kehlenback, 71; Arthur Yarrington,
51; George Dietz, 37; Robert Ostrom,
19, and Robert Hagelberg, 19. Also participating
were Fred King and Edward Freer.
For the past three semesters, Miss Cathie
Purdy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Purdy
of Washington Avenue, has been placed on
the Dean’s List at Athens College, Athens, Ala.
A junior student at Athens, Miss Purdy, who
graduated from Patchogue High School in
1965, is majoring in physical education.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Halliwell of Barton
Avenue announce the engagement of their
daughter, Brenda, to Salvatore Rubino, son of
Mrs. Josephine Rubino of Pine Neck Avenue,
East Patchogue. Miss Halliwell is a graduate
of Patchogue High School, class of 1966. Mr.
Rubino has served with the Army in Alaska.
He is presently employed with Grumman
Aircraft at Calverton. An October wedding at
the Patchogue Methodist Church is planned.
Lorraine Swan, 12, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Matthew Swan of South Summit Avenue, will
attend the U.S.T.A. Grand National Twirling
event being held in Washington, D.C., from
Aug. 6-12. She will compete as a member of
the Central Islip Romanettes and as a solo
entrant. A twirler for the past two years, she
has won 30 trophies and 69 medals. She is also
the leader of the twirlers for the Blue Point
Wanderers drum and bugle corps. Miss Swan
will be accompanied by her mother on her Washington trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Paige of Bellport Lane,
Bellport, entertained at a cocktail party Friday
night for Miss Jody O’Connell of Center
Moriches and Dr. Robert Love of Bellport,
who have just announced their engagement.
They plan to be married on Sept. 2.
Sister Mary Payton of the Sacred Heart
School in Brooklyn is visiting for two weeks
with her mother, Mrs. John Fuhrmann of
Maple Avenue, Bellport.
Mrs. Raymond R. MacLean of North Howells
Point Road had a wonderful surprise on
Friday when her son and daughter-in-law
presented her with her first grandchild, Jocelyn
Anne. The baby is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Raymond T. MacLean of East Patchogue.
Last Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Bonne of Lyman Road celebrated their silver
wedding anniversary with their son, Thomas,
and daughter, Dorothy, by attending Guy
Lombardo’s “Arabian Nights” at Jones Beach Theatre.
Patricia Mary Mengler, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Mengler of Circuit Road, celebrated
her 8th birthday with a lawn party for
a group of her friends on July 23.
Mr. and Mrs. Kail Brotman and family
moved to Florida this week. They sold their
house on George Court to Mr. and Mrs. Anthony
Decidue and family, who are moving back
here from Southampton.
On July 2 the second hole in one of the season
was scored by Mrs. Jeanne Schott of Blue
Point. Mrs. Schott received her hole in one
at the fourth hole of the Bellport course. The
first ace of the year occurred a month before
when Mrs. Carol Papanek of Patchogue shot
a hole in one at the same hole. Both women
could receive a trip to Scotland and $1,000
in cash in the Rusty Nail Hole in One Sweepstakes,
which is a national competition for golfers.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Sykes of Pine Road,
Brookhaven, entertained about 10 friends at a
barbecue at their home Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Fuka of Chapel
Avenue spent last week at the Simpson
cottage at Bayberry Dunes on Great South Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wolde of Robinson
Avenue, Medford, have announced
the engagement of their daughter, Eileen,
to Frank John Rossi, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank A. Rossi of Selkirk, N.Y. Miss Wolde
was graduated from Patchogue Senior High
School and Eastern Airlines Stewardess College,
Miami, Fla. She is presently employed
by the Patchogue-Medford School District.
Mr. Rossi is presently doing graduate work
in educational administration at the State
University of New York at Albany and Hofstra
University. He is an assistant principal in the
Patchogue-Medford School District. No date
has been set for the wedding.
Playing this week at the Patchogue Theatre:
Extended engagement, 3rd week! Sean Connery
is James Bond in “You Only Live Twice,”
and at the Plaza Theatre and the Patchogue
Sunrise All-Weather Drive-In Theatre: “The
Dirty Dozen,” with Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine.

August 10



Mrs. Anna DeRoo and her grandson, Robert
Nelson, both of Bayport, and Mrs. Vicki Hunter
of Falcon Avenue, Patchogue, visited Mr. and
Mrs. R. Jennings of Massapequa Sunday.
Graduating from Bryant College, Providence,
R.I., with a B.S. degree in business
administration, Saturday, was John Arthur Ringold,
son of Mr. and Mrs. John M. Ringold of
Hamilton Street. Mr. Ringold, who lives with
his wife, Elizabeth, in Hartford, Conn., is a Patchogue
High School graduate and is employed
as an accountant trainee by United Aircraft
Corporate Systems Center, Farmington, Conn.
Advertised as the “largest Grant store in
America,” the new Grant Department Store in
Grant City at Montauk Highway and Hewlett
Avenue, East Patchogue, will have their opening
next Thursday, Aug. 17. The new store will
have an auto service department, carpet shop,
camera shop, a large restaurant seating nearly
200 people, snack bar, expanded furniture
department and many other features including
a custom color paint department. Both men’s
and women’s wear are also highly featured.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Praetorius, who have
been living with Mr. Praetorius’ mother, Mrs.
Emil Praetorius of Center Street, since their
wedding in April, have taken up residence in
their apartment on Wood Avenue.
Boy Scout Troop 44, sponsored by the Congregational
Church, East Main Street, held a
Board of Review at the church the evening of
July 25. Achievement awards were granted to
Steven Wiesin, first class, and to Robert Bean,
Gary Gamaldi and Michael Judelson, second class.
Miss Agnes Bianca of Bailey Avenue, a
teacher of cosmetology at Middle Country
School District, was one of 75 licensed cosmetologists
attending the sixth annual cosmetology
Institutes held July 30 through Aug. 5
at State University Agricultural and Technical
College at Alfred, N.Y.
Off to a happy start are Sergeant and Mrs.
Michael Codispoti after their wedding ceremony
at St. Francis de Sales R.C. Church, Patchogue,
on July 16. Mrs. Codispoti, the former
Miss Karen Rose Walters of Patchogue, hopes
to join her husband soon in Hanau, Germany.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Perry of Washington
Avenue are pleased to announce the engagement
of their daughter, Gail, to Corporal Ronald
Lisinski, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lisinski
of Washington Place. Miss Perry is a 1967
graduate of Patchogue High School. Corporal
Lisinski has just returned from a tour of duty in
Vietnam, serving with the Marines. He is a 1965
graduate of Patchogue High School. A spring wedding is planned.
Mr. and Mrs. David Jacobus of Academy
Lane, Bellport, vacationed for the month of
July at Isle au Haut, Me.
Cadet Brian W. Smith of Station Road has
returned home after spending six weeks at the
ROTC summer camp at Fort Devens, Mass.
Cadet Smith is a student at the University of Missouri at Rolla.
Mrs. William Muller and Mrs. Andrew Olsen
took the ferry to Connecticut Tuesday and
toured Mystic Seaport and the Submarine Base
at New London. On Friday night Mrs. Olsen
celebrated her birthday with dinner at Pine
Grove Inn with Mr. Olsen.
Winners of the gifts at the annual fair held
at the Ruth AME Zion Church on Saturday
were: Sandy Geraine, Walter Brame, the Mesdames
Pauline Reynolds, Emily Hamlyn, Leroy
Eleazer, Doris Dalen, Barbara Eleazer, William
Greenhill and Miss Viola Hart.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Weber of Decatur, Ill.,
are visiting for three weeks with their son-inlaw
and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Christian Wold
of General McLean Drive.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward V. Loughlin of South
Howells Point Road recently drove to Virginia
to attend the graduation exercises of their son,
Tom, from training for Active Marines at Quantico,
Va., then took a trip to Washington, D.C.
before returning home.
Miss Trissie Holland celebrated her 8th
birthday Monday with a tour of New York with
her father, Vincent Holland of South Howells Point Road.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Banks Warburton of
Bieselin Road announce the engagement of
their daughter, Elizabeth, to Robert Brendan
Vining Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brendan
Vining Sr., of St. Louis, Mo. Miss Warburton is
a graduate of Bellport High School and has just
completed her sophomore year at the College
of William and Mary. She will be entering the
University of Missouri in the fall. Mr. Vining is
a graduate of St. Louis University High School,
received his B.A. degree in history at the college
of William and Mary and will be entering
his second year of law studies at the University
of Missouri in the fall.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Swezey of Park Avenue,
Blue Point, wish to announce the engagement
of their daughter, Patricia Lynn, to Private
Lawrence Robert Stadier, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Stadier of Corey Avenue, Blue Point.
Miss Swezey is employed by the new Grant
City store in East Patchogue. Pvt. Stadier is
stationed in South Carolina.
Playing this week at the Patchogue Theatre:
Frank Sinatra in “The Naked Runner”; at the
Plaza Theatre: Held Over! “The Dirty Dozen,”
starring Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine

August 17



A bon voyage party of some 35 relatives
and friends was held Aug. 7 for
Miss Linda Niebling, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Gerard Niebling of Prospect Avenue,
aboard the TS Bremen, en route to Germany.
In Germany Miss Niebling will stay
at the home of her aunt and uncle, Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Buschmann and daughter, Margret.
On Friday Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Weeks
of Franklin Street, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
E. Weeks of Jayne Avenue and Mr. and
Mrs. Carman Luca and daughter of Rider
Avenue traveled upstate to Syracuse to
attend the wedding of Ray A. Weeks, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Weeks, to Barbara Stanko of Syracuse.
Looking ahead toward a home in the
island of Crete in the Mediterranean are
Airman 2/c and Mrs. Glenn R. Brown,
who were married July 15 in the Patchogue
Methodist Church. Mrs. Brown
is the former Miss Cindy McGroary of Patchogue.
A radio maintenance course has been
completed by Private William T. Lount of
Patchogue, who for 12 weeks has been
studying at the Army Infantry School, Fort Benning, Ga.
The Misses Wendy Demarest, Ellen
Fowler and Louisa Floyd, members of
the Bellport Methodist Church, spent last
week at Camp Quinipet on Shelter Island.
Mr. and Mrs. I. William Bianchi Jr., and
daughter, Susan, of Bellport Lane spent
last weekend at the family beach house on Fire Island Pines.
The Kite Race, which was held by
the Bellport Bay Yacht Club on Sunday
afternoon, had to take place on the dock
instead of on the bay due to a heavy rain.
Dorsey Smith and Harvey McChesney
III were the judges. Hunter Smith and
Michael Bedell won a rocket set for first
prize, and Robert Chrien won a bow and
arrow set for second. The John Pokorny
family was awarded a kite to replace the
won they lost. Mrs. Joseph Hendrie and
Mrs. John Cummings won a box of balloons
to keep their kite in the air.
Miss Barbara Snyder of Peat Hole Lane
entertained at a surprise bridal shower
for Miss Charlotte Thorndike on Friday
evening. Charlotte will be married to
Karl Furstenberg of Nyack at the Bellport
Methodist Church on Aug. 26.
Cathy Collins, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Eugene Collins of Bellhaven Road,
celebrated her 10th birthday with a party
for a group of her friends on Saturday afternoon.
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Borg and family
of South Country Road returned Sunday
from a two-weeks’ camping trip to an
island on Lake George.
Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Beitel and their
four children, Marcy, Elaine, Eugene and
John, have moved back from Washington,
D.C. to their home on North Howells
Point Road. Mr. Beitel is at present the
assistant to the majority bill clerk in Congress.
While they were away, their house
was occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Van’t Hof and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ashton of Doane
Avenue announce the engagement of
their daughter, Miss Patricia Ashton, to
Dennis Drell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Drell of Patchogue Road, Yaphank. Miss
Ashton is employed at the new Grant
City in East Patchogue. Mr. Drell is an
employee of the Long Island Rail Road.
No date has been set for the wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lang of Namkee
Road, Blue Point, and their son, Ronald,
have returned home from a week at
Greenport. The Langs were joined on the
weekend by their sons Peter and Fred Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clough of Winthrop
Court entertained the teachers of
the Quogue Elementary School at their
home last weekend with a barbecue.
Cadet Edward J. Tobin of the United
States Military Academy at West Point
is spending a month’s vacation with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tobin of Madison Street.
Playing this week at the Patchogue
Theatre: “Barefoot in the Park,” starring
Robert Redford and Jane Fonda; at the
Rialto Theatre: Richard Harris and Julie
Andrews in James Michener’s “Hawaii,”
and at the Plaza Theatre: “To Sir, With
Love,” starring Sidney Poitier.

August 24



Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Kellers of Jayne
Avenue and Mr. and Mrs. Elwyn Schaefer
and sons, Elwyn and Gary, of Center Street,
spent the weekend at Lake George, where
they attended the wedding of Edward
Crisler Jr., formerly of Patchogue, to Miss
Margaret Anderson of Corinth, N.Y. Mr.
Crisler is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson
Crisler of Falcon Avenue.
The Patchogue Civic and Garden Club’s
current Yard of the Month winners are: Mr.
and Mrs. J. Page, 28 Jones Street; Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Galati, 93 Harper Street; Mr.
and Mrs. James Derby, 13 Center Street;
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Rockwell, 114 Conklin
Avenue, and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Lotko,
231 North Prospect Avenue.
Mrs. A. Moger of Jayne Avenue was
hostess to the members of the Senior
Ladies Aid Society Wednesday morning at her home.
Donald C. Reed, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Clive E. Reed of West Lakewood Street,
has been named to the Dean’s List for having
attained a quality point ration of 4.000
during his spring semester at Clarkson
College of Technology, Potsdam, N.Y. A
senior at Clarkson, Mr. Reed is majoring in
mechanical engineering.
A lovely candlelight service in Patchogue
Methodist Church, Saturday, united
in marriage Miss Mary Louise Bush,
of Maple Avenue, daughter of Dr. and
Mrs. Alfred Bush of Jamestown, N.Y., and
Robert Francis Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Francis A. Smith of Terrell Street. Mrs.
Smith is a 1959 graduate of Jamestown
High School and a 1963 graduate of Syracuse
University of Fine Arts. She is an art
teacher and chairman of the elementary
art department in the Lindenhurst public
school system. Mr. Smith graduated from
Patchogue High School and attended New
York State University at Farmingdale. He
is employed by the State of New York as an engineer.
John R. Clark, son of Mr. and Mrs. John
R. Clark of Dahlia Street, left June 23 with
60 other Peace Corps volunteers to begin
two years of service in the Republic of
Niger, West Africa, after recently completing
three months training at Peace Corps
Training Center, Virgin Islands. He is a
graduate of State University, Albany, in the
field of social studies and French.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kerr of North
Brewster Lane, Bellport, entertained at a
family party Monday night on their lawn
in celebration of Mrs. Kerr’s 77th birthday.
Twenty-two guests were present and she
received many lovely gifts.
A recent guest of Mr. and Mrs. Lyman
Bliss of South Howells Point Road was
Emmet White of Baltimore, Md.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Olsen celebrated
their 30th wedding anniversary Friday
night by dining at Pine Grove Inn and seeing the movie, “Hawaii.”
James E. Hannon, radioman 3/c, is
returning home after serving four years in
the Navy. He was aboard the USS Guadalcanal,
the baby flat-top which picked up
Gemini 10 on its last flight. Mr. Hannon
will be married to Miss Mary DiDonato,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DiDonato
of Bellport. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
James Hannon of Bieselin Road.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ebersole and family
of General McLean Drive have returned
from a trip to Hershey and Lancaster, Pa.,
where they visited relatives.
Sharon Stoll, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Ernest G. Stoll Jr., of Seeley Street,
Brookhaven, was 2 years old on Aug. 14
and had a family party in her yard.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Biederman and
family have returned to their home on
Smith Street, Blue Point, after a trip visiting
relatives and friends in El Paso, Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry White of Atlantic
Avenue celebrated their 27th wedding
anniversary with a family gathering at their home on Aug. 5.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kottman and their
son, Arthur Jr., of Namkee Road and Richard
Verschure attended a Mets baseball
game at Shea Stadium recently in celebration
of Arthur’s 10th birthday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Mariano of Brooklyn
celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary
this past Sunday at the home of
their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. Maurice C. Grasso Jr., of Mt. Vernon
Avenue, Medford. An outdoor buffet for 60
guests was enjoyed.
Richard Michna, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Anthony W. Michna of Union Avenue, Center
Moriches, has returned to the home of
his parents from Vietnam, where he spent
eight months of active duty with the Seabees.
At the end of his 32-day leave he will
go to California and then return again to
Vietnam for active duty.
Playing this week at the Patchogue Theatre:
Held Over! “Barefoot in the Park,”
starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda;
at the Rialto Theatre: Held Over! Richard
Harris and Julie Andrews in James Michener’s “Hawaii.”

August 31

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