May 3
Construction at the Canaan Elementary
School, the newest Patchogue-Medford
Public Schools System building, continues
on schedule. The school will be ready
for pupil occupancy next September and
will relieve crowded conditions at all
local elementary schools. Bernard “Ace”
Watkins has been appointed principal of
the new school. The appointment was
made on the recommendation of the
superintendent of schools, Dr. Thomas F. Looby.
To her host of friends it will be welcome
news to hear that Mrs. Lucille Dobson
of Schroeder Lane, who has devoted
so much of her energy and time toward
bringing cheer to the patients in New
York’s Memorial Cancer Hospital, devoting
her life to the crusade for the American
Cancer Society, is home again gaining
strength after one of her own innumerable
stays in that hospital.
One of two winners of the Connelly
Award for excellence in teaching, made
by the Long Island University, is Harold
B. Liebermann of Jayne Avenue. Mr. Liebermann,
a biology teacher in Patchogue
High School, received his award last
Thursday at the annual Charter Day dinner
at the Waldorf Astoria, New York City.
Academic recognition at Rollins College,
Winter Park, Fla., has been won by
Miss Jean Finger, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Clint Finger of Howard Street. Miss
Finger, a senior majoring in sociology,
has been named to the President’s List.
Winsome couple is Mr. and Mrs. Dennis
J. McLaughlin, who were married recently
in Our Lady of Mt. Carmel R.C. Church,
Patchogue. They are now residing in Patchogue,
following a wedding trip to the
Poconos. Mrs. McLaughlin is the former
Miss Jo Ann Liguori of Patchogue.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard F. Ruzicka of
Washington Avenue announce the engagement
of their daughter, Catherine Lynn, to
Petty Officer 2/c Edward H. Brennan of
the Navy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward
J. Brennan of Washington Avenue. Miss
Ruzicka attended Patchogue Senior High
School. Petty Officer Brennan is presently
stationed at Brunswick, Me. No date has
been set for the wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lotzer of Country
Club Road, Bellport, returned Sunday from
a week’s trip to Middletown,
Conn., to visit Mr. and Mrs. Carbin
Lovelace. They were accompanied by their
granddaughter, Miss Patricia Coleman of
Circuit Road. They had taken the trip to
attend the wedding of Miss Donna Lovelace,
who is Mrs. Lotzer’s first grandchild to be married.
James Vaughan of North Howells Point Road and
Kenneth Dobrie of East Patchogue spent the
weekend at Oswego visiting Michael Florio,
a freshman at the State University at Oswego.
A baby shower was given for Mrs. David Roys
April 21 by her sister, Miss Pauline Rupolo, at
their home on Munsell Road. Nearly 40
guests attended and the guest of honor
received many lovely gifts. Mrs. Roys is living
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Rupolo,
while her husband is on active duty in Vietnam.
The Knit ‘N’ Chat Club will meet this evening at the
home of Mrs. William Patanjo of General McLean Drive.
Weekend houseguests of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Streit of
Browns Lane were Mr. and Mrs. Day Tuttle
of New York City, former residents of Bellport.
Newcomers to Bellport are Mr. and Mrs. Philip
Munson and their three children, from Flint, Michigan.
They have purchased the house on Bellport Lane
formerly owned by Daniel Koshland.
Receiving his First Holy Communion
Saturday at Our Lady of the Snow R.C.
Church was Kevin Fox, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Richard P. Fox of Madison Street,
Blue Point. Following the ceremony, a
buffet party was held at his home, with 50 guests attending.
Ensign 2 John Miller of the Navy, having
enjoyed a month’s leave visiting with
his family, Mr. and Mrs. John P. Miller of
Atlantic Avenue, has returned to Pearl
Harbor, where he is stationed aboard the USS Radford.
Returning last Monday to their home on
Atlantic Avenue were Mr. and Mrs. Louis
Pfeifle and family, who had been enjoying
an 18-day vacation in Hallandale, Fla.
A family gathering at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. George Schoners on Beachfern
Road, Center Moriches, was held to celebrate
their son Stewart’s 9th birthday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Simmerlein of
Abby Lane, Shirley, have announced the
engagement of their daughter, Miss Barbara
M. Simmerlein, to John Clarke, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clarke of Moriches
Avenue, Mastic. Miss Simmerlein is a 1967
graduate of William Floyd High School,
Mastic. Mr. Clarke attended William Floyd
High and is presently employed at Central
Islip State Hospital. A June wedding is planned.
Playing this week at the Patchogue
Theatre: “Sweet November,” with Sandy
Dennis and Anthony Newley; at the Rialto
Theatre: Yul Brynner as the “Double
Man,” and at the Plaza Theatre: “Here We
Go Round the Mulberry Bush,” starring
Barry Evans and Judy Geeson.

May 10
Miss Patricia Mottola, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Pat Mottola of River Avenue, a junior at
Adelphi Suffolk College, Oakdale, on Friday
was crowned queen of the college’s annual
May cotillion at Huntington Town House.
On Mother’s Day, Sunday, the new church
of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel R.C. Church on
New North Ocean Avenue will open its doors
for the first time. Masses will be celebrated
for the present at 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 a.m., 12 noon
and 1 and 5 p.m.
Miss Phyllis Borzi, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Phillip L. Borzi of Case Avenue, a June
graduate of Ladycliff College in Highland
Falls, N.Y., has resumed her studies at the
college following her Easter vacation, spent
in Bermuda at the Carlton Beach Hotel in
Southampton parish. On May 27, Miss Borzi,
an English major, will receive the degree of
Bachelor of Arts.
At a party in her home April 29, little Julie
Silberbusch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto
Silberbusch of Chestnut Avenue, celebrated
her first birthday. Theme of the party was Dr.
Doolittle, and decorations, besides balloons
and streamers, were carried out in animal
favors and a table centerpiece of the good
doctor and his animal friends. Children present
were Georgette and Margaret Behrmann,
Susanne Alloy, Donna and Artie Alloy, Pete
Gee and Marc Silberbusch, Julie’s brother. On
Sunday, additional celebration was held at a
dinner attended by her godfather, Al Bonfe,
and his family.
Robert Victor Smith of Herbert Circle was
awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy
at the spring commencement April 27 of the
University of Michigan. Mr. Smith’s field is
pharmaceutical chemistry.
On April 23, Lieutenant Jerome Robelen of
the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers graduated
from U.S. Army Fixed Wing Aviation School,
Fort Rucker, Ala. Lieut. Robelen received his
Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Instrument
Rating and has orders to attend U-21 transition
school at Fort Rucker. Upon completion
of this course, he will serve a one-year tour in
Vietnam. Lieut. Robelen is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. James Robelen Sr., of Schoenfeld Blvd.
Mr. and Mrs. Saul Danziger of Walnut Avenue
are proud to announce the engagement of
their daughter, Debra, to Benjamin Rachman,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rachman of Los
Angeles, Calif. Miss Danziger is a graduate
of Patchogue High School, class of 1965, and
is presently a junior at Northeastern University,
Boston, Mass. Mr. Rachman is a senior
at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N.J.,
where he is manager of the student computer
agency. He has accepted a position with the
National Security Agency after graduation.
William Sells, of Doane Avenue, North
Bellport, on Tuesday announced his candidacy
for election to the board of education
of Central School District No. 4. He is filing
for the seat currently held by Stuart Rideout,
who withdrew his petition for re-election “in
order to give the North Bellport area of our
school district the greatest possible opportunity
to achieve long-needed representation
on the board of education.” Mr. Sells is vice
president of the North Bellport Taxpayers
Association and is employed as transportation
coordinator of the Economic Opportunity
Council of Suffolk. He has children in the
Hampton Avenue, Bellport Junior High and
Senior High schools.
Miss Linda Williams was the overnight
guest Saturday at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
John Binnington of Browns Lane.
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Lanman Jr., of Hulse
Street returned Saturday from a week’s trip to
Florida. After Mr. Lanman attended a meeting
in Boca Raton from Saturday until Wednesday,
the Lanmans drove to Stuart, Fla., to
visit Mr. and Mrs. William Bedell, formerly of Bellport.
A luncheon party was given for Andrew
Bookless on Saturday in celebration of his
6th birthday by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
Bookless of Maple Street.
Carol Russo and her guest, Patricia
Townsend, attended the annual Seashore
Shell Contest held at Cedar Beach Saturday
afternoon. She was awarded a blue ribbon for
finding the most unusual seashells.
Michael Wallen of North Howells Point
Road returned home Sunday from a plane trip
to Italy. He visited relatives and spent some
time in Rome and the Isle of Capri.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Masem of Bayview
Avenue, Blue Point, celebrated their 30th
wedding anniversary Sunday evening with a
buffet party at their home for 40 friends and relatives.
Playing this week at the Patchogue Theatre:
Phyllis Diller and Bob Hope in “The
Private Navy of Sgt. O’Farrell”; at the Rialto
Theatre: “Grand Slam,” together with Dirk
Bogarde and Susannah York in “Sebastian.”

May 17
The new Our Lady of Mt. Carmel R.C.
Church on New North Ocean Avenue,
Patchogue, opened its doors for the first
time Sunday. Several children received
First Holy Communion, including 7-yearold
triplets Deborah, Diane and Doreen
Mauro, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Mauro of River Avenue.
At a special meeting held in the home of
Mrs. Helen Peters of Long Island Avenue,
Medford, last Thursday, the Patchogue
Civic and Garden Club discussed plans
for a float to be entered in the Fourth
of July parade. The committee for this
project are Charlotte Walsh, Helen Peters,
Harriet McArthur, Lillian Mackay, Florence
Palermo, Ann Dennison, Hilda Edelstein,
Melba Strom and Marion Snyder.
Joey Arabia, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Arabia of Gibbons Street, celebrated his
6th birthday May 7 with a party at his
home. His friends attending were Michael
Zguris, David Benincase, Glenn Chiuchiolo,
Michael Minardi and Ricky Samundsen.
Joey had been feted prior to the party by his family.
Golden wedding celebrants are Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Entemann of Patchogue and
Richmond Hill, who on Saturday marked
the day by dining at Wolfgang’s, Patchogue,
with their children, Mrs. George
Rink, Warren Entemann, both of Patchogue,
their grandchildren and friends.
Mr. Entemann’s sister, Mrs. Sophie Teetje,
was celebrating her 80th birthday the same day.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo M. Jendral of Mill Road,
Mastic Beach, announce the engagement
of their daughter, Miss Susan Slovensky,
to Theodore Cicci, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Julius Cicci of North Prospect Avenue,
Patchogue. Miss Slovensky is a graduate
of Mercy High School, Riverhead, and is
employed by the Incorporated Village of
Patchogue. Mr. Cicci is a Patchogue High
School graduate and has completed a
two-year tour of duty with the Army. He
also is employed by the Incorporated Village
of Patchogue. No date has been set for the wedding.
On duty at Westover AFB, Mass., is Airman
Diane M. Truesdell, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Edward Costello of Patchogue.
WAF Truesdell is a personnel specialist
with the 1805th Support Squadron and
plays a vital role in carrying out the AF mission.
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Weber of Rogers
Avenue, Bellport, have returned home
after spending the winter months in New Smyrna, Fla.
A Silver tea will be held at the Ruth
A.M.E. Zion Church from 4-6 p.m. Sunday,
with Mrs. Ruth Carle in charge.
Miss Barbara Finn of Philadelphia, Pa.,
spent the weekend visiting her grandmother,
Mrs. Charles Marvin of Browns Lane.
Mrs. Maude Jones is recuperating at her
home on North Brewster Lane following a
leg fracture suffered from a fall.
Dr. and Mrs. Walton Shreeve and son
James and daughter Elizabeth, of South
Howells Point Road, drove to Middlebury
College in Vermont to visit their son Tom
for the weekend.
Kyle Collins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene
Collins of Bellhaven Road, celebrated his
4th birthday on Monday afternoon with a
party for a group of his friends.
The following children were confirmed
at St. Joseph the Worker R.C. Church on
May 6: Aileen Reilly, Mary Ann Fuchs,
Margaret Ann Wilson, Susan Long, Kurt
Rotzinger, Paul Calderone and Michael Gregory.
Recent newcomers to Bellport Lane
are Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Munson and their
three children, Scott, Mindy and Tim,
who have moved here from Linden, Mich.
They purchased the house from Daniel
Koshland. On Saturday night, Mr. and
Mrs. W. Dorsey Smith entertained a group
of neighbors at a welcome party for them.
Recoilless rifleman is the new assignment
of Army Private 1/c David F. Lanman
III, of Bellport. He is with the First
Infantry Division near Quan Loi, Vietnam.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Clough of Middle
Road, Blue Point, attended a cocktail party
celebrating the opening of the Port-AKai
Motel in Westhampton last Saturday.
A family dinner was given in honor of
Georgia Angelillo of Nelson Avenue to
celebrate her receiving Confirmation, last Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Jacone of Roberts
Street, Mastic, announce the engagement
of their daughter, Margaret Davee, to Airman
1/c Peter S. Mitsopolous, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Theodora Mitsopolous of New
Hyde Park. The wedding is planned for June 15.
Playing this week at the Patchogue
Theatre: “Madigan,” starring Richard Widmark
and Henry Fonda; at the Rialto Theatre:
Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway
in “Bonnie and Clyde,” and at the Plaza
Theatre: “Far From the Madding Crowd,”
with Julie Christie, Terence Stamp and Peter Finch.

May 24

May 31


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