We Loved Our Wheels


We've had a long-running love affair with our "wheels".

From our first trikes and pedal cars, to our bicycles, to our high school hot rods or our cherished muscle cars.

We boomers remember racing down the sidewalk on our first bike with training wheels attached

Who doesn't remember that sound the baseball or playing card

that we'd clothespin-clipped to the spokes of our bicycle wheel made.


Remember those clip metal roller skates


And using the wheels to make skate boards and orange crate scooters


A set of discarded baby carriage wheels soon became a soap box racer


or the basis for a new riding toys.



We all remember that first stop on the road to adulthood:

when we passed our drivers test and proudly held the precious symbol that heralded our "rite of passage",

our driver's license.

Oh the thrill of hitting the road for the very first time.

Alone, the complete joy of driving the family sedan or station wagon.

We could go where ever we wanted to go without asking and then waiting for Mom or Dad to take us!

Ahh! Fabulous Freedom!

We all remember our first "real" wheels: whether it was a motorcycle, a second-hand hot rod or a muscle car,

The pride of ownership was readily apparent in the weekly ritual of washing and waxing and polishing.

Slapping the 8 -track into the stereo, or tuning in to Murray the K on our AM Radios,

we headed out of the driveway, rockin'and rollin' We were cool.

Summertime meant that we could head to the nearest Drive-In movie,

to catch the newest double features ranging from The Pink Panther or Planet of the Apes.

Scary movies provided the perfect excuse to snuggle up close on the bench seat.

As you jump into your car today, tune in to your favorite oldies station and listen for the songs

that confirmed our love affair with our cars. Go ahead and turn up the tunes and sing along with

"Baby, You Can Drive My Car" as you head down 495 knowing you "Can't Drive 55"!

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