New York State Basketball  Hall of Fame Members

The Hall of Fame Vision

  Glens Falls, New York has a history rich in basketball traditions since 1920
when the city hosted the Eastern States Tournament, Glens Falls has been
actively involved in high school basketball. In keeping with this tradition,
   a local group of men and women, in conjunction with the Basketball Coaches
 Association of New York, had a vision -- to honor those who have helped basketball
 flourish in New York State. By forming the New York State Basketball Hall of Fame
Committee, a not-for-profit corporation, the group strives to make their vision a reality.
  This reality would take the form of a structure in downtown Glens Falls, New
York, which would house a permanent museum to honor hall of fame inductees and
New York State basketball traditions. With its reputation as the home of the New
York State High School Basketball Championships, Glens Falls is the naturall ocation choice.
  To achieve the dream we need your help. If you, your company or organization
share our vision, you can show your support by becoming a member of the New York
State Basketball Hall of Fame Hoopsters Club.
Your help will make our vision a reality...


Ralph Arietta - Coach
     Westchester Community College

Richard Baldwin - Coach
     Broome Community College

Russ Bastin - Coach
     Uniondale High School

Clair Bee - Coach
     Long Island University

Ernest Blood - Coach
     SUNY Potsdam, Passaic HS

Jim Boeheim - Coach
     Syracuse University

Roger Brown - Player
     Wingate HS, Indiana Pacers

Jack Cahill - Official

Lou Carneseca - Coach
     St. John's University

Larry Costello -Player, Coach
     Niagara Univ., Milwaukee Bucks

Billy Cunningham - Player, Coach
      Erasmus Hall, UNC, Philadelphia 76's

Jack Curran - Coach
     Archbishop Molloy High School

Tom Galeazzi - Coach
     C.W. Post

Jack Halloran - Coach
     Whitney Point High School

Victor Hanson - Player
     Syracuse, Naismith Hall of Fame

Connie Hawkins - Player
     Bedord Stuyvesant HS, ABA, NBA

Nat Holman - Coach
    City College of New York

William "Red" Holtzman - Coach
     New York Knicks

Ned Irish - Contributor
     Madison Square Garden

Gerald Kaplan - Coach
     Hames O'Neil High School

George Khoury - Coach
     Warrensburg High School

Bernard "Putt" LaMay - Coach, Contributor
     Glens Falls High School

Bob Lanier - Player
     Buffalo Bennett, St. Bonaventure, Detroit Pistons

Joe Lapchick - Coach, Player
     St. John's Univeristy, New York Knicks

Anthony (Tony) Luciano - Coach, Referee
     Hudson Falls High School, I.A.B.B.O.

Sig Makofski - Coach
     Mt. Pleasant High School

Dudley Maxim - Coach
     Trinity High School

Frank McGuire - Coach
     St. John's, North Carolina, South Carolina

Harry "Jammy" Maskowitz - Coach
     James Madison High School

Tom Murphy - Coach
     Bellville High School, Hamilton College

Edward Petrie - Player, Coach
     Bellows High School, Seton Hall University,
     Pierson (Sag Harbor) High School, East Hampton High School

Richard "Doc" Sauers - Coach
     University at Albany

Dolph Schayes - Player
     DeWitt Clinton, N.Y.U., Syracuse Nationals

Wiletta Spease - Coach
     Nottingham High School

Edward Wachler - Player, Coach
     St. Peters Lyceum School, Harvard University

Richard Wrase - Coach
     Eastport High School,Westhampton High School

Suffolk County Community College

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