Christmas Popcorn

Here is a "pop" quiz on popcorn history:

What is the snack that we eat today and were also eaten by the Native Americans 5000 years ago?
 "Pop" corn!
We still eat the snack that was  eaten more than  5000 years ago!
The Native Americans introduced to the English,
who arrived in America on the Mayflower on February 2nd of 1630,
to their first popcorn on Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Chief of the Massasoit Tribe, Quadequina, brought the popcorn in his traditional deerskin bag.
Soon after, Native Americans took on this tradition and used popcorn as a symbol of peace.
Pilgrims soon enough learned how to harvest this delicious snack. In other parts of the world,
Columbus purchased a popcorn necklace from the natives in the West Indies.
And when Hernando Cortes invaded Mexico, Aztecs were wearing popcorn necklaces as talisman during rituals.
Native Americans also wore headdresses made out of popcorn during religious ceremonies.
They believed the corns “popped“ out little demons that were trapped inside the kernels.
The demons that “popped“ out?
Those were not actually demons. It was just water moisture.
The moisture expanded and popped out of the soft starch, not demons.
Archaeologists have even found popcorn kernels dated back to 5500 years in midwest New Mexico.



Popcorn Nutrition

Corn contains lots of vegetable protein and contains vitamins A, B, and E.

Especially there is an abundant amount of vitamin E which helps growth in children and enhances stamina for adults.

Corn is absorbed better by 80 to 90 percent when it is either popped or powdered rather than boiled or grilled.


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