Members On The Go 2015

At the US Open   (Florence, Carole, Shelly, Steve)

Jim and Gloria on Broadway, NYC


Galapagos Islands

Machu Picchu

Leroy and his fishing friends

Huey wedding

 Barbara & Diane Poulos and their family with Mayor Paul Pontieri

at a ceremony Honoring her Father Pete Poulos

That's Pete (wearing his trademark bow tie) next to Chris Bauman

Guess where Joan went...

Jim and Gloria in New Orleans (April, 2015)

Shelly and Florence Stiefeld and Carol and John Mitchell

Venice Beach, FL sunset party  (April, 2015)


Kathy Saladino in Amman, Jordan and boating on the Sea of Galilee


Stiefelds in South Africa

Jim Huey and friends,  top Basketball Officials


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