FOW Welcome Cabin


Claire Goad


The Friends of Wertheim organization has come to a crossroads. In order to continue our mission to support the goals of the refuge and to enhance the public’s experience, we must become a more visible entity. We must be able to interact with refuge visitors and reach out to audiences of all ages in an effective way. We must provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for our members and other environmental groups. We must have a space on the refuge property to hold nature related workshops and activities, as well as a space for meetings.

The FOW board of directors has explored this issue and created a plan for a Welcome Cabin. This community access/information building will be a 10x35 handicapped accessible  structure with a large center room, a small office, a screened-in porch and a deck. Plans include a display area, nature library and binoculars to lend. FOW member volunteers will staff the building on weekends and heavy use days.

When the Refuge’s Visitor Learning Center/Administrative Headquarters is built, the FOW Welcome Cabin can easily be moved for another public use. Kaufold’s Country Sheds and Gazebos of Ridge is working closely with FOW and will provide the cabin at a generous discount.

We are now asking the members of FOW to make this vision a reality.  Please consider making a donation to the Welcome Cabin Fund. You can do this by check, or through Paypal on our website. We are also aware that there are many charitable organizations and businesses in our community who might be willing to donate funds. It would be a great help if any members who are familiar with such organizations would put us in contact with them.

The FOW board of directors is in contact with our local politicians and has already secured a $2000 grant from Legislator Kate Browning’s Community Support Initiative Fund.  FOW will commit $1000 from our own treasury and will continue working diligently to secure other funding sources, but we cannot depend on them entirely. 

Please help FOW to continue and to evolve as we approach a new decade in a changing world.



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