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Thanks (05/21/09)
I would like to thank the voters of
the South Country School District
who supported me for re-election
to the board of education. As I have
stated in the past, this current board
has accomplished many extraordinary
things over the past three years:
Lower tax rates, a large fund balance,
improved academic scores and most
importantly safe schools. I am sure
the new board will also have many
successes. I would like to congratulate
the other trustees elected on May
19: Lisa Grossman, Greg Miglino and
Rob Powell.
As you may have witnessed, there
were several recent controversies
prior to the election that produced
scurrilous full-page ads and e-mails.
These invectives just happened to
appear right before the election.
These were desperate attacks on the
current board, and me in particular. I
guess it goes with the territory when
tough decisions are made. However,
I am glad the majority of voters saw
through these attacks and agreed that
this board simply acted in the best
interest of the district residents.
Again, I look forward to helping
move this district into being an outstanding
place to send our children.

Kevin Kirk
Brookhaven hamlet
Editorís note: Kevin Kirk was reelected
to the South Country Board
of Education last week.

Alternate Idea

The Herman Chamberlain School

  Read your L.I. Advance letter re John Conquest being the first afro-american administrator in the district. Think you suffered a "senior moment" since Les Manigault and Julia Skrine were there as early as 1970 and John came considerably later - and then as a "community coordinator." I also think that Lucius Ware (Hampton Ave.) came before John but am not sure.
  My vote for naming the Middle School is "The Herman Chamberlain School" since Herm presided over the centralization of CSD#4 (later South Country School District) in his role as supervising principal. (There was not a superintendent position at the time.) Mr. Chamberlain presided over the creation of what was then one of the best districts in Suffolk and, most likely, the best. He hired Cooley, Feeney, Stock, Baldwin, Reynolds, etc in this process. I can remember when the real estate ads read "in CSD#4" in order to hasten sales to people moving to the area with children of school age.
  Why not name the Boys/Girls club building for John?
Would have responded earlier but got back from a couple of months in Florida last week
 Trust you and Gloria are well!

Dave Winslow

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