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Kirk's 40th Wedding Anniversary

Dave, Kristen, Juliana, Kevin, Taryn, Kevin

Sunrise Rockettes 2010

Fran Cannella, Barbara Nagle, Marie Lena, Gloria McGowan,

Carol Hollmann, Amy Hollmann,  Linda Wallace and Sue Kelley

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Retirement Parties 2010

            SCREA Spring Retirees Dinner

            BTA Retirement Party

Thelma Karro, retired middle school librarian in Sunday (1/3/10) NY Times (main news section):

Link to the complete article

Daveen Herley's new career:

From Claire and Dave Hoffert:

From Carole and Steve Willner:

A wonderful Merry Christmas and a great 2010 to all.

Our great 2010 began three weeks ago with the birth of twin grandsons!!

Love to all,

Carole and Steve

From Bill and Carol Griffith:

Merry Christmas!!   

Our home is filled with 16 of the Griffith Clan for the holiday. Plenty of joy.   

God bless, 

Bill and Carol 

Christmas in South Country:

Christmas in Dixie:

Jim McGowan, Gloria, son Jim jr., Amita, Ana, Alisa and Santa...

Claire Goad, President of the Friends of Wertheim NFR

Jeanne Schuman Hollmann and children

Tim Schuman and Susan Schuman, both graduates of Bellport High School.


Fran and Tom Dunton

Grand Parents again!!!!

Baby fine...photos to follow


Claire Goad, President of the Friends of Wertheim NFR invited all....









Phyllis Decatur and Charles Cooper are the proud parents of ...

Phyllis Decatur and Charles Cooper are the proud parents of a condo in Boynton Beach, Florida.
Mother and condo are doing well. Father has finished pacing and is now handing out cigars!!!!!
The family will be spending the winter together basking in the warm Florida sun.


Gloria McGowan's Suprise Party....


Jeanne and Fred Hollmann's 25th Wedding Anniversary on July 7, 2009

with whole family from all over the country. Many Bellport High School graduates in picture.

Claire Goad at Wertheim NFR Ceremony

Marie Lena's Retirement Party...

Scott Horsley is home recuperating from a hip operation.

Danny O'Conner is home recuperating from a ski accident. He has taken up painting to pass the time...

Moose McGowan, Judy Anthony, Shelly Stiefeld, and Dr. LaBeaver have decided to participate

in the Myrtle Beach Harley- Davidson Festival



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