Carmans River Television Program

 Martin VanLith, took these pictures while they were  filming of the Pine Barrens Society's TV program about Carmans River.

The helicopter took off at 9 AM. It was quite a production, scripted by Dick Amper and filmed by Black Sheep Television Ltd.

Marty will be only one of many people who will be on the show, others include Jim Tripp, Tom Williams, Kevin McAllister,

Marilyn England and MaryAnn Johnston. The target date for viewing is Oct 1. 


Note from Marty:

I tried to take some pictures with my own camera but it was hard to do because of the vibration,

window glare and because I was supposed to be paying attention and talking about what we were looking at.

By noon we were on the river in canoes and later along the shore doing interviews.

We had to end filming at Wertheim Refuge and didn't make it to Squassux Landing

because it was 5 PM and the TV crew called it quits. Here are a few dozen small-file size pictures.  




West Island Moriches Inlet


Looking West Over Old Inlet Fire Island


Looking West Over Old Inlet Fire Island


Smiths Estate


Looking West Over Squassux


Little Neck Run & Yaphank Creek


View Wertheim RR bridge North


Sunrise & Montauk Looking West


Hards Lake & Estate


Hard Estate


Lower Lake


North End Of Lower Lake


Upper Lake


Lower Lake From East Side


Looking South From Cathedral Pines


Looking South Toward Hards Lake


Hards Lake Sunrise Highway & South


View East Over Robinson Farm


View East Over Refuge HQ


View East Over Wyndotte


View South East Lower Carmans River


View South East Yaphank Creek Lower Carmans River


Yaphank Creek Indian Landing And South


Indian Landing Little Neck Run & South


Squassux Landing & South


Squassux Landing


Gull Island & Bridge


Looking South Over Old Inlet


Pelican Island OldInlet & South


Old Inlet Pelican Island & East


Old Inlet & East


Carmans River Camp Olympia


Jan & Jock Wertheim




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