From: Jim McGowan

Happy Halloween



From:Lynn Schiller

Happy Halloween


From: Jeanne Schuman Hollmann

Happy Halloween

 from San Francisco, California with Tim Schuman's (Bellport graduate) children and my grandchildren,

Maggie, 6, and Luke, 9.  Verne C.ritz Retiree, Jeanne Schuman Hollmann


From:  Kevin Kirk

  Kevin's Grandson Luke Glynn


From:  Jim McGowan

From: Jeanne Hollmann

Jeanne and Fred's  granddaughter, Taylor Ann Schuman from Annapolis,
( Bellport Graduate Terry Schuman's, daughter) on High School Photography trip to Australia this summer.

Jeanne and Fred's grandchildren, Brad and Jen Duffy from Florida(Bellport graduate, Karen Schuman children)

Jeanne and Fred's grandchildren from San Francisco, Calif.( Bellport graduate Tim Schuman's children)

Jeanne Hollmann and Bellport graduate Susan Schuman and Fred Hollmann and Susan's children ,

the twins Ali and Leo and Max from New York City. All of us crabbing down at Bellport Dock


From:  Kevin Kirk

  Kevin's Grandson Sean and Jim  Moose McGowan

From:  Jim McGowan

Easter In Dixie

Peanut Butter Pine Cone Bird Feeders


From: Carol and Ryder Herrmann


From: Fran and Tom Dunton


From:  Jim McGowan


From: Kevin Kirk


From: Jeanne Hollmann

From: Dave Hoffert

From: Ruth Scanlon

From: Bill Griffith

From: Lynn Schiller



From: Jim McGowan and Kevin Kirk

First Day of School 2010


From: Lynn Schiller

Grandson, Edward Schiller.

From: Jim McGowan

From: Jim and Donna Scott

New granddaughter

Molly Alice

8lbs  11oz

21 inches

May 26, 2010



From: Steve and Carole Wilner

New grandsons, Jonathan and Samuel



From: Jim McGowan

Easter in Dixie with Alisa and Ana

Christmas in Dixie with Alisa and Ana


From: The Herrmann Family

Haley, Jenna and RJ

From: Jeanne Schuman Hollmann

  Ali, Max, and Leo

Luke and Maggie

  Jeanne  with 4 of her 11.  Taken in San Francisco, Nov. 2009

From: Ruth Scanlon

Great Grandsons JR and Joey

From: Laile Fairbairn

Mackenzie Laile Blaskey born Dec 18, 2009

8lbs. 4oz.


From: Lynn Schiller

Schiller twins with Grandson, Edward Schiller.

He'll be 2 on the 31st of Jan. 

From: Jim McGowan

Thanksgiving in Myrtle Beach

Granddaughter Ana's first dive.....


From: Shelly Stiefeld
Me and my granddaughters Andrea and Anna at the Run for Your Life 5K
on Kelly Drive in Philadelphia (event for Prostate Cancer research)

Regards to all,
Shelly Stiefeld


From: Bob Crowley

Dear Everyone,
 Thanks for all the calls and cards and gifts.
Luke Connor Stewart arrived @ 1:02 A.M. on Thursday July 30th.
Mom and Dad and Son are well and home in North Carolina.
Colleen and Bill are very happy with their first child.


From: Jeanne and Fred Hollmann

Family Reunion........

From: Jim Moose McGowan

Moose, Jim jr. and Ana make peanut butter pine cone bird feeders.


From: Marilyn and Joe Monteith
We wanted to share our joy. This is our 1st grandchild
Briggs Swift Davidson....son of our daughter

Moira Monteith Davidson and her husband Briggs Swift Davidson

Born June 5th....7 lbs. 11 oz., 20 inches

Marilyn and Joe



From: Tom and Fran Dunton

Just wanted to share our good news.  We became grandparents again on Tuesday, May 19th when Mike and Karen had their second daughter in North Carolina.  Carson Anne weighed in at 7 pounds and was 19 1/2 inches long.  Everyone is doing great and we are looking forward to our visit this coming weekend.  Life in the NC Dunton household has reached another level of energy.  Will send along pictures when we return.

Hope this finds everyone well

From Others......


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