Ciera (age 11) remembers her Grandpa,

Don Stout at Christmas...

Tell When you’re 35 or older, And have your kids of your own
You have a job that pays the bills And laughter in your home.
You get home on a Friday, And go up in your room And get the box of pictures
And in it, me and you.
You bring it to the sofa And open up the box
And tears roll down your rosy cheeks And you don’t want to talk
Your children turn cartoons on And say, “Mommy, who is that?”
But you just sit there crying And take out my old hat
Kids this is my grandpa, The best man in the world
But sadly he passed away, When I was just a little girl
He loved me, and I loved him We had a special bond
But he died when I was 10 Not with me very long
I’m lucky that I knew him
Cause cousin Della Mae She doesn’t remember him at all
No matter what we say
Tell them what I meant to you And what you meant to me
Tell them how I loved nothing more Than friends and family
Tell them how I fought it The disease that took my life
Tell them most importantly ‘Bout how I loved my wife
I never met a stranger As people used to say
But God was unfamiliar When I came to him that day.
Tell how much I loved my life And Charlotte UNCC
Tell them how I loved Zak Brown And WSOC.
And how I was a Veteran And how my Tommy died.
And how we watched Bonanza When you were at my side.
Tell them how I loved this world And how I hated to go
All these things you tell them They may already know.

Ciera Sage 12/11/2011

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