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From: Marv Loewen


A new optional Pharmacy Benefit named Cana RX was added to your SSEHP benefit

effective September 1st. Catamaran will continue to be our pharmacy administrator and

Cana RX will be a supplemental provider for those who wish to participate.


Through Cana RX you can now get 90 day prescriptions filled for brand name drugs

(Tiers 2, 3 & 4) with NO COPAY.


In most developed countries of the world, wholesale costs for medications are set by the
government. In the US the pharmacy lobbyists have convinced our congressional
representatives that this is un-American. As a result wholesale costs in the US are often

40% more per pill.

Cana RX is located in Windsor, Ontario, about a mile south of Detroit. If you order

through them your meds will arrive in containers sealed by the same pharmaceutical

company that provides the med in the US. The meds will be shipped in 90 day allotments

from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, or Great Britain, depending upon which country’s

company provides the least expensive medication. These countries are selected for the

following reasons:

Excluded from the covered meds are the following:


You must have a history of using a medication for it to be filled by Cana RX. After the

initial fill and the expected positive therapeutic effects have been confirmed with no negative

side effects, subsequent prescriptions can be submitted to Cana RX. Prescriptions for

90 days with 3 refills are encouraged for many maintenance meds we consume.


In SSEHP about 75 percent of our prescriptions are generic and account for 25

percent of our pharmacy costs. In contrast, 25 percent of our meds are brand name drugs

(Tiers 2, 3 & 4)  and account for 75% of our pharmacy expenditures. If you use brand name

drugs, your participation in Cana RX can help to control pharmacy costs and with the

incentive of no copay, your costs will be reduced as well.


If you wish additional information you can use any of the following Cana RX contacts:

                      SSEHP Meds

                      P.O. Box 44650

                      Detroit,  Michigan 48224-40650


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