Tone up to atone for holiday revelry.

Only 17 percent of Americans age 50-plus do

any strength training, and 47 percent don't exercise at all.

Weight training brings benefits-denser bones and lower cholesterol, to name two.


Consult with your doctor and think about working with a weight training specialist,

especially for proper form. Then set aside 60 minutes a week-two days of 30 minute each.



A team  of physiologists has collaborated on this training program with you in mind.

Start with weight that tires the muscle by the 10th repetition.

Consider a 50-50 approach: five exercises of 10 reps that work the upper body,

five that work the lower body. Quality beats quantity, so one good set is enough


By the fourth week, increase the weight by up to 10 percent, If you feel ready.

By the fourth month, add a third day per week.

By six months, most people reach maximum strength, lifting 25 percent or

more than when they started.

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