A Student's Thoughts

Graduation marks a bittersweet time in any high school
studentís life, but coming from Bellport Senior High School
in particular, this feeling is amplified tenfold. Whether students
realize it or not, our schooling in the South Country Central
School District has played a large and integral role in
developing and molding us into the people we are today as
we prepare to walk across that stage to receive our diplomas,
our long-sought-after keys to begin our next chapter in life.
Our graduation from Bellport High School will no doubt be
met with tears of sadness. After all, over a decade of being
surrounded by the same faces we call our friends will finally
end as we all move on along all different avenues of life.
But this sadness is quickly overshadowed by the astounding
sense of pride one should feel as they finally complete their
initial academic careers at Bellport and realize how much
this institution has offered them.
Bellport Senior High School is a unique place, a sort of
melting pot of all different people, coming from all different
backgrounds, holding all different ideas. As a result,
our time here has given us an unparalleled opportunity to
expand our minds and open our hearts to others and their
alternative ways of thinking, something which most other
schools may not be as fortunate to have. At Bellport you
quickly learn that people come from all different walks of life.
You become more aware of the hardships others face
and less concerned with yourself. You learn that you may
not be the only person struggling at any given time and that
thereís always going to be someone different than you, someone
who poses a push to your pull. But as a result, you are
taught compassion, tolerance, and understanding, all three
of which will be very essential to life after graduation.
While this diversity certainly differentiates students,
Bellport has still exhibited an overwhelming ability to come
together as one in times of need, something which is nothing short
of awe-inspiring to witness firsthand. With the separate
heartbreaking passing of students Julia Nofi and David Kinard,
Bellport was met with devastating trials. But these tragedies
proved no match for the sense of camaraderie, support
and utter love felt between all students in these times of crisis.
It didnít matter if you knew someone or not, if youíve never
spoken a single word to them before, if you disagreed with
all they stood for. During these dark times, everyone in
Bellport becomes your family, regardless of blood, beliefs,
or backgrounds. I remember hugging people Iíve never laid
eyes on before at the vigil held for David Kinard. Likewise,
I remember being embraced by upperclassmen who didnít
even know my name on the day the news of Julia Nofiís passing
started circulating. Despite the tragedy, seeing students come
together in this way was such a beautiful spectacle to witness
and is something I am truly grateful to have experienced
 myself during my years in this school system.
When I take into account all that my years at Bellport High
School have offered me, I find myself at a loss for words
to truly and completely describe how appreciative I am
for having pursued an education here. Bellport has a truly
remarkable ability to set all differences aside in the event
of catastrophe in order to hold each other up and offer a
loving network of support to everyone, no matter who they
are. And though wild at times, Bellport is a truly humbling
place that allows for any student to understand the concept
and impact of diversity within a populace on the character
of the individual. For these reasons, as I look toward my
fellow classmates on graduation night and offer them my
valedictory address, I will be beaming with pride. On that
night, I will be named a Bellport alum and I wouldnít want
it any other way.



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