Spotlight on

Art Cooley

Reunite with Art Cooley & Friends!

Join Art & friends as we celebrate his remarkable life and accomplishments.

We’ll celebrate his 30 years of dedicated and inspired teaching, his leadership and unwavering commitment to EDF, and his friendship.

When:        October 8-9, 2016

Where:       Puleston’s, 19 Meadow Lane, Brookhaven, NY


        Saturday October 8, 1-9 pm (dinner included) an afternoon with Art:, both structured and unstructured

        Sunday, October 9, 9 am- 3 pm various field trips and informal lunch at a local spot

What You Can Do:

      RSVP with a place holder ticket. Tell us if you’ll come one day or both.

To Volunteer, please fill out the form [hyperlink] and send it to

All developments will be posted on the Art Cooley & Friends Reunion-Facebook page [hyperlink],

and Art Cooley & Friends Reunion-Google Sites (hyperlink) where you can post messages, articles and photos.

We will follow up with everyone who wants to help with organizing and form committees.

When we can tally a committed number of attendees, we’ll post registration forms with ticket/dinner fees.

Is there be a better way to spend a fall weekend? Think about it. See you in October. Cheers!





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