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Suffolk School Employees Health

Plan Policy# 710635


Dear SSEHP Medicare Primary Member:

Individuals with primary coverage under Medicare, who have secondary coverage under the
Suffolk School Employees Health plan, should not be required to pay a co-payment when seeing
a physician. In most cases, the co-payment will not be required because once the Medicare Part
B deductible is satisfied UnitedHealthcare will administer payment for the remaining balance,
as long as the services being provided are covered under the SSEHP plan.

Please feel free to share this letter with your doctor at the time of service. We ask that your
provider does not require you to pay this co-payment up front. If you have not satisfied your
Medicare Part B deductible, you will be responsible for the office visit co-payment; however, we
would ask that your doctor bill you once payment has been made by Medicare and UnitedHealthcare.


If your doctor has any questions, he/she can call the 800# on the back of your UnitedHealthcare

identification card.



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