South Country Doings


South Country Budget Vote Results

      E. Anne Hayes (1,135)
Melissa Aruta (1,041)
Clyde Parker (994)
Cameron Trent (981)
  Won over      
      Christine Rignola (688)
James Ford (530)
Karen Johnson (435)
Shawn K. Patrick-Reese (173)
  Budget    Passes 1,282-540  
  Proposition 2    Passes 1,278-508  
      to spend up to $2.3 million from its capital reserve fund
to add an exterior vestibule at Kreamer Elementary School and to
replace all windows at the school
  Proposition 3   Passes 1,055-716  
      authorizing the district to liquidate the $490,451
remaining in its property loss reserve fund and
transfer the money to the general fund 


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