South Skunky Bus Ride

As a cost cutting measure Dr. LeBeaver ordered that the
standard school buses be replaced by double decker buses.
On orientation day LaBeaver orders two groups of South
Skunky staff to ride on a double decker
bus. One group is all
teachers and the other is all central office administrators.

Once on the bus, the administrators head upstairs and the
teachers hang out on the bottom level.

The teachers group has a ball. They're whooping it up and
having a great time when one of them realizes she doesn't
hear anything from the administrators upstairs.  She decides
to go and check on them.

When she gets up to the top deck, she finds all of the
administrators frozen in fear, staring straight ahead,
each clutching the seat in front of them.

"Whoa, whoa -- what's going on here? 
We're having a GREAT time downstairs!"

Dr. LaBeaver replies through chattering, frightened teeth,
"Yeah, but you teachers have a driver!"