South Skunky Schools

Kitty Accident

Inspector Gadget was driving his car down Dumbtown Ave.
when all of a sudden a cat jumped out in front of him.
He hit the brakes, but heard a thump and stopped.
There was the cat lying right in the road.
It was still alive, but he apparently had run over its tail
and the force of the tire had cut it off.
Dr. Klimshit came running out Central Office screaming,
"You killed my cat!!"
Gadget told her,
"No, he's O. K., except for the tail, and I'll fix that."
Gadget went into the trunk of his car and got out a roll of duct tape
and taped the cat's tail.back on.
Dr. Klimshit immediately called the cops.
A cop showed up and immediately gave Gadget a ticket.
Boy, was Gadget pissed off.
Gadget had to go to court, and was convicted.
What a bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
All for retailing pussy in a residential area....