South Skunky Schools

Civil War Lesson
   Dr. LaBeaver decided to teach an American Civil War History lesson.

He told the class to take a few minutes and come up with a statement involving
the Civil War, and he would demonstrate his expertise by explaining the statement.
   After several minutes he asked the students to write the statement on the chalk board.
A student got up and wrote "My Dixie wrecked." He read it a few times but whatever it
meant refused to sink in.
   He tried it out over and over. "My Dixie wrecked", "My Dixie Wrecked" ... Finally
he returned control of the hysterical class to the control of a chuckling teacher.
   Weird how that puzzling note refused to leave his awareness. It
would go quietly to the back of his small mind and play over and over
but never would it leave. He'd bring it to the front of his
attention and review it closely: "My Dixie Wrecked"... Hmmm....
   He had coffee with Inspector Gadget and muttered: "'My Dixie wrecked'"
What do you think it means."
   He kept repeating out loud: "'My Dixie wrecked'! What's the meaning of that?"
He'd change the accents: "my-DIXIE-Wrecked. MY-dixie-wrecked. my-dixie-WRECKED."
It was driving him nuts (a very short trip).
   When he arrived home, he said to his wife "'My dixie wrecked'.
"Your Dick's Erect!!!!!" Let's jump in the sack, I have been waiting for
30 years for that to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!