Academy Economics

Dr. LaBeaver, 2 other Central Administrators and 3 Academy Students are taking a train to attend a conference on account practices. At the station, each Central Administrator buys a ticket, but they notice that only one Academy Student buys a ticket.

"Don't you all need tickets?" they ask.

"No, no," reply the Academy Students, "one is more than enough."

Once they board the train, the Central Administrators take their seats and notice that all 3 Academy Students cram themselves into a toilet. As the conductor passes through the car, he knocks on the toilet door and says, "Ticket, please."

The door cracks ever so slightly, a hand passes out a ticket, and then the door quickly closes.

"Ahhh... very clever" thinks Dr. LaBeaver and his crack staff..

After the conference, the 3 Academy Students and the 3 Central Administrators are again at the train station for the return trip. Since the Central Administrators are now so 'money-wise', they smirk as Dr. LaBeaver purchases only one ticket... but then they notice that the Academy Students don't buy a ticket at all.

"How will you get back without even a single ticket?" LaBeaver asks.

"We don need one for the return trip!" say the Academy Students.

Once they board the train, the 3 Central Administrators cram themselves into the largest toilet (naturally), and the 3 Academy Students ease into another toilet.

As the train begins to move away from the station, one of the Academy Students leaves the toilet and knocks on the door of the Central Administrators' toilet and says,
"Ticket Please."