Crookhaven Golf Outing

Dr. LaBeaver and Dr. Raygun are heading back toward

the clubhouse from the eighteenth green one fine afternoon.
LaBeaver looks over at Raygun and remarks,
"God, I tell you something, Doc, the first thing I'm going to
do when I get home is to rip my wife's underwear off!"
Raygun looks askance at FU and asks, somewhat taken aback,..
"B-But Doc.. I've known you and your wife for years,..
Don't you think you should, uhh.. I've NEVER known you to be
so aggressive in the bedroom!"

LaBeaver looks at Raygun, then shrugs.
"Well, I guess some things just slip past you, buddy.
But I'll tell you something. These damn panties have
been creeping up my ass for the last six holes!!"