Tax Pac Heros

Dr. LaBeaver recently honored two taxpac'ers for their heroics:

Two taxpac'ers were eating dinner at the posh Cup and Saucer restaurant
in East Patchogue. While enjoying their meal, and discussing their
bold plan to waste taxpayer funds on the improper labor practice charge
against the BTA, they noticed the lady at the next table began to choke
and cough.

After a few minutes of no one going to help the damsel in distress,
the one taxpac'er jumped up, grabbed the lady by the ankles, and flipped
her over. His fellow pac'er then came over and pulled down her panties
and started to lick her derriere.
Astonished, the woman gagged, and coughed up the food that she was
choking on. The pac'ers pulled up her panties, flipped her over, and
placed her back in her seat.

On the way back to their seats, one commented to the other, "See Stu,
I told you that the hind-lick maneuver would come in handy someday."