Skunky Orientation

St. Peter greets them: "Welcome to Heaven.  Let me give you an orientation
 tour first," and he then takes them to see some beautiful mansions.
The teachers ask, "Who lives in these beautiful houses?"

"Doctors. They did a lot of good on Earth, so they get a nice mansion," replied St. Peter.
They continue on toward other mansions, even more magnificent than the first.
"Wow!  Who lives here?"
"Social workers.  They did a lot of good on Earth but didn't make a lot of
money, so they get a better house," answered St. Peter.
On they go to more mansions--definitely the most gorgeous homes they'd
ever seen, with huge columns, well-manicured lawns, beautiful stained
glass windows, hardback books in the library . . . the works!
"These are the grandest homes we've ever seen," exclaimed the teachers.
"Who lives here?"
"Teachers," said St. Peter.  "They did much good on Earth but earned
hardly anything at all for all their hard work, so the best homes in all of
Heaven  are reserved for them."

"But no one's here . . . .  Where are all of the teachers?" inquired the teachers.
St. Peter answered, "Oh, they'll be back soon.
They're all had to make a brief journey to  Hell for
Dr. LaBeaver's in-service training meeting."