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What's there not to love about The Creature From The Black Lagoon?  I mean if you had to spend your time swimming about, hanging around in your underwater cave, and chasing after hot babes in bikinis (wet and white ones at that!), would it be such a bad existence.  Yep, The Creature (or Gill-Man) if you must, was all about sex.  He'd kill any guy that got in his way, but as the picture above shows, he's just concerned with getting some tail.  Probably the only monster hornier was King Kong.

Of course, you can see that he's not sporting much in the way of a cock, so you can see why most women weren't the least bit interested in what he had to offer.

I still think The Creature From The Black Lagoon had the coolest costume ever.  And you have to give mega kudos to Ricou Browning for managing to actually swim around in that damn thing without drowning.  The costume was reportedly horrible to wear.  Browning reportedly had to hold his breath for as long as 4 minutes at a time while wearing the thing underwater, as the director didn't want air bubbles to come out out of the mask.  In addition, the eyes were molded into the mask making it nearly impossible to see out of.

Pay attention to the sequel, Revenge of the Creature, and you'll see Clint Eastwood as a lab technician in his debut film role.

But pay attention to these great pictures I've included below, too.  No movie showcases sexy babes and monsters better than these!

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