#100: ASH'S HAND

From THE CRAWLING EYE,  to the talking severed head in REANIMATOR, body parts have played a vital role in horror films.  Though there's something special about hands.  Who can forget THING from THE ADDAMS FAMILY, for example, easily one of the more popular (albeit well mannered) hands of all time.

Hands can strangle, gouge, and poke.  But in the case of Ash's hand in EVIL DEAD 2, they can beat the crap out of you, and smash you with dishes and other dangerous objects to the point where you're compelled to go to the tool shed, put it in a vice, and cut it off with a goddamn chainsaw!

Yep, that'd put an end to most hands, but not when it's possessed by spirits from NECRONOMICON.  Ash's hand lives on and continues to torment him, having the nerve to even flip him off in defiance!  It's one of the most hilarious fight scenes caught on film.

"Al" sums it up best when he writes, "I think the greatest monster had to be Ash's Hand...I wish I had a chainsaw for an arm. I would carve up the neighborhood dogs...BOOYA!"  Don't we all, Al...don't we all?

I was lucky enough to interview Bruce Campbell, and you can READ IT HERE!


When Ash covers up his hand with a bucket, the book he puts on top of it is A FAREWELL TO ARMS.

Ash chops his hand off at the wrist, yet later it is seen to have a fair amount of forearm attached to it.

When Ash goes into the basement to get the pages of the NECRONOMICON he picks up one page with the hand where his chainsaw should be.

When Ash's possessed hand is smashing plates on his head and punching him, his mouth isn't moving at all, yet he's groaning.