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You have to give the folks behind PREDATOR credit for coming up with a truly unique and powerful monster.  With a huge history of monsters in film for decades, it seemed as if every monster was just some werewolf, alien, vampire, undead beast variant without a lot of inspiration.

But PREDATOR had a special spark.   Taking the hunter vs. hunter concept to the extreme, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura and others are an awesome crew of mercenaries who fight against this chilling killing machine.

He can turn invisible, look at you with thermal vision, and has more weapons than all the CRIPS and BLOODS in LA combined.

With his mask on, he's a sleek badass dude.  But when he takes it off, as Arnold tells him, he's one "Ugly muthafuhkah!"

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The sequel had some fun elements, but Danny Glover seemed better suited to hunt down his girdle, than a PREDATOR.

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Though the long teased ALIENS vs. PREDATOR would kick some major ass, it looks like it'll be forever tied up in development limbo.