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Cold and unstoppable, The Terminator might very well be the most efficient killing machine of all time (next to that little girl robot from Small Wonder).  It's the ultimate Arnold Schwartzenegger role as it requires major ass-kicking and minimal script, but even the few words used by The Terminator (T-800 model, of course), were chilling beyond belief.

Sure The Terminator is one scary ass bastard.  Not only is he stronger than shit, but underneath his Arnold exterior, he's a nearly indestructable robot skeleton with SCARY RED EYES! 

But it's his way with words that have endeared him to many  But don't let me prove it to you, just listen to these great sound clips from the film and see for yourself!

"I'll be back"

"Get out!"

"I need a vacation!"


"Hasta La Vista, Baby!"

"Your Clothes, Give Them To Me!"

Rumor has it that Arnold's going to star in a THIRD Terminator film with none other than Pitch Black's VIN DIESEL as the bad guy.  Should be fun!  Throw in Linda Hamilton, and I'll camp out overnight to see it.

In fact, what a great way to throw in a hot Linda Hamilton gallery!  YEEHAW!