THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN is my favorite true monster movie.  From the standout scenes with the monster and the blind man, to the closing lines, "WE BELONG DEAD!", but it's a pretty striking film, and one of the first big time sequels that didn't disappoint.

Elsa Lanchester plays a great looking bride.  Obviously looking to polish up on their reanimation skills, she was far more presentable than the first monster, and they ended up giving her a to die for hair-do, to boot.

bride3.jpg (45877 bytes)

Of course, as soon as she comes to life, she pretty much takes one look at her new hubby and starts screaming.  Poor guy.

bride4.jpg (19233 bytes)

BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN has a lot of funny plot holes.  During the closing sequence, the monster pulls a switch down on the wall that destroys the castle.  Why the hell would someone build that feature in?   Don't invite my 17 month old son over if you've got a lever like that in your house, cause he'll be destroying it in no time.

Also, if you look carefully, you'll see that when the castle is falling apart, Dr. Frankenstein is clearly trapped inside, and huddled against the wall, but in the next scene you can see him running out to safety.   Apparently they had him die in the original cut, but the studio wanted a happy ending, so they just added the scene on.

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As you can see from the picture below, Elsa's a pretty hot dish before the monster makeup, too.  She played Mary Shelly in the movie's opening scene.

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Bizarro Shopping Zone

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