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What kid didn't want to be THE HULK?   From the 60s Marvel Comic, to the cartoons and eventual TV series starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno, THE HULK may not be the scariest monster of all time, but he sure as hell is the strongest.

After being belted by gamma rays, Bruce Banner would turn into an incredibly savage beast when he got angry.  And the madder he got, the stronger he got, with seemingly no limits to exactly HOW strong he'd get.

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HULK was The Poster Child for ROID RAGE.  And was full of fun.  From his exciting dialogue like, "HULK NOT LIKE PUNY HUMANS!", "HULK ANGRY!", "HULK SMASH!", "HULK NOT LIKE PLAYSTATION 2!", to his affinity for wearing purple pants, he's charmed kids for nearly 40 years.

Grace Pereira wrote, "The Incredible Hulk used to scare the crap out of my brother.  I mean the TV series.  Funny thing is he'd insist on watching it, but whenever he turned into THE HULK, my brother would go running out of the room, huggin himself and trying not to cry."

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Marvel Comics even introduced a female version, SHE-HULK in the late 70s, but for some reason her shirt would never rip off like his did.

There's always been a HULK movie "in development" in one form or another for at least the last 10 years, but word has it that Ang Lee is going to get it off the ground, with Chow Yun Fat as Banner?  OK...