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Never underestimate a man and his chainsaw.  When I first saw THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, it scared the hell out of me.  I couldn't believe what I saw.  From the opening scene with that wacked out up hitchhiker, to the stupid teens wandering off into the forest to get dragged into a meatlocker and cut to bits, CHAINSAW was horrifying.  And that scene at the dinner table was just insane.

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I don't think I've ever seen a movie with a girl that screamed more than the last one alive in this one.

Very loosely based on ED GEIN, a wacko who dug up some folks and made lamps out of their skin, among other things, LEATHERFACE is your prototype lunatic slasher.  He's not out to kill the kids who made fun of him, or seek revenge on the angry mob who had him killed.  Hell, he doesn't even keep his dead mom in the attic.

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Nope, LEATHERFACE kills...for food...and maybe to get a new face once in a while, to boot.

He's the most Darwinian of all the monsters when you think about it.  It makes you wonder if he'd even be considred evil.  The poor guy and his family can't afford to get food, in today's economy, so they have to resort to a little cannibalism to make ends meet.  And if a few stupid teenagers have to be eliminated from the gene pool as a result of it, are we really all that worse off as a society because of it.

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LEATHERFACE is the circle of life, sung about in THE LION KING.  Without LEATHERFACE, we'd be up to our ears in stupid teenagers.  Just like spiders serve a purpose to eat unwanted bugs, LEATHERFACE is doing that same favor for us in another capacity.

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It's been awhile since LEATHERFACE has been in a film, but if they'd bring him back to let him carve up NYSYNC and THE BACKSTREET BOYS, I'd pay $15 for that ticket.

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