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In 1968, there was an episode of STAR TREK called A PRIVATE LITTLE WAR.  Kirk and McCoy are on a primtive planet, and have to face the threat of a big ass white gorilla with a horn on his head named THE MUGATU.

It was a pretty scary looking beast.   Silly a bit, for sure, but for a kid bored out of his mind with everything else STAR TREK had to offer, this was a rare moment of horror.  He was pretty fierce, and if I recall correctly (and this brandy induced haze I'm in right now doesn't make me confident I am), he poisoned Kirk with his bite.

So a big ass white gorilla with a horn that has poison bites!  SWEET CHRISTMAS!  THAT'S ONE BADASS MONSTER!

MEGO decided to make an action figure of this creature.  But instead of going for an accurate likeness, someone smoked a ton of pot and came up with THIS DESIGN!  For some reason, the fine folks at that toy company thought he'd look much better in a crazy jacket, red pants, and FRINGE!   WHOO-HOOO!

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OK, when this list is through, he's going down the list, and I'm moving up THE MUMMY.  Sorry for being so goddamn irresponsible.  I love each and every one of you, you're like family to me.

Without you I am nothing.  The interweb is my life.  Una paloma blanca!