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I could be "clever" and write a whole post with a BIZARRO personality, but that's the kind of shit you'd read on SEANBABY's site.

Created as an ANTI-SUPERMAN, BIZARRO is still just about as strong, things just don't work the same way with him.  GREEN KRYPTONITE, for example just makes him stronger, he'd rather have sex with Jimmy Olsen than Lois, and instead of being a respected journalist for THE DAILY PLANET, he edits the jackoff letters in PENTHOUSE FORUM.

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I always loved this BIZARRO tale.   Funnier than hell.  "Easier for me to open cell with corkscrew from my USELESS BELT!"  You know SUPERMAN just kept BIZARRO around for laughs.   Makes you wonder why mentally handicapped advocates never protested the character, cause he's about as dim as they come.

And wouldn't a BIZARRO JOKER, have black skin?  Man, those guys ARE stupid!WEBSITES

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