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OK, he's just some psycho wearing a painted Captain Kirk mask, but you've got to give him credit for becoming the prototype modern slasher movie maniac.  Though arguably Norman Bates could be considered the first major screen psycho (no pun intended), it was Michael Myers in the 1978 John Carpenter Classic HALLOWEEN that paved the way for Jason, Freddy, and more to come about.

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The first HALLOWEEN film is about as scary as they come.  It's a shame that so many shitty sequels of this have been made since then, because it really spoils everything the first film laid out.

Had no sequels ever been made, I believe Micheal Myers would have been considered one of the best horror film characters of all time.   But when you're slinging out crap like HALLOWEEN H20, you can't help but think that Michael Myers is kind of sucky.

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And how about that HALLOWEEN soundtrack?  Not since the EXORCIST has there been one more chilling.

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