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BEETLEJUICE certainly isn't the scariest monster in the world, but damn if he isn't the most fun.  Michael Keaton was born to play this role, and he's clearly having the time of his life doing it.  In fact Keaton was so damn good as BETTLEJUICE that when he was later cast in Tim Burton's BATMAN, I couldn't even picture him in the cape without making some sort of wisecrack.

Let's get back to the fun.  With the exception of RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, very few horror themed films have reached the level of hilarity produced by BEETLEJUICE.  The scene where he's advertising his services like a used car salesman to Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin through a TV Commercial is perfect.  "I'll do anything you want me to do, I'll eat anything you want me to eat.  HELL, I'll even possess MYSELF, if I have to!"

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Though he never fell prey to a crappy sequel, there was a halfway decent BEETLEJUICE cartoon, some fun action figures, and even a neat talking BEETLEJUICE doll with a head that would spin around when you pressed a button in the back of his neck.

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Lately, BEETLEJUICE has been relegated to having a crappy actor play him in some UNIVERSAL STUDIO THEME PARK song and dance review (if you see it please shout "YOU SUCK!" loudly to him, so the poor guy will eventually commit suicide), but one can only hope that Michael Keaton will one again wise up and play BEETLEJUICE, just one more time.