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I've worked for one of the bigger companies in the world for the last 12 years and it's clear that THE BORG's method of assimilating every species around it and growing stronger and more unstoppable has definitely influenced the place I work for.

When the original STAR TREK series was on, there was a great variety of cool creatures and monsters.  Whether it was TRIBBLES, GORN, MUGATU, or HORTA there was no shortage of cool beasties.

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Mr. Rubik, Your Ship is Ready

But when STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION made it's debut, the creepiest thing on the show was Levar Burton's eyeballs.   But when THE BORG showed up, a race of cyborgs who take over others, and assimilate them into their own culture, sharing one single mind and directive, it was one of the cooler ideas for a monster ever made.

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The BORG QUEEN was introduced in the film STAR TREK FIRST CONTACT, which added another cool layer to the whole BORG mythology.

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THE BORG reached an all time high for eye candy when SEVEN OF NINE appeared on STAR TREK VOYAGER. 

Of course, there's bound to be a new STAR TREK show that'll have BORG DOGS and CATS, so they'll screw it all up eventually.